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New Publications- March/April, 2007

Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Violin, Cello and Piano
Sebastian Currier

Currier’s Static was the winner of the 2007 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition. Characteristically, it is a six-movement piece for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano. The melody and tempo of the piece is set to mirror varying sorts of static. Static was commissioned for Carl Fischer by Copland House as an addition to the national series of works from Meet the Composer Commissioning Music/ USA. The piece was also recorded from Copland House for the Koch label on an all-Currier disc. The book contains a musical symbols key, the score itself, and a page-long biography of Sebastian Currier.

Carl Fischer • MXE15F • Full Score/Piano Part • $29.95
Carl Fischer • MXE15P • Set of Remaining Parts • $49.95

Intermediate Velocity Studies for Clarinet
Kalmen Opperman

This book is now available with a CD featuring Kalmen Opperman playing all of the featured exercises. These studies by the master clarinetist, teacher, and craftsman, Kalmen Opperman, are the product of decades of experience. They have been in preparation for more than thirty-five years.

Carl Fischer • O5433 • $14.95

Astor Piazzolla, Volume 1
For Two Pianos
By Astor Piazzolla

A highly anticipated and well-received addition to the Carl Fischer roster, Astor Piazzolla Volume 1 is a compilation of three piano tangos written by the great Argentine tango pianist and composer, Astor Piazzolla. The three piano pieces of the first Piazzolla volume are Libertango, Verano porteno, and Tangata. Libertango was composed in 1974 and was a popular song that jumpstarted the Piazzolla boom and since then has been recorded, performed, and emulated by many composers and musicians worldwide. The second piece of this volume, Verano porteno or “Summer in Buenos Aires”, was the first of Piazzolla’s timeless Las cuatro estaciones (The Four “Buenos Aires” Seasons) collection and was originally written for a 1965 stage play. The third and final installment in this collection is Tangata. This piece was composed in 1965 and is dedicated to the Argentine choreographer Oscar Araiz. Astor Piazzolla Volume 1 is a fantastic collection which has already received a great deal of public acclaim and praise.

Carl Fischer • PL127 • $19.95

Twenty-One Leider for Horn and Piano Volume I and II
By Franz Schubert
Transcribed and Edited by Kazimierz Machala

Shubert’s Leider has long been standard repertoire in the vocal area and now it has been effectively transcribed for horn and piano. These beautiful songs work wonderfully for the horn with its cantabile quality that is complimented by the elegant nature of the piano. The songs are technically easy but challenging musically. Younger students will benefit greatly from the excellent CD recordings from Albany Records featuring Richard King, principal horn of the Cleveland Orchestra. These new volumes for horn and piano from Capo Tasto Music are distributed exclusively through Carl Fisher.

Twenty-One Leider for Horn and Piano Volume I

Carl Fischer • Volume I • WF69 • $17.95

Twenty-One Leider for Horn and Piano Volume II

Carl Fischer • Volume II • WF70 • $17.95

Lynn Freeman Olson Classic Solos

Lynn Freeman Olson's educational piano solos are proven winners among students and teachers alike. These ten classic best-selling sheets are now printed on high-quality opaque paper and set new standards in educational engraving with special care given to proper note-head size and spacing. The exceptional color art work matches the outstanding quality of the music. Grade levels range from elementary to intermediate.

Ballad of Don Quixote

Carl Fischer • P3212 • $2.50

Bumblebee Toccata

Carl Fischer • P3299 • $2.50

Festival in Aragon

Carl Fischer • P3213 • $2.50

First Sonatina

Carl Fischer • P3201 • $3.50

Make it Snappy!

Carl Fischer • P3169 • $2.50

On the Run

Carl Fischer • P3243 • $2.50

Rhythm Machine

Carl Fischer • P3278 • $3.50

Sousaphone Serenade

Carl Fischer • P3200 • $2.50

Sonatina Americana

Carl Fischer • P3283 • $3.50


Carl Fischer • P3289 • $2.50

Solos of Distinction

These ten rewarding and motivating piano solos represent the best of Carl Fischer's extensive educational piano catalog. A wide array of classic gems were selected for their superior pedagogy and distinctive musical styles. Students and teachers will especially enjoy the attention given to grade-appropriate engraving and the stunning new artwork. Grade levels are color-coded and range from early elementary to late intermediate.

Owl in the Moonlight

Carl Fischer • P2844 • $2.50

Davy Crockett’s March

Carl Fischer • P3314 • $2.50

Smoke Signals

Carl Fischer • P3281 • $2.50


Carl Fischer • P3315 • $2.50

Bagpiper’s Holiday

Carl Fischer • P2931 • $2.50


Carl Fischer • P3280 • $2.50

Boy with A Guitar

Carl Fischer • P3102 • $2.50

Saturday Barn Dance

Carl Fischer • P3316 • $2.50

Rain Covered Carousel

Carl Fischer • P3210 • $2.50

The Firefly

Carl Fischer • P2232 • $2.50

Bel Canto Studies
Edited for Trumpet
John Korak

Bel Canto Studies has been edited from various 19th Century vocal teachers and provides trumpeters with a rich trove of music to help improve their playing and musicianship. The book includes a CD containing printable PDF files and piano accompaniments for Bb and C trumpets. For more advanced students, the studies are notated in Moving Transpositions to help players perfect the art of transposition, which is required of all trumpeters. The accompaniments are in SmartMusic format which allows your personal computer to play the accompaniment with you and can be customized to your needs.

Balquhidder Music is exclusively distributed by Carl Fischer.

Carl Fischer • BQ-95 • $19.95