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•  Playable at the end of most first year method books
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•  Same instrumentation as beginning level
•  More eighth-notes
•  Simple syncopated rhythms
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Dark Visions
Kevin Mixon

Dark Visions
An intriguing piece with well-placed dissonance, Kevin Mixon’s Dark Vision truly sets a dark mood to build the tension. This work also incorporates the element of aleatoric, or “chance” music, making this work interesting and unpredictable for students and audiences alike.
listen  fas66.mp3 score image  757KB Where to Buy

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS66 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:08 FAS66F Full Score $6.00 
Key E minor FAS66P Parts $2.75 call
Sean O'Loughlin

In ¾ time, Ironclad already has a different feel than most pieces at the beginner level. Aggressive and propelled by its intense rhythmic feel, this is signature Sean O’Loughlin at its finest. Ironclad is especially impressive when used in contest and festival settings.
listen  fas68.mp3 score image  715KB Where to Buy

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS68 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:25 FAS68F Full Score $6.00 
Key E minor FAS68P Parts $2.75 call
A Japanese Christmas  
Traditional, arranged by Keiko Yamada

A Japanese Christmas
Keiko Yamada gives us a taste of what some of the more traditional Christmas carols would sound like if they were infused with touches of the folk music from Japan. The Japanese flair added to “The Holly and the Ivy” along with “Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella” is simply beautiful. This will be a pleasant surprise for your holiday concert.
listen  fas69.mp3 score image  605KB Where to Buy

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS69 Set $40.00 
Duration 3:35 FAS69F Full Score $6.00 
Key G Major FAS69P Parts $2.75 call
Alan Lee Silva

Alan Lee Silva’s Luminescence grabs you right from the start with a sharp, confident opening, and is followed by wonderfully lyrical melodies that soar over the more angular accompaniments.
listen  fas67.mp3 score image  659KB Where to Buy

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS67 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:28 FAS67F Full Score $6.00 
Key G Major FAS67P Parts $2.75 call
Road to the Rock Hole
George Sweet

Road to the Rock Hole
Take a musical journey down an old country road with Road to the Rock Hole, a breath of fresh air from up-and-coming composer George Sweet. The Americana feel of this piece is at once comforting and inspiring, featuring lush, open harmonies and soaring melodies.
listen  fas65.mp3 score image  769KB Where to Buy

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS65 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:40 FAS65F Full Score $6.00 
Key D Major FAS65P Parts $2.75 call
Joseph Compello

Imagine the ominous sound of an oncoming storm rumbling through a prehistoric forest, punctuated by the lumbering footsteps of the T-Rex, shaking the ground as it advances on its prey. T-Rex allows your orchestra to paint this dramatic picture, thrilling the audience with its bold depiction of an ancient, mighty beast!
listen  fas64.mp3 score image  603KB Where to Buy

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS64 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:15 FAS64F Full Score $6.00 
Key E minor FAS64P Parts $2.75 call
'Tis the Season  
Traditional, arranged by Doris Gazda

'Tis the Season
Respected veteran composer and educator Doris Gazda is an expert in making your young orchestra sound fantastic and accomplished, and this lovely arrangement of the melodies from “Good King Wenceslas” and “Deck the Halls” will do just that. Your students will be sure to revel in the celebration of the Christmas season along with the audience.
listen  fas63.mp3 score image  600KB Where to Buy

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS63 Set $40.00 
Duration 2:35 FAS63F Full Score $6.00 
Key G Major FAS63P Parts $2.75 call
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