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For Immediate Release April 2012

Carl Fischer Releases New Primer Level String Orchestra Pieces at Grade ˝
New York, NY — Carl Fischer proudly announces the release of its new Primer String Orchestra works, featuring all-new pieces at Grade ˝, for groups with as little as ten weeks of study. This enables beginning string students to show off their initial skills right away with these exciting, diversely styled concert pieces. All works at this level contain only six notes and are limited to the use of the first three fingers on each string. They also feature limited instrumentation, with Violin 2 and Viola on the same part and Cello and Bass on the same part. Primer level pieces use simple rhythms, mainly comprised of whole, half and quarter notes, and if eighth notes are used, they are on the same pitch. If pizzicato is used, there is a rest given to ensure that the player has time to retake the bow. All Primer level pieces are short, in consideration of very young players, whose capacity for concentration and strength must be taken into account. Click here to see and hear them all!

You can also see and hear the rest of Carl Fischer’s newest string orchestra titles (Grades 1-4) here.

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