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New Publications- August/September, 2006

Chorales and Exercises to Emphasize the Art of Legato Playing
for the Middle-Level Band
Larry Clark and Sean O’Loughlin

Brushworks- The DVD

One of the biggest deficiencies in today’s middle level bands is the ability for them to produce a smooth legato with connections between notes. This series of books for all band instruments presents a logical sequence in a variety of keys to improve the students’ legato playing aspect of band performance. This book includes: drills that emphasize key understanding and chord progression movement from whole notes to half notes, tone, balance, blend and intonation of the ensemble and daily warm-ups to build strength and flexibility for the brass instruments, technical facility in the woodwinds and rudiments in the percussion.

Carl Fischer JB54 – Conductor’s Full Score - $24.95
Carl Fischer JB55 – Flute - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB56 – Oboe - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB57 – Clarinet 1 in Bb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB58 – Clarinet 2 in Bb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB59 – Bass Clarinet in Bb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB60 – Alto Saxophone in Eb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB61 – Tenor Saxophone in Bb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB62 – Baritone Saxophone in Eb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB63 – Trumpet 1 in Bb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB64 – Trumpet 2 in Bb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB65 – Horn in F - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB66 – Trombone - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB67 – Baritone BC/Bassoon - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB68 – Baritone T.C. in Bb - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB69 – Tuba - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB70 – Mallet Percussion - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB71 – Timpani - $5.95
Carl Fischer JB72 – Percussion - $5.95

More String Town Tunes
Ten Christmas Carols Arranged for Solo Harp or for Two Harps
Yolanda Kondonassis

The Yolanda Kondonassis Christmas Collection

More String Town Tunes is an exciting collection of favorite folk melodies, patriotic songs, classical themes and original tunes for all string instruments. This is a progressive book where each melody demonstrates a specific pedagogical challenge that helps students develop the techniques needed for playing a bowed string instrument. The music places emphasis upon bowing techniques, tone, intonation and musicianship. Included are original songs by Doris Gazda and classic favorites such as: PawPaw Patch; Sweet Betsy from Pike; Monster March; America, the Beautiful; We Shall Overcome; Auld Lang Syne; Allegretto Movement II from Sonata for Piano, Op. 27, No. 1 and many more! The collection is a follow up to String Town Tunes (ASB1-6), which includes 12 familiar melodies and is designed to guide the young musician towards the fundamentals of good string technique.

A performance/play-along CD is available with the Score and Teacher’s Guide or separately as a free MP3 download at

Carl Fischer ASB11 – Score and Teacher’s Guide - $25.95
Carl Fischer ASB12 – Violin - $7.95
Carl Fischer ASB13 – Viola - $7.95
Carl Fischer ASB14 – Cello - $7.95
Carl Fischer ASB15 – Bass - $7.95

Orpheus and Euridice
A Song Cycle in Two Acts for Soprano, Clarinet in B flat and Piano
Ricky Ian Gordon

Symphony No. 5A tender song cycle in two parts that tells the familiar story in more contemporary terms (text by the composer); Orpheus and Euridice is full of Ricky Ian Gordon’s characteristic lyricism. The sixty minute work can be staged, but works as a concert piece as well.

Carl Fischer VS3 - $39.95

Fiddling Fingers
Beginning Fiddling Lessons for String Classes or Individual Learners
Janet Farrar-Royce and Doris Gazda
With Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

Concerto for Tuba and OrchestraFiddling Fingers presents the ideal way to enrich string classes with fiddle music in six simple lessons that teaches students the basic elements of fiddling. The performances of the tunes on the CD helps them to learn tunes in true fiddling style by listening and joining in, just as if they were sitting in a real fiddling session with an authentic string band. Each tune is also performed at a “Learning Speed” and then at a “Practice Speed” to encourage students to learn by listening and playing by ear. Students will learn to play the basic fiddling techniques of shuffles, “slides” and “drones”, which can be applied to all fiddling tunes. They will learn how to “kick-off” a tune and then end it with a tag. They will be encouraged to develop their own fiddling style while applying the basics of good position, listening for good intonation and playing rhythmically.

This book contains lyrics, historical backgrounds and suggestions for activities that will expand and deepen an understanding of the fiddling style. It also offers ways for students to monitor their fiddling progress. A glossary is included at the end of the teacher’s score and each part that clearly defines all of the fiddling terms used in the book. Fiddling Fingers is the perfect way to add excitement and variety to your string classes, and to expand and enrich the musical life of string players.

Carl Fischer ASB17 –Teacher’s Score - $19.95
Carl Fischer ASB18 – Violin - $9.95
Carl Fischer ASB19 – Viola - $9.95
Carl Fischer ASB20 – Cello - $9.95
Carl Fischer ASB21 – Bass - $9.95

Progressive Duets Volume I
Volume I: Easy to Medium
Arranged or Composed by Larry Clark

Sight Reading Rhythm

This is a comprehensive publication of fifty-two graded duets. Clark has drawn on his extensive experience as a school music teacher and a prominent composer / arranger to create a collection of duets that will be useful in a variety of performances. Playing duets is an excellent way for the student to build ensemble skills with a colleague or teacher. This collection is a welcome addition to repertoire that will provide players with refreshing new duets. It is a collection that is long overdue

Carl Fischer WF61 – Flute - $9.95
Carl Fischer WF62 – Clarinet in B flat - $9.95
Carl Fischer WF63 – Alto Saxophone in E flat - $9.95

String Quartet No. 2 “Bucephalus”
Martin Bresnick

MeditationEach of the titles of the five movements in this piece were taken from a number of events, real or imaginary, in the lives of Alexander the Great and his war horse, Bucephalus. The piece was written for György Ligeti’s 60th birthday and was commissioned by the Alexander String Quartet with support of Chamber Music America and the Connecticut Commission for the Arts.

Carl Fischer SC59 - $24.95

Twenty-first Century Technique
Modern Technical Studies for Trumpet
Chris Kase

MeditationTwenty-first Century Technique is an extension and expansion of motifs into multiple modes and transpositions inspired by Herbert L. Clarke’s classic book of exercises Technical Studies for the Cornet. This invaluable compilation provides modern trumpet players, both jazz and classical, with much needed material to prepare them for contemporary musical requirements. The book contains text in English and Spanish.

Balquhidder Music is exclusively distributed by Carl Fischer.

Carl Fischer BQ-93 - $24.95

Folk Songs for Viola
Arranged for Viola and Piano
Ron Harris

MeditationFolk songs have originated through oral tradition. They are passed down from generation to generation, and become part of a nation’s heritage. This compilation for viola and piano includes12 notable folk songs from all over the world such as: Cielito Lindo (Mexico); Cindy (USA); Colorado Trail (USA); Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (USA); Early One Morning (England); Morning Has Broken (Gaelic); Shenandoah (USA); Skip To My Lou (USA); Simple Gifts (USA); The Ash Grove (Wales); The Water Is Wide (Ireland) and Turtle Dove (England).

Woodland Music Press is exclusively distributed by Carl Fischer.

Carl Fischer A051227 - $18.95

True Divided Light
For Viola and Piano
David Carlson

Meditation True Divided Light is a twenty minute piece for viola and piano in two contrasting movements. It was first performed on May 22, 2005 by violist Geraldine Walther, principal violist of the San Francisco Symphony, and accompanied by pianist Roy Bogas. The first movement, Lento luminoso, is rhapsodic and intensely lyrical, with a rich harmonic palette that suggests Messiaen at times. The second movement, Presto strepitoso, is a supercharged power house that gives the players a chance to show off their virtuosity. After a brief return to the style and mood of the piece’s beginning, True Divided Light ends with a brilliant flourish. This is challenging material for an experienced player.

Carl Fischer B3425 - $24.95

Three Classical Trumpet Concerti
Haydn – Hummel – Neruda
arranged in Duet Form
Neil Mueller

MeditationThis collection of three concerti has been skillfully arranged for two trumpets in duet form by Neil Mueller. He has ingeniously constructed a second trumpet part to emulate the orchestral accompaniment in a way that is both satisfying and achievable. This creative adaptation allows for the increased education and enjoyment of trumpeters everywhere who cherish these honored titans of the trumpet literature.

Balquhidder Music is exclusively distributed by Carl Fischer.

Carl Fischer BQ-94 - $9.95

The Cambern Christmas Collection
for Harp
Arranged and Transcribed by May Hogan Cambern

MeditationBeautifully arranged and transcribed by May Hogan Cambern, this is a joyful collection of Christmas favorites that were previously available only as separate sheet music. The book will become a classic compilation in every harpist’s repertoire. Carols include: Carols of the Shepherds; God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen; Greensleeves; Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring; Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence; Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming and O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Carl Fischer H70 - $7.95

The Cambern Duets Collection
for Harp
Arranged and Transcribed by May Hogan Cambern

MeditationCambern infused her harp publications with her broad professional and performance experience, making these pieces idiomatic and beautifully written for the harp. Duets included in this collection are: Invention No. 8 in F Major ; Jota; Little Fugue; Pavane and Variations; Poeme; Prelude and To a Water Lily. Carl Fischer is pleased to reissue these popular favorites that have been in demand.

Carl Fischer H71 - $9.95

The Cambern Repertoire Collection
for Harp
Arranged and Transcribed by May Hogan Cambern

MeditationThe Cambern Repertoire Collection is a must have for every serious harpist. The songs in this compilation are brilliantly arranged and reflect Cambern’s decades of harp-playing experience. Songs included are: Elegancia; Fain Would I Change That Note; Feed My Sheep; He’s Gone Away; Irish Melody; Last Rose of Summer; Londonderry Air; Parlez moi d’amour and Waltz of the Flowers.

Carl Fischer H69 - $7.95

for Clarinet, Violin and Piano
Margaret Brouwer

MeditationThe fourteen minute piece from Brouwer New Music Publishing has three movements, Joyful Moment, Reverie and Escaping. Trio was commissioned by the Verdehr Trio and Michigan State University and first performed on January 22, 2006.

Carl Fischer BR1003 - $37.50

2007 Music Wall Calendar

Meditation MeditationThese elegant wall calendars are perfect for home, office, and studio or anywhere that music is appreciated. The Jazz calendar features stunning photos of jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Ray Charles, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and more! Also available is the Music Calendar showcasing beautiful pictures of musical instruments in various backgrounds. These calendars are written in French, English, German and Italian.

Carl Fischer AC35 – Music Calendar - $11.95
Carl Fischer AC36 – Jazz Calendar - $11.95

2007 Desk Calendar

MeditationThis is the perfect gift for that music lover in all of us. The photos included in this calendar showcase the beauty of each instrument featured. Makes for a great conversation piece! Written in French, Italian, German and English.

Carl Fischer AC37 - $6.50