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For Immediate Release September 2010

Carl Fischer Music Releases Kalmen Opperman’s
Volume of Specific Clarinet Intermediate Studies
New York, NY — From the world-renowned clarinet pedagogue Kalmen Opperman, Carl Fischer Music publishes A Volume of Specific Clarinet Intermediate Studies, a book meant to deconstruct and rebuild finger and hand technique for players at the intermediate level. Carl Fischer mourns the recent loss of such an important performer and respected teacher in the world of clarinet, but the release of this volume will insure that his teachings are passed on to clarinet students for years to come.

The book is broken into three sections: Studies for the Left Hand, Studies for the Right Hand, and Studies for Both Hands. According to Opperman, “this book consists of specific studies, which, if applied as directed, should greatly enhance the strength, flexibility, independence and accuracy of the fingers and hands.” The type of analysis and rebuilding of technique, as reflected in this book, is much like the private, special problem-solving sessions Opperman had with many world-class clarinetists over his long teaching career.

Read more about Opperman’s life and work here.

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