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(Grade 2 to 2.5 — Red Cover)
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  • Playable by second and third year ensembles
  • Occasionally extending to third position
  • Keys carefully considered for appropriate difficulty
  • Addition of separate second violin and viola parts
         (also a viola T.C. included)
  • An increase in independence of parts over beginning levels
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    The Airships
    George Sweet

    The Airships
    The Airships floats like the aircraft the piece is named for, and mirrors the refreshing quality George Sweet brings to the world of string orchestra music. Sweeping and enjoyable, The Airships allows your group to demonstrate their musical sensitivity and expression.
    listen  yas93.mp3 score image  791KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS93 Set $45.00 
    Duration 2:19 YAS93F Full Score $6.50 
    Key D Major YAS93P Parts $3.00 call
    The Code
    Alan Lee Silva

    The Code
    The Code could be the theme for the next show in the Law and Order franchise! Full of mystery, restlessness and lyrical overtones, this work will make your group sound simply awe-inspiring.
    listen  yas96.mp3 score image  658KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS96 Set $45.00 
    Duration 2:35 YAS96F Full Score $6.50 
    Key F# minor YAS96P Parts $3.00 call
    Dance of the Harlequins
    Larry Clark

    Dance of the Harlequins
    Dance of the Harlequins is a lively work that uses the harmonic progression of the famous Pachelbel Canon as its foundation. Larry Clark uses this line as a jumping-off point to create an ingenuous work that shows the many moods of the Harlequin clown, from joyous to melodramatic.
    listen  yas99.mp3 score image  667KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS99 Set $45.00 
    Duration 3:25 YAS99F Full Score $6.50 
    Key G Major YAS99P Parts $3.00 call
    Irish Folk Song, arranged by Virginia Croft

    Fiddle-me-oo-re-i-re-a is a purely gleeful fiddling piece in the Celtic style, and Virginia Croft’s arrangement makes it downright infectious. We guarantee no complaints from your students when you say “Okay, from the top”!
    listen  yas90.mp3 score image  784KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS90 Set $45.00 
    Duration 2:04 YAS90F Full Score $6.50 
    Key E minor YAS90P Parts $3.00 call
    Night Ride
    Deborah Baker Monday

    Night Ride
    Deborah Baker Monday’s first piece in the Carl Fischer catalog exemplifies her serious, intriguing and deep style that orchestra directors have grown to love.
    listen  yas94.mp3 score image  585KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS94 Set $45.00 
    Duration 3:17 YAS94F Full Score $6.50 
    Key A minor YAS94P Parts $3.00 call
    Prairie Waltz
    Matt Turner

    Prairie Waltz
    Prairie Waltz is a relaxed, medium tempo piece with a tenderly Americana feel, right out of the old west. Lilting and beautiful, moving lines within all parts keep this piece light and carefree.
    listen  yas97.mp3 score image  616KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS97 Set $45.00 
    Duration 3:31 YAS97F Full Score $6.50 
    Key C Major YAS97P Parts $3.00 call
    Prelude and Gavotte
    Arcangelo Corelli, arranged by Doris Gazda

    Prelude and Gavotte
    The Prelude and Gavotte are taken from one of Corelli’s concertos for string orchestra, and Doris Gazda has arranged them marvelously for a younger group. A simple song, the Prelude encourages your students to play beautifully and sensitively within its smooth, legato tone. On the other hand, the Gavotte is lively and impish, giving your students a workout in contrasting styles. Not only is it impressive in contest and festival, but Prelude and Gavotte is a great way to introduce your group to the Baroque style.
    listen  yas91.mp3 score image  613KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS91 Set $45.00 
    Duration 3:24 YAS91F Full Score $6.50 
    Key C Major, G Major YAS91P Parts $3.00 call
    Prelude to "An Old Tale"
    Yukiko Nishimura

    Prelude to an Old Tale
    Yukiko Nishimura’s special talent for lush scoring shines in Prelude to "An Old Tale", a musically challenging work that will push your students to play their best.
    listen  yas100.mp3 score image  650KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS100 Set $45.00 
    Duration 3:57 YAS100F Full Score $6.50 
    Key G Major YAS100P Parts $3.00 call
    Bill Calhoun

    Reminiscence is the perfect vehicle for younger students to refine their ensemble playing skills. Inspired by a visit to the composer’s hometown, Reminiscence challenges your students’ abilities to listen and perform with expression.
    listen  yas92.mp3 score image  679KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS92 Set $45.00 
    Duration 2:54 YAS92F Full Score $6.50 
    Key E minor YAS92P Parts $3.00 call
    Keiko Yamada

    Rickshaw is the musical depiction of a day in the life of scrappy rickshaw operators, gracefully going about their jobs, resting when weary, and then rushing to get their customers there on time. This work truly makes you feel as if you’re within the hustle and bustle of a large Japanese city!
    listen  yas98.mp3 score image  688KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS98 Set $45.00 
    Duration 2:48 YAS98F Full Score $6.50 
    Key G Major YAS98P Parts $3.00 call
    Carl Strommen

    Opening with a gospel style tune, Sundance launches into a barn dance hoedown; truly a blast for your students to play. The feel-good enthusiasm of this piece will help your students win over contest and festival judges every time!
    listen  yas95.mp3 score image  667KB Where to Buy

    Level Easy String Orchestra YAS95 Set $45.00 
    Duration 4:16 YAS95F Full Score $6.50 
    Key D Major YAS95P Parts $3.00 call
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