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(Grade 1.5 to 2, Yellow Cover)
  • Playable at the end of most first year method books
  • For developing ensembles
  • Same instrumentation as beginning level
  • More eighth-notes
  • Simple syncopated rhythms

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Arena of the Gladiators
Joseph Compello
Arena of the Gladiators Arena of the Gladiators is fiercely reminiscent of its title, evoking gladiators fighting for their lives in huge, crowd-filled coliseums. Popular composer Joseph Compello draws on his classroom experience to write a piece that will not only be loved by students, but that is also within their technical limitations.
listen  FAS75.mp3 score image  778KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS75 Set $47.00
Duration 2:12 FAS75F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor FAS75P Parts $2.75 contact us
Cantigas de Roda (Brazilian Play Songs)
Andrew Balent
Cantigas de Roda

A result of composer Andrew Balent's frequent trips to Brazil, he has graced us with a delightful setting of these three tuneful folk songs: "O Pastorzinho," "Na Corda da Viola," and "Ciranda, Cirandinha."

listen  fas47.mp3 score image  1.05MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS47 Set $40.00
Duration 1:55 FAS47F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS47P Parts $2.75 contact us
Christmas Is Coming
Sean O'Loughlin
Christmas is Coming The classic Christmas carol is given a delightful new treatment from composer Sean O'Loughlin. Everything you need in a holiday concert selection, plus the opportunity to teach a lot of music in the process. In this arrangement, the composer brings a non-traditional, updated feel to a traditional holiday carol.
listen  fas61.mp3 score image  815KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS61 Set $40.00
Duration 2:43 FAS61F Full Score $6.00
Key C Major / D Major FAS61P Parts $2.75 contact us
Larry Clark
Conviction Here’s another classic Larry Clark work for string orchestra, containing all of the musical traits that have made his music so popular, such as strong melodic content and a fresh harmonic perspective. This would be a strong choice for festival performance to make a developing string group sound its best.
listen  FAS80.mp3 score image  749KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS80 Set $47.00
Duration 3:07 FAS80F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS80P Parts $2.75 contact us
A Country Memory
Alan Lee Silva
A Country Memory This piece is written in a truly American style reminiscent of composers like Copland and Bernstein, with its wide-open sound and flowing lines. A Country Memory will remind you of Sunday drives in the country on a beautiful warm day. String teachers have come to expect great pieces from composer Alan Silva and this one won’t disappoint!
listen  fas54.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS54 Set $40.00
Duration 2:42 FAS54F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS54P Parts $2.75 contact us
Matt Turner

Introduce your group to a laid-back rock style in an easy to play, but oh-so-fun piece by Matt Turner. This piece is a great example of the rock and jazz teaching clinics that Turner teaches around the country. He even offers a suggested solo to get you started.

listen  fas45.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS45 Set $40.00
Duration 2:57 FAS45F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS45P Parts $2.75 contact us
Dark Visions
Kevin Mixon
Dark Visions An intriguing piece with well-placed dissonance, Kevin Mixon’s Dark Vision truly sets a dark mood to build the tension. This work also incorporates the element of aleatoric, or “chance” music, making this work interesting and unpredictable for students and audiences alike.
listen  fas66.mp3 score image  757KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS66 Set $40.00
Duration 2:08 FAS66F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor FAS66P Parts $2.75 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Dominion Dominion is a composition for the developing string orchestra that captures emotions during the time of war. The term dominion is often used in history to describe British rule and in science fiction, it is used to describe certain ruling factions in space. Either way, a call to action is necessary to preserve the dominion's rule. Sean O’Loughlin taps into the student's love for forceful, cinematic-type music with this exceptional piece.
listen  FAS76.mp3 score image  950KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS76 Set $47.00
Duration 2:27 FAS76F Full Score $6.00
Key D minor FAS76P Parts $2.75 contact us
Larry Clark

Epic is an intense composition for the developing string orchestra that is sweeping and catchy – all of the thumbprints that have made Larry Clark's music so popular for young groups. Epic has a contagious melody that the students will want to play again and again.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:08
Key: E minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FAS82 - $47.00
Full Score
FAS82F - $6.00
Extra Parts
FAS82P - $2.75
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
Spiritual, Arranged by Virginia Croft
Ezekiel Saw the Wheel Virginia Croft does it again! This time, she has taken a popular American Spiritual and arranged is it to be playable for younger students, yet extremely fun. Additional hand-clapping brings out the song's authenticity.
listen  fas48.mp3 score image  688KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS48 Set $40.00
Duration 1:59 FAS48F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major / G Major FAS48P Parts $2.75 contact us
Larry Clark
Fable Written to sound like background music for a fairytale cartoon, Larry Clark delivers again with a tuneful musical narrative that students will love. Fable has an energetic and upbeat main theme, followed by a beautiful and cinematic slower theme. This would be a perfect piece with which to showcase your orchestra at a contest or festival performance.
listen  fas55.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS55 Set $40.00
Duration 4:14 FAS55F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS55P Parts $2.75 contact us
Doris Gazda
Gongs Written to depict the sound of Chinese gongs, this eastern-influenced piece by renowned composer Doris Gazda may be her best work to date. Gongs features unique harmonic colors and interesting textures that are exciting for players and audiences alike.
listen  fas51.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS51 Set $40.00
Duration 3:14 FAS51F Full Score $6.00
Key D Dorian FAS51P Parts $2.75 contact us
Harvest Moon
Larry Clark
Harvest Moon Larry Clark returns to the popular style and sound of an earlier favorite, Crystal Moon, and gives us Harvest Moon, written for an easier level. This piece has the trademarks that Larry has become known for: great melodies, fresh harmonies, interesting rhythms and an abundance of musical flavor. The delightful spiccato style of writing will help you to teach this important bowing technique to your students. Another exceptional work from Larry Clark!
listen  FAS74.mp3 score image  766KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS74 Set $47.00
Duration 3:07 FAS74F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS74P Parts $2.75 contact us
Hiyoko Dances
Keiko Yamada
Hiyoko Dances Hiyoko means "chicks" in Japanese, and this piece lives right up to its name, depicting the light, frolicking sound of baby chickens dancing around the farm yard and pecking at all sorts of things. Your students won't be able to keep from smiling while playing it!
listen  fas62.mp3 score image  603KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS62 Set $40.00
Duration 3:07 FAS62F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS62P Parts $2.75 contact us
In the Final Analysis
George Sweet
In the Final Analysis Up-and-coming composer George Sweet is a string educator with years of experience working with developing students. He presents us with a lush and lyrical composition that seemingly flows off the page and into the hearts of students and audiences alike. Sweet’s understanding of young students’ technical limitations, along with his fresh compositional perspective, make him a unique new voice in the field. We know you are going to love this one!
listen  FAS73.mp3 score image  698KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS73 Set $47.00
Duration 2:35 FAS73F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS73P Parts $2.75 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Intensity As the title implies, this pieces is driving and aggressive. Sean manages to provide students with music they enjoy playing, and yet leave the teacher with enough opportunities to instruct within the music's framework.
listen  fas49.mp3 score image  687KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS49 Set $40.00
Duration 2:14 FAS49F Full Score $6.00
Key E Aeolian FAS49P Parts $2.75 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Ironclad In ¾ time, Ironclad already has a different feel than most pieces at the beginner level. Aggressive and propelled by its intense rhythmic feel, this is signature Sean O’Loughlin at its finest. Ironclad is especially impressive when used in contest and festival settings.
listen  fas68.mp3 score image  715KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS68 Set $40.00
Duration 2:25 FAS68F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor FAS68P Parts $2.75 contact us
A Japanese Christmas
Traditional, arranged by Keiko Yamada
A Japanese Christmas Keiko Yamada gives us a taste of what some of the more traditional Christmas carols would sound like if they were infused with touches of the folk music from Japan. The Japanese flair added to “The Holly and the Ivy” along with “Bring A Torch, Jeanette Isabella” is simply beautiful. This will be a pleasant surprise for your holiday concert.
listen  fas69.mp3 score image  605KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS69 Set $40.00
Duration 3:35 FAS69F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS69P Parts $2.75 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Legacy Composer Sean O'Loughlin has already produced a great deal of exceptional pieces for developing students that will leave a legacy to educators for years to come. Appropriately, Legacy perfectly exemplifies his composing style: forceful, bold, and highly melodic with dramatic musical punches. Sean has such a marvelous way of making these pieces for younger students sound like music written for a more mature group.
listen  FAS71.mp3 score image  698KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS71 Set $47.00
Duration 2:27 FAS71F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor FAS71P Parts $2.75 contact us
Alan Lee Silva
Luminescence Alan Lee Silva’s Luminescence grabs you right from the start with a sharp, confident opening, and is followed by wonderfully lyrical melodies that soar over the more angular accompaniments.
listen  fas67.mp3 score image  659KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS67 Set $40.00
Duration 2:28 FAS67F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS67P Parts $2.75 contact us
Georg Philipp Telemann, arranged by Carl Strommen
March A nice introduction to music of the Baroque period for developing students. Arranger Carl Strommen’s setting of this work will add nicely to the classic repertoire of developing string groups.
listen  FAS78.mp3 score image  879KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS78 Set $47.00
Duration 2:35 FAS78F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS78P Parts $2.75 contact us
Night Dance
David Hinds
Night Dance Students will enjoy this energetic, intriguing piece in which each instrument has an active part and gets a turn at melodic themes. Composer David Hinds is new to the Carl Fischer catalog, but he has already proven himself as a composer that can write music fitting the needs of developing students while retaining sophistication and musical worth. We are proud to have David on the Carl Fischer team.
listen  FAS77.mp3 score image  753KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS77 Set $47.00
Duration 2:12 FAS77F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor FAS77P Parts $2.75 contact us
Night Flight
Bill Calhoun
Night Flight Bill Calhoun’s popularity as a composer is growing quickly; and no wonder, given his knack for writing exciting, elegant and well-scored works for young performance groups. Night Flight’s fearless melody takes the players and audience on a musical journey of flight into the night sky. A perfect selection to showcase your developing string orchestra at a contest or festival performance.
listen  FAS70.mp3 score image  735KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS70 Set $47.00
Duration 2:12 FAS70F Full Score $6.00
Key D minor FAS70P Parts $2.75 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Overlords Sean O’Loughlin’s Overlords is an intense piece for developing groups, running the full gamut of tone color, with each section getting a chance to play the most important melodic material. Aggressive and fun to play, Overlords sounds much more difficult than it is!
listen  fas56.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS56 Set $40.00
Duration 2:23 FAS56F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor FAS56P Parts $2.75 contact us
Un Petit Soiree
George Sweet
Un petit soirée Un petit soirée is music that is intended to accompany a picnic or a small party. It could also be used to provide music for any type of ceremonial function as well. Light and dance-like with a singable melody, this piece offers many opportunities to play the same musical material in contrasting styles. Up-and-coming composer George Sweet draws on his experience as a string educator to provide us with an exceptionally musical new piece for the developing string ensemble.
listen  fas57.mp3 score image  648KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS57 Set $40.00
Duration 2:39 FAS57F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS57P Parts $2.75 contact us
A Pioneer's Tale
Alan Lee Silva
A Pioneer's Tale Using imagery and a musical language synonymous with the pioneering spirit the American 19th century, composer Alan Lee Silva has created another winning composition for developing string orchestras. His open, lush harmonies, singable melodies and lyrical sensibility make his compositions some of the most popular in world for school string ensembles. This piece may be one of his best!
listen  FAS72.mp3 score image  765KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS72 Set $47.00
Duration 2:12 FAS72F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS72P Parts $2.75 contact us
Pulse Pounding
Sean O'Loughlin

Pulse Pounding
As the title describes, this piece gets the pulse pounding! It contains driving rhythms, simple syncopated melodies, and angular harmonies. It has all of the ingredients that have made Sean O'Loughlin's pieces so popular in the Carl Fischer String Orchestra catalog. It will certainly raise the heart rate of your students and audiences alike!
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:20
Key: E minor
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Complete Set
FAS86 - $47.00
Full Score
FAS86F - $6.00
Extra Parts
FAS86P - $2.75
The Pursuit of Knowledge
Larry Clark
The Pursuit of Knowledge

Larry Clark likes to base some of his pieces for student musicians on strong values, like the pursuit of knowledge! This piece's strong, uplifting theme evokes this quest for learning.

listen  fas50.mp3 score image  710KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS50 Set $40.00
Duration 3:13 FAS50F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS50P Parts $2.75 contact us
George Sweet
Ripcord This piece takes off right from the start. It contains some very pleasant contemporary sounds not usually found in pieces of this difficulty level, and students will be eager to play it again and again, thanks to composer George Sweet’s string education expertise. George is fast becoming one of the most popular composers of music for school string orchestras around the country.
listen  FAS79.mp3 score image  773KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS79 Set $47.00
Duration 3:07 FAS79F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS79P Parts $2.75 contact us
Road to the Rock Hole
George Sweet
Road to the Rock Hole Take a musical journey down an old country road with Road to the Rock Hole, a breath of fresh air from up-and-coming composer George Sweet. The Americana feel of this piece is at once comforting and inspiring, featuring lush, open harmonies and soaring melodies.
listen  fas65.mp3 score image  769KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS65 Set $40.00
Duration 2:40 FAS65F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS65P Parts $2.75 contact us
Shepherd's Hey
English Folk Song, arranged by James Meredith

Shepherds Hey
Violinist and educator James Meredith provides a delightful setting of the ever-popular English folk song, Shepherd's Hey. Note the clever addition of a quote from Country Gardens in the middle. Excellent teaching material for developing strings.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 1:53
Key: D Major
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Complete Set
FAS87 - $47.00
Full Score
FAS87F - $6.00
Extra Parts
FAS87P - $2.75
Matt Turner
Shuffleupagus Your students will have a great time with Shuffleupagus, a fun blues shuffle meant to be played in a loose swing style. A solo section gives students an opportunity to break free and improvise. Performers can swing hard on this piece!
listen  fas59.mp3 score image  676KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS59 Set $40.00
Duration 2:56 FAS59F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major / G Blues FAS59P Parts $2.75 contact us
Alan Lee Silva
Silhouettes With legato melodic lines, driving marcato phrases, and quiet pizzicato figures, Silhouettes employs a wide range of musical techniques for young players to grasp. Composer Alan Silva makes it all come together in an effortless-sounding piece for developing string groups.
listen  FAS81.mp3 score image  796KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS81 Set $47.00
Duration 3:07 FAS81F Full Score $6.00
Key D Major FAS81P Parts $2.75 contact us
Storm the Gates
Alan Lee Silva

Storm the Gates
This piece is a rush of excitement right out of the gate. Alan Lee Silva is one of our best selling composers, and this piece is a perfect example of why. Starting with exciting and angular rhythms, Storm the Gates moves to sweet lyrical lines. A welcome addition to the repertoire for developing string players and destined to be added to festival lists across the country.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:32
Key: E minor
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Complete Set
FAS85 - $47.00
Full Score
FAS85F - $6.00
Extra Parts
FAS85P - $2.75
String Fever
Andrew Balent
String Fever String Fever is a jazz-influenced novelty piece from composer Andrew Balent, full of cool riffs that students will enjoy playing. It’s perfect for a change of pace during a concert with more serious repertoire. With this piece, you can let ‘em have some fun too!
listen  fas52.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS52 Set $40.00
Duration 2:14 FAS52F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS52P Parts $2.75 contact us
String Shredder
Kevin Mixon

String Shredder
This piece will have your budding orchestra shredding! It contains rock-like grooves with easy extended techniques, like chops, to make this piece exciting to play. It will get performers and audiences dancing!
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:08
Key: E minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FAS84 - $47.00
Full Score
FAS84F - $6.00
Extra Parts
FAS84P - $2.75
Joseph Compello
T-Rex Imagine the ominous sound of an oncoming storm rumbling through a prehistoric forest, punctuated by the lumbering footsteps of the T-Rex, shaking the ground as it advances on its prey. T-Rex allows your orchestra to paint this dramatic picture, thrilling the audience with its bold depiction of an ancient, mighty beast!
listen  fas64.mp3 score image  603KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS64 Set $40.00
Duration 2:15 FAS64F Full Score $6.00
Key E minor FAS64P Parts $2.75 contact us
'Tis the Season
Traditional, arranged by Doris Gazda
'Tis the Season Respected veteran composer and educator Doris Gazda is an expert in making your young orchestra sound fantastic and accomplished, and this lovely arrangement of the melodies from “Good King Wenceslas” and “Deck the Halls” will do just that. Your students will be sure to revel in the celebration of the Christmas season along with the audience.
listen  fas63.mp3 score image  600KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS63 Set $40.00
Duration 2:35 FAS63F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS63P Parts $2.75 contact us
Tour of California
Alan Lee Silva
Tour of California

Gorgeous contemporary harmonic colors combined with beautiful lyric melodies, this Alan Lee Silva piece is one of a kind. It is perfect for contest or concert performance and makes for an impressive show of skill.

listen  fas46.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS46 Set $40.00
Duration 2:33 FAS46F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major / A Major FAS46P Parts $2.75 contact us
The Trapeze Waltz
Joseph Compello
The Trapeze Waltz The Trapeze Waltz is a simple yet charming waltz that gives you the feeling of swinging on a trapeze at the circus. Joseph Compello always finds a way to write interesting music while keeping the technical demands to a minimum, as his background as a classroom music teacher makes him sensitive to the needs of young musicians. This piece will make your group sound its best.
listen  fas53.mp3 score image  1.4MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS53 Set $40.00
Duration 2:50 FAS53F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS53P Parts $2.75 contact us
Two American Scenes
Joseph Compello
Two American Scenes Two American Scenes is a composition in two contrasting movements, adding the variety of two styles to your concert program within one piece! The first movement, "Stars on the Prairie," is a simple lullaby, and the second, "Fiddler's Frolic," is a lively barn dance. Young string players can get acquainted with traditional American music styles right away!
listen  fas60.mp3 score image  1.57MB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS60 Set $40.00
Duration 3:12 FAS60F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major / D Major FAS60P Parts $2.75 contact us
Western Dawn
Alan Lee Silva
Western Dawn All of the elements that you have come to know and love about the music of Alan Lee Silva are present in this beautiful new composition. Starting with the pastoral opening phrase, Western Dawn paints a portrait of Americana in AABCA form, underscoring the comings and goings of a small western town as the sun fills the morning sky. This piece is full of opportunities to improve the musicianship of your group, including double stops and multiple tempo changes.
listen  fas58.mp3 score image  654KB  

Level Very Easy String Orchestra FAS58 Set $40.00
Duration 3:13 FAS58F Full Score $6.00
Key G Major FAS58P Parts $2.75 contact us
Williamsburg Variations
David Hinds

Williamsburg Variations
Williamsburg Variations takes an original theme reminiscent of songs from early 19th century America, and develops it over several variations into a variety of styles. A great introduction to the idea of theme and variations, this will make your developing orchestra sound great at any festival.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:47
Key: D Major
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FAS83 - $47.00
Full Score
FAS83F - $6.00
Extra Parts
FAS83P - $2.75
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