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New Publications- November/December, 2006

Poeme Mystique
(Sonata No. 2)
for Violin and Piano
Ernest Bloch

This is the first American publication of Bloch’s rhapsodic Poeme Mystique. Written in 1924 and first published (by F.E.C. Leuckart) in 1925, it is typical of Bloch’s works of the 1920s. The wide ranging themes and impassioned tone are less infused with the “Jewishness” notable in the works that established his international reputation (Baal Shem, Schelomo, et al.), but no less characteristic of this modern master. Poeme Mystique is a challenging piece for experienced performers.

Carl Fischer • B3427 • $19.95

Scarlatti Cadences and Brainstorm
for Piano
Sebastian Currier

Scarlatti Cadences and Brainstorm joins together two pieces that were conceived separately. The first embellishes the cadences, scale fragments and patterns familiar from the keyboard sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti, while the second has some of the manic energy of Maurice Ravel’s Scarbo. Scarlatti Cadences and Brainstorm was first combined as a test piece chosen by the American Composers Invitational for performance by the semi-finalists of the l2th Van Cliburn Competition. One of five composers so honored (each contestant had to choose one of the selected works); Currier’s pieces were chosen by five of twelve semi-finalists, making him the grand prize winner of the second American Composers Invitational.

Carl Fischer • PL123 • $11.95

for Piano
Daniel S. Godfrey

A showy, witty and colorful work, Festoons is like an extended cadenza, senza misura (and without any time signatures). Full of brilliant keyboard gestures, it exploits the full expanse of the piano. Festoons is suitable for moderately advanced performers.

Carl Fischer • PL124 • $9.95

Three Piano Preludes
for Piano
Samuel Adler

The Yolanda Kondonassis Christmas Collection

The Three Piano Preludes were written between 1999 and 2000 for three pianist friends of Samuel Adler’s. They are occasional pieces that reflect the pianists for whom they were written (1. Rushing Waters, for Alan Feinberg, 2. Dream Sequence, for Laura Melton, 3. Paradelle, for Ofra Vitzrachi), but are not strictly portraits. Rather these preludes are studies that explore mood and pictures á la Debussy. They are Intermediate to late Intermediate in performance level.

Carl Fischer • PL125 • $9.95

Basic Training
for Piano
Lee Hyla

The Yolanda Kondonassis Christmas Collection

Basic Training was written for Steven Drury as a tribute to Margaret Ott, a wonderful pianist and teacher from Spokane, Washington. From the primitive opening (marked “blunt and raw”), the one movement piece traces, in a non-linear fashion, the evolution of a pianist from mere noise producer, through a number of pianistic styles and textures, to a level of musical intimacy and pianistic sophistication characteristic of the great 20th-century piano literature. Basic Training is challenging repertoire and an ideal work for a budding virtuoso.

Carl Fischer • PL126 • $11.95

Rondo (ca. 1906)
for String Quartet
Anton von Webern

Rondo, one of the early Webern works discovered by Hans Moldenhauer, is a romantic piece in one kaleidoscopic movement. Now, for the first time, this title is available as a set of score and parts together (previously the study score was available separately from the set of parts). First performed by the Philadelphia String Quartet on August 1, 1968, during the Fourth International Webern Festival at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Rondo is classic of early 20th-century string chamber music.

Carl Fischer • BE5 • Score and parts • $24.95
Carl Fischer • BE5F • Score • $13.95