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New Publications- October, 2006

Progressive Duets
Volume I: Easy to Medium
Arranged or Composed by Larry Clark

Brushworks- The DVD

This is a comprehensive publication of fifty-two graded duets. Clark has drawn on his extensive experience as a school music teacher and a prominent composer / arranger to create a collection of duets that will be useful in a variety of performances. Playing duets is an excellent way for the student to build ensemble skills with a colleague or teacher. This collection is a welcome addition to repertoire that will provide players with refreshing new duets. It is a collection that is long overdue.

Carl Fischer WF64 Trumpet - $9.95
Carl Fischer WF65 Horn in F - $9.95
Carl Fischer WF66 Trombone - $9.95

for Wind Ensemble
Michael Colgrass

The Yolanda Kondonassis Christmas Collection

Pulitzer Prize winning composer Michael Colgrass has crafted an exciting new work for advancing groups that incorporates the sound of a Gamelan orchestra within the wind band. It is a masterpiece with exotic percussion and colorful wind writing. It is destined to become a standard.

Carl Fischer COL8 Set - $90.00
Carl Fischer COL8F Full Score - $15.00
Carl Fischer COL8P Parts - $4.00

My First Schroeder
for the Developing Cello Student
Compiled and Edited by Amy Rosen

Symphony No. 5An introduction to the essential elements of the famous Schroeder studies and etudes presented in a logical manner and in a format for developing students to use. This book will improve the technical facility and musicianship of the younger cellist the way the Schroeder studies and etudes have for over a century. My First Schroeder for the Developing Cello Student is designed to work both in an individual and group setting and is an invaluable tool to take the young cellist to the next level of playing.

Carl Fischer BF30 - $6.95

Flight of the Four Kings
for Trombone Quartet
Christopher Brubeck

Concerto for Tuba and OrchestraFlight of the Four Kings was commissioned by The Shepherd School of Music at Rice University for Novus, a trombone quartet, and was recorded in 2005. Since its premiere this piece has received enthusiastic receptions from audiences across the United States, including Rice University, UCLA, Cal State, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Carl Fischer WE7 Score & Parts - $24.95
Carl Fischer WE7F Score only - $7.95