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New Publications


The New Language for Playing Brushes
by Clayton Cameron
BrushworksLegendary drummer Clayton Cameron reveals the secrets of good brushwork in this must have book that should be on every drummer’s shelf. Noted as one of the world’s most innovative drummers, Cameron gives the reader an encyclopedic survey of brushstrokes in a step-by-step process that is clear and precise. Also included in the book is a CD detailing sounds and patterns. This book will surely become the benchmark of brush technique for year to come!

DRM 105 (isbn 0-82584962-4 $24.95)

Sebastian Currier
New to the Carl Fischer catalog from composer Sebastian Currier is this exciting and innovative work commissioned and recorded by Mosaic, a chamber performance group. Quick accented whispers dominate the central section of the piece with repressed intensity, which has the performers playing with great vitality all in a pianissimo. A generally reposeful quietude frames this sense of repressed urgency in this piece.

MXE4, ISBN0-8258-5101-7, $44.95

Expressive Etudes for the Flute
Compiled and edited by Laura Barron
WF6 (isbn 0-8258-5102-5 $19.99)

Laura Barron brings you a compilation of 19 musically challenging etudes that are varied and offer inspiration to players of all ages and levels. Filled with excellent performance suggestions, this book features a CD that demonstrates each etude for the student. A must for every flutist's library! Works Include:

  • Joseph- Henri Altes, Etude No. 8 from 26 Selected Studies
  • Joachim Anderson, Etude No. 3, Opus 15; Etude Nos. 7 & 8, Op. 63
  • Theobald Böhm, Etude Nos. 6, 7, 9, & 16 Op. 26
  • Jules Demersseman, Etude Nos. 39 & 44, Op. 4
  • A.B. Fürstenau, Etude Nos. 1 & 11, Op. 125
  • Sigfid Karg-Elert, Caprice Nos. 6 & 7, Op. 107
  • Ernesto Köhler, Etude No. 8, Op. 33, Vol. 2
  • Emil Prill, Largo ma non troppo
  • Heinrich Soussmann, Etude Nos. 3 & 5, Op. 53
  • Paul Taffanel, Sicilienne - Etude

4. Progressive Repertoire Volumes 1-6
Selected Piano Solos for Study, Festival and Performance with Performance CD
(PL 1207- PL 1209 $9.95)
(PL1210-1212 $12.95)
Vo1.1 ISBN 0-8258-5276-0
Vol. 2 ISBN 0-8258-5277-0
Vol. 3 ISBN 0-8258-5278-0
Vol. 4 ISBN 0-8258-5279-0
Vol. 5 ISBN 0-8258-5280-0
Vol. 6 ISBN 0-8258-5281-0

Culled from the required repertoire of the Australian Music Examinations Board by noted editor Marvin Blickenstaff, this exciting new series offers the student practice and performance pieces that range from elementary to advanced intermediate level. These 6 volumes feature a wide variety of composers with styles that range from Baroque to Modern. Great supplemental repertoire for the student pianist!