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New Issues - October, 2003

Complete Method for Snare Drum
Ney Rosauro
(Vol. 1: DRM 111, isbn 0-8258-5344-3 $13.95)
(Vol. 2: DRM 112, isbn 0-8258-5345-1 $14.95)
This new addition to the Carl Fischer lineup is a truly innovative approach to teach snare drum in a step-by-step basis focusing on the development of a two-hand style that lends equal weight to both hands. These books also present a complete overview of the rhythmic and musical aspects of the instrument.

The Art of Chords II
Chord Progressions - A Composer's Guide
GT206 - $15.95
Designed for the composer in every one of us! Whether you are a student or working as a professional musician, Art of Chords II will be a great tool in your music library. This book will help you:

  • Build chords and understand progressions
  • Learn modes of major and harmonic minor scales
  • Understand chord progressions from classical music to the contemporary
  • Add new chords to the tonal system
  • Discover blues and rock progressions
  • Master scales and chords from World music.