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New Publications- November/December, 2004

Musical Time
by Ed Soph

Musical TimeThis noted jazz musician brings the viewer a DVD that helps drummers become more comfortable with their time. The DVD features explanation and demonstration of time-keeping techniques and trio performances that demonstrate how to develop your improvisation skills. Soph also discusses how to set up the drumset, drumset playing techniques, dynamic balance on set and within a rhythm section, coordination to create "comping" patterns and a lot more.

DVD11 - $19.95

The Quick Guide to Playing Doumbek
Featuring Todd Roach

Quick Guide to Playing DoumbekThe Quick Guide to Playing Doumbek offers a preliminary approach to learning to play doumbek, the most popular drum in the Middle East. The lessons are taught progressively, in that the viewer will learn proper tone and rhythmic combinations that are directly integrated into playing traditional Middle Eastern music.

DVD14 - $19.95

The Quick Guide to Djembe Drumming
Featuring Steve Leicach

Quick Guide to Djembe DrummingThis DVD brings you a concise and comprehensive look at the techniques that a student will need to master, when learning to play the West African djembe drum. Topics covered include essential drum tones, a diverse assortment of African rhythms, improvisation, soloing, cultural context and much more.

DVD13 - $19.95

My First Snare Drum
by Seth Goldberg

My First Snare DrumThis title reinforces the basic rudiments in a variety of different ways to stimulate muscle memory, technique and musicianship. My First Snare Drum introduces individuals and groups to standard methodology. This innovative approach, including unique "make your own" exercises, has been student tested for many years by drummer and teacher Seth Goldberg. A fun approach to playing the snare drum!

DRM117 - $6.95

The ABCs of Brazilian Percussion
by Ney Rosauro

The ABC's of Brazilian PercussionLearn to play with the right feel and the correct technique in this comprehensive guide to Brazilian percussion. This book, with DVD, focuses on the 12 most important percussion instruments in Brazilian music and concentrates on teaching the viewer the right "groove" to become proficient with samba, samba reggae, baião, frevo and maracatú. In addition, the viewer will learn basic patterns and the importance of Brazilian clave. The DVD is included because Brazilian percussion is best learned though visual examples. A beautiful way to start delving into the world of Brazilian percussion!

DRM118 - $24.95

Fifteen Duos Abécédaires
Complete edition
by Jacques-Féréol Mazas

Noted as one of the most important violin pedagogues of the 19th century, Mazas was not afraid to challenge his students to become stronger players. These 15 pieces constitute Mazas' thoughts on the ABCs of playing violin duets where the objectives are to develop ensemble playing, musicianship, and technical ability in young players. The "violin 1" part features the greater of the musical interest while the "violin 2" part acts as an accompaniment. A great opportunity for teachers who want their students to learn how to play in a duet setting!

Masquerade Variations
Variations on a Theme of Sergei Prokofiev
by Steven Michael Gryc

Masquerade VariationsA popular rental work for wind ensemble, Masquerade is now available for purchase in a full score edition that is perfect for study. This composition, written in 1997 and commissioned by the New Mexico Wind Symphony, is based on the second piece from Fugitive Visions, a work that is comprised of 20 short piano pieces written by the young Sergei Prokofiev in 1915-17. Gryc, intrigued by the contrasting elements and moods in this short piece, expands upon Prokofiev's original theme and creates a truly dynamic work that include five variations in various musical styles.

SC52 - Full Score - $29.95

Prelude to Brass Playing
by Rafael Méndez
In collaboration with Edward Gibney

Prelude to Brass PlayingTeachers, parents, students and players of all ages and levels will find important information and great insight into brass playing from one of the world's greatest practitioners of the trumpet, Rafael Méndez, in this book. Produced in collaboration with noted brass educator Edward Gibney, this guide is written in an inviting style that will inspire, inform and clarify. This thorough text covers proper care of one's instrument, breathing, embouchure, intonation, registration, and much more. Everything a brass player needs to know in one comprehensive book!

TXT3 - $12.95

for Violin, Cello and Piano
by Martin Bresnick

TrioThis exciting work for violin, cello and piano was commissioned by and dedicated to the Monticello Trio. Diverse and rhythmically challenging, Trio piece in four movements leads the listener through several moods that include the sparseness of Simply Inexorably in the first movement, the lightness and syncopation in the second movement titled Cat's Cradle and the tender feelings expressed in movement three called Spoken, Tenderly. All of the aspects of the first three movements are transformed in the fourth movement titled Ardently, Lost where the rests in the music play as much of a part as the notes played in the movement's texture. In this final movement, there is no resolution as the piece moves towards an ambiguous conclusion. A fascinating work sure to be a hit on a chamber music recital!

MXE9 - $29.95

Practical Manual of Harmony
by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
Edited by Dr. Nicholas Hopkins

Practical Manual of HarmonyRimsky-Korsakov wrote this book for his harmony students at the Imperial Chapel in St. Petersburg because of his dissatisfaction with other harmony methods of the time. His methodology in this book favors the establishment of a comprehensive foundation in tonal harmony (making it ideal as a pedagogic tool), over an exhaustive analysis of harmonic tendencies in Western music. The new edition of the Practical Manual of Harmony, re-issued more than one hundred years after its first printing, preserves the original content of the 1885 edition, yet adopts a new layout and design to better enhance its organization. The book was a success in music programs at the end of the nineteenth century. Its content will produce equal success in the music programs of today and beyond.

TXT2 - $11.95

The Anton Webern Collection
Early Vocal Music (1899-1909)
for Voice and Piano
Edited by Matthew R. Shaftel

Anton Webern CollectionThis collection of songs from a master composer centers on the use of romantic lyricism during his early compositional period. This scholarly work with detailed notes by editor Matthew R. Shaftel, focuses on songs written before university, during his university years and while under the tutelage of his mentor Arnold Schoenberg. The songs are lyrical and reflect Webern's love of nature. The pieces in this book include 23 songs that have been revised and corrected from earlier printings, as well as the printing of five previously unpublished songs. This unique repertoire is great for recitals and is wonderful for the serious lieder singer.

VF10 - $29.95