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New Publications- October, 2004

Musical Time
A Source Book for Jazz Drumming
by Ed Soph

Musical TimeEd's book and play-along CD are a must for anyone serious about playing musical time in a jazz setting. Drummers with little experience in this style of playing will begin their study with the correct concepts and techniques and develop the proper "basics" for lifelong improvement. The developing player and the professional will find this material so logical that they won't believe how quickly and easily their groove will deepen, their time will be right in the pocket, their ability to swing will intensify and their musical playing and improvising will reach new heights.

Sample excerpts from the book (and the associated tracks from the CD):
Section 4 CD Track 1 CD Track 2
Section 10 CD Track 13 CD Track 14

Topics include:

  • Set-up
  • Dynamic balance
  • Non-repetitive ride patterns
  • Playing the shuffle
  • Dependent/independent coordination

DRM113 - $19.95

The Art of Expressive Playing
by Jerry Nowak and Henry Nowak

Art of Expressive PlayingWhile there are no absolute rules concerning expressive playing and phrasing, this innovative series clearly lays out basic concepts that help players become good musicians. The series focuses on the natural relationship between meter, rhythm, contour, tonality, style and historical period, and guides the player to a greater understanding of factors that can improve performance. This one of a kind text, written for teachers, woodwind, brass and percussion players, will help stimulate and cultivate more musical playing by individual musicians and by ensembles as a whole.

Teacher's Manual - JB51 - Book w/CD - $24.95
Winds and Mallets - JB52 - Book - $9.95
Brass and Percussion - JB53 - Book - $9.95

CD may be purchased separately:
JB51CD - $12.95

The Godowsky Collection Vol. 5
46 Miniatures for Piano-Four Hands
by Leopold Godowsky

Godowsky Collection Vol. 5This volume features Godowsky's 46 miniatures for four-hands where the student in five-finger position plays the "primo" and the teacher plays an interesting and sometimes challenging accompaniment in the "secondo". Beautifully written, Rachmaninoff used these miniatures with his own students. Complete with scholarly commentary and detailed analysis, this handsome book should be part of any piano teacher's library.

ATF139 - $28.95

Words of praise for Godowsky's Miniatures: "The Miniatures have sincerely delighted me and deserve by reason of their excellent qualities to become very popular." - Sergei Rachnaninoff

"These charming pieces present a real novelty for which teachers will not fail to be grateful." - Percy Grainger

25 Selected Sonatas
Scarlatti Edited by Lee Ann House
General Editor, Marvin Blickenstaff

25 Selected SonatasThis volume contains a selection of twenty-five of Domenico Scarlatti's over 550 sonatas, chosen not only for their diversity and aesthetic appeal, but also for their pedagogical value and accessibility to pianists from late elementary to early advanced levels of study. The works are printed in the order in which Ralph Kirkpatrick, noted as the foremost Scarlatti scholar, has catalogued them. With clear new engravings edited by noted piano pedagogue Lee Ann House, this collection with its valuable commentary will be come a staple in the teaching repertoire.

PL118 - $9.95

Variations on the Birthday Song
by Mary Sallee

Variations on the Birthday SongThis simple song began as a "good morning" song written by two teachers for their young students. Sallee has taken this world famous melody and arranged it for four hands in 11 multi-styled variations that range from rock to march music for early-advanced level pianists. Fun and unique, this piece is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

PL1128 - $6.95

Sonata No. 1 for Flute and Piano
by Daron Hagen

Sonata No. 1This work, written in three movements in 1985 while the composer was a student at Julliard, remains one of his most popular chamber works. The first movement is in a traditional sonata allegro form that incorporates a jazzy theme. The second theme features a broadly expressive introduction and coda framing a strophic melody in the flute supported by a pulsing neo-baroque accompaniment. The final movement marked presto/adagio alternates between a rapidly virtuosic first theme and a beautiful lyrical theme. A great piece for flute recitals!

W2635 - $16.95

Absolute Music for Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones
by David Carlson

Absolute MusicThis exciting piece in three movements was commissioned as part of the Meet the Composer Series and was first performed by the San Francisco Saxophone Quartet. This piece features wonderful lyricism blended with dramatic dissonance that stretches sonorities to create a truly interesting piece for a saxophone quartet. Great as a unique piece for concerts and recitals!

WE1 Score and parts - $34.95
WE1F Score - $14.95

Quintet No. 1 for Winds
by David Maslanka

Wind Quintet No. 1This quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon, that is at times fierce and demanding, reflects the composer's contemplation of the city and country. In the first movement, the composer introduces the audience to his fascination with the call of the black-capped chickadee, which he reflects in a motif throughout the movement. He then moves to city life, where the sounds of the famous New York City A train are captured in this movement. Finally, the third movement is a tribute to the Brooklyn Bridge where he uses the musical letters in the name "Brooklyn Bridge" (BDGE) to derive the thematic material of the movement. An original and fun work!

WE2 - Score and parts - $49.95
WE2F - Score - $19.95

String Quartet No. 5
by Lukas Foss

String Quartet No. 5The Guarnieri String Quartet commissioned this challenging work, written in four movements. Foss presents the first two movements (Andante misterioso, and Andante moderato), and then concludes the work in the last two movements, which are variations on the first movements titled Variation on II (1st section) and Allegro furioso (variation on I). The style in the piece is the composer's very personalized adaptation of a minimalist approach. A wonderful work by one of one of the world's most noted American composers.

PCB143 - Score and Parts - $29.95
PCB143F - Score - $12.95

Ballade for Cello and Piano
by Martin Bresnick

BalladeBallade was commissioned and written for cellist Andre Emelianoff, as an homage to Brahms. It suggests dark colors, compact rhetoric, intricate counterpoint and the formal rigor closely associated with the master composer. Premiered on June 1, 2004 in New York City, this new work will add an old world feel to your concert or recital.

B3403 - $12.95

The New Extended Working Range for Clarinet
by Kalmen Opperman

New Extended Working Range for ClarinetKnown as one of the world's leading clarinet pedagogues, Opperman brings players his encyclopedic knowledge of fingerings. This work is a comprehensive fingering guide that covers fingerings from Chalumeau (Low E) to Altissimo Superieur (G). Opperman offers the reader easy to read diagrams for finger placement that makes it easy to learn. A great resource for all clarinet players!

W2634 - $9.95