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New Publications- October/November, 2007

Symphony No. 3
for Symphonic Wind Ensemble
by David Maslanka

The largest of David Maslanka's wind symphonies in scale and duration, Symphony No. 3 was commissioned by the University of Connecticut Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Gary Green, conductor, and premiered by them in 1991. It is in five movements and lasts nearly 50 minutes. The moderate tempo and forceful character of the first movement contrast with the serene "nature" music of the second movement. The third movement, a fast and bristling scherzo largely in A Minor, is followed by two slower movements, both labeled "lament." The composer characterizes the music of these movements as both sorrowful and joyful. The fifth movement, in particular, has the lamenting character overcome by an ecstatic vision of natural beauty and the life force. Symphony No. 3 is arguably Maslanka's most profound and satisfying large-scale work, and it ends in an unequivocal A Major that has the feeling of a benediction. Large score and parts are available on rental.

Carl Fischer • SC61 • $95.00

36 Studies for Trumpet
Adapted for Trumpet from 36 Studies for Trombone
by Oscar Blume
Arranged and Edited by Larry Clark

36 Studies for Trombone by Oscar Blume has been a seminal method for teaching the trombone for many years. Due to its influence and its methodical approach to tackling a variety of performance issues, the studies are presented here for the first time in an edition for trumpet. This collection is organized in three progressively difficult parts: Part I for beginners, Part II for advance players, and Part III for experienced players. Part I opens with scale exercises in the twelve major keys – thirteen counting an enharmonic equivalent. Each of the succeeding studies, following the paradigm of the nineteenth-century etude, attack specific performance issues for the brass player with varying degrees of difficulty in each progressive part. A multitude of issues, from tonguing and dynamic control to musicianship and expressive playing, can be overcome with the diligent study of this important collection. These studies are a welcome addition to the repertoire for teaching the trumpet or any brass program.

Carl Fischer • WF71 • $9.95

Progressive Duets
Volume II: Advanced
for Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass
Arranged or Composed by Larry Clark or Doris Gazda

The Carl Fischer Progressive Duets for Strings series is a comprehensive publication of two volumes of graded duets that have been arranged or composed by Larry Clark and Doris Gazda. This collection of duets will be useful in a variety of performance situations and is an excellent way for the student to build ensemble skills with a colleague or teacher. These pieces are published for viola, violin, cello, and bass and are arranged so that they can be performed by any combination of these string instruments, making this collection a valuable tool in the classroom and with ensemble sessions. Progressive Duets Volume II comes as a highly anticipated addition to the Progressive Duets Volume I series.

Carl Fischer • Violin - BF40 • $10.95

Carl Fischer • Viola - BF41 • $10.95

Carl Fischer • Cello - BF42 • $10.95

Carl Fischer • Bass - BF43 • $10.95


Contemporary Jazz Styles for Drums
Ian Froman and Peter Retzlaff

Peter Retzlaff and Ian Froman provide an overview of Jazz playing from early small-group Jazz right up through post-bop and ECM styles. Retzlaff's section contains a complete approach to ride cymbal playing, ideas for handling turnarounds, and a section on brushes, while Froman tackles approaches to modern Jazz timekeeping. Included are extensive exercises in 3/4 time (an area overlooked by most Jazz books). Explanatory audio examples are included, as well as play-along tracks.



Carl Fischer • CO7 • $17.95


The Roots of Groove: R&B/Soul & Contemporary Funk Styles for Drums
Pat Petrillo

Versatile drummer Pat Petrillo delivers a concise historical perspective on R&B and Funk drumming. Each chapter in the book covers an important substyle of R&B, for which Pat provides instantly usable and clearly explained grooves. The text describes the history of each groove, including recommended listening. Play along tracks are included, and you can hear Pat demonstrate the tunes on with our exclusive web audio files.



Carl Fischer • CO9 • $14.95


My 20th Century
Piano, Flute, Clarinet (Bb), Violin, Viola, Cello
Martin Bresnick

Martin Bresnick's My Twentieth Century, one of the most frequently performed of his recent chamber ensemble pieces, is the result of an unusual collaboration between Bresnick and poet Tom Andrews. The idea was developed by the composer and poet when they were in residence at the American Academy in Rome in 1999. It asks the six players of the Pierrot Lunaire-size ensemble to read the words of Andrew's poignant and humorous tribute to the uniqueness of the last century, to the audience and each other. The words, by turns touching and funny, are matched by Bresnick's subtle and haunting music, which rises and falls with occasionally climactic outbursts sinking away to near inaudibility. In 2006, Bresnick recast the Viola part for Marimba (sold separately) for a tour by the stellar new music group Eighth Blackbird which has played the work on tour throughout the United States.

Carl Fischer • MXE16P - Set of Parts • $49.95

Carl Fischer • MXE16F - Full Score • $19.95

Carl Fischer • MXE16CP - Marimba Part to substitute for Viola • $9.95

14 Duets for Trumpet and Trombone
Trumpet and Trombone
Compiled and Edited by Michael Sachs and Joseph Alessi

This unique duet collection of classical repertoire by Joseph Alessi, Principal Trombone of the New York Philharmonic, and Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet of The Cleveland Orchestra, offers students and professionals the opportunity to hone their ensemble skills in a variety of ways. The duos can be played by trumpet and trombone, two trumpets, or two trombones, and either instrument can play the top or bottom part. The pieces are the ultimate in ensemble flexibility for study or performance. Edited in detail and engraved for easy reading, these duets should be a part of every brass player's library.

Carl Fischer • WF75 - Trumpet • $14.95

Carl Fischer • WF76 - Trombone • $14.95

CD Solo Series:
Cello and Piano with Piano Accompaniment on CD

The Carl Fischer CD Solo Series is designed to help all levels of instrumental soloists improve their perfomances by making practice time more productive with the included piano accompaniment. The CD contains a beautifully recorded piano accompaniment performed by John Walker, a professional pianist with years of experience accompanying soloists of all ability levels. The CD Solos Series is an invaluable tool and is presented in three graded levels: Beggining (Gr.2), Intermediate (Gr.3), and Advanced (Gr.4-5). As an added bonus, the faster pieces have a second track with the piano accompaniment at a rehearsal tempo to assist in the preparation of the piece.

Fairy Tales (L'Innocence)
Cello and Piano
William Henry Squire

Carl Fischer • B3428 • $9.95

At Morn (Joyeuse)
Cello and Piano
William Henry Squire

Carl Fischer • B3429 • $9.95

Arioso (from Cantata No. 156)
Cello and Piano
Johann Sebastian Bach
Arranged by Merle J. Isaac

Carl Fischer • B3430 • $9.95

Allegro appassionato (Op. 43)
Cello and Piano
Camille Saint-Saens
Edited by Joseph Malkin

Carl Fischer • B3432 • $9.95

Kol Nidre (Op. 47)
Cello and Piano
Max Bruch

Carl Fischer • B3433 • $12.95

Tarantella (Op. 23)
Cello and Piano
William Henry Squire

Carl Fischer • B3434 • $12.95

Bourree (Op. 24)
Cello and Piano
William Henry Squire

Carl Fischer • B3435 • $9.95

Prayer (No. 1 of From Jewish Life)
Cello and Piano
Ernest Bloch
Edited by Hans Kindler

Carl Fischer • B3436 • $9.95

Supplication ( No. 2 of From Jewish Life)
Cello and Piano
Ernest Bloch
Edited by Hans Kindler

Carl Fischer • B3437 • $9.95