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New Publications- August/September, 2007

Astor Piazzolla

A highly anticipated and well-received addition to the Carl Fischer roster, Astor Piazzolla Volume 2 is a compilation of five tangos by the great Argentine composer, Astor Piazzolla, arranged for two pianos. The five piano pieces of the second Piazzolla volume are Fuga y misterio, Milonga del ángel, La muerte del ángel, Soledad and Michelangelo 70. Fuga y misterio was composed in 1968 as part of Piazzolla’s hugely successful operetta Maria de Buenos Aires, which later became the signature tune for a popular Argentine television show entitled Tiempo Nuevo. Astor Piazzolla Volume 2 is a fantastic collection and is a must have for pianists. This piece comes as a highly anticipated addition to Astor Piazzolla-Tangos for Two Pianos, Volume 1.

Carl Fischer •PL128• $19.95

Protocol: A Guide to the Collegiate Audition Process
For Clarinet, Trumpet and Flute
Compiled and Edited by Larry Clark and Daniel Schmidt

The purpose of this book is to provide high school students with or without a private teacher with a comprehensive collection of materials that will satisfy the needs of most college/university music auditions. Many schools have specific requirements that can usually be obtained from their respective web sites. This text includes the most frequently requested audition requirements from online websites at many universities, and if it is the only guide that you purchase, you will be able to present a representative, well balanced audition. The editors of this collection have drawn from experiences as college/university music professors and from experiences supervising entrance auditions for large and small university music programs. This collection will aid students by exposing them to the expectations of the audition process, assisting their preparation for this process, and creating a comfort level that allows students to present themselves in the best light possible. This book is an indispensable guide for every student considering auditioning for any collegiate music program.

Foreword by Robert S. Spring

Carl Fischer • WF59 • Clarinet • $24.95

Foreword by Diane S. Schultz

Carl Fischer • WF58 • Flute • $24.95 (Previously new issued)

Foreword by William Campbell

Carl Fischer • WF60 • Trumpet • $24.95 (Previously new issued)


Four Songs for Mezzo Soprano and Piano

Falling is a song cycle based on two poems by Kathryn Stripling Byers (Snowbird and Lost Soul) and excerpts from David Bottoms’ longer three-part poem, In a U-Haul North of Damascus. The poems have been arranged in a sequence that forms a four-part narrative of conflict, separation and the possibility of consolation and renewal. Full of restless energy and bursts of passionate lyricism, Falling is a challenging work for a mature singer. The vocal range calls for a singer who can rise to the high B above that treble staff and descend to the F sharp below the piano part. This piece is transcribed from the orchestral original by the composer and Arthur Bloom, edited by Lisa Moore, and is challenging but idiomatic. The score and parts for the orchestral version are available from the publisher’s rental department.

Carl Fischer • V2491 • $24.95


The Antient Concert, Op. 89
A Dramatic Recital for Four Singers
Music by Daron Aric Hagen, Words by Paul Benedict Muldoon

Based on an intriguing premise, this one act opera (or “dramatic recital”), images the novelist and poet James Joyce as a very young man, squaring off in a singing competition with the soon to be internationally renowned Irish singer John McCormick at the Antient Concert Rooms in Dublin in May of 1904. Joyce’s mother, May and his then girl friend, later wife, Nora Barnacle observe and comment on the antics of the competing peacocks. The resulting fifty minute scene touches on the nature of the creative process, sex, death, national identity and artistic integrity. The punning libretto by Pulitzer Prize winning poet Paul Muldoon is well matched by Daron Hagen’s richly allusive score which uses several well-known Irish songs of the period. Scored for string quartet (parts available on rental) or piano, this is a sophisticated piece designed to be performed by adept young singing actors

Carl Fischer • VS4 • $24.95


A Little Night and Day Music
By Samuel Adler

Commissioned by Carl Fischer for a school band series in the 1970s, A Little Night and Day Music is a classic of the modern band repertoire. The “Night Music” section is a study in color and atmosphere and makes striking use of contemporary instrumental techniques including clusters and aleatory. The second section (“Day Music”) is a bright and brassy contrast, full of drive and an exhilarating momentum. We are delighted to make this marvelous piece available once again.

Carl Fischer • J702 • Set • $75.00

Carl Fischer • J702F • Full Score • $15.00

Carl Fischer • J702P • Parts • $3.50


New Bennett Band Book, Vol. 1
by Harold Bennett

The Bennett Band Books published in four volumes starting in 1923 were used to teach the march form and style to millions of young band musicians in the middle of the twentieth century. Twelve of the legendary Henry Fillmore's tuneful band gems (written using the pseudonym Harold Bennett) have been collected together by Larry Clark to form the first volume of The New Bennett Band Books.  This volume concentrates on 2/4 time and the keys of Bb major, Eb major, and Ab major. In addition, a helpful march warm-up section, composed by Larry Clark, is included to help you teach the march form and style to young students.  There is also the added benefit of a full recording of each march performed by a professional band on the CD that is included in the full score. This is a valuable collection for any level band to use for marches at contest/ festival performance or for sight-reading purposes.

Carl Fischer • JB73 • Score w/CD • $34.95

Carl Fischer • JB74 • Flute • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB75 • Oboe • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB76 • Clarinet 1 in Bb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB77 • Clarinet 2 in Bb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB78 • Bass Clarinet in Bb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB79 • Alto Saxophone in Eb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB80 • Tenor Saxophone in Bb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB81 • Baritone Saxophone in Eb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB82 • Trumpet 1 in Bb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB83 • Trumpet 2 in Bb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB84 • Horn in F • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB85 • Trombone/Baritone/Basson • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB86 • Baritone T.C. in Bb • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB87 • Tuba • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB88 • Mallet Percussion (Bells) • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB89 • Timpani • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB90 • Percussion 1
(Snare Drum, Bass Drum) • $5.95

Carl Fischer • JB91 • Percussion 2
(Crash Cymbals, Triangle) • $5.95


Symphony No. 3
for Symphonic Wind Ensemble
by David Maslanka

The largest of David Maslanka's wind symphonies in scale and duration, Symphony No. 3 was commissioned by the University of Connecticut Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Gary Green, conductor and premiered by them in 1991. It is in five movements and lasts nearly 50 minutes. The moderate tempo and forceful character of the first movement contrast with the serene "nature" music of the second movement. The third movement, a fast and bristling scherzo largely in A Minor, is followed by two slower movements, both labeled "lament." The composer characterizes the music of these movements as both sorrowful and joyful. The fifth movement, in particular, has the lamenting character overcome by an ecstatic vision of natural beauty and the life force. Symphony No. 3 is arguably Maslanka's most profound and satisfying large-scale work and it ends in an unequivocal A Major, that has the feeling of a benediction. Large score and parts are available on rental.

Carl Fischer • SC61 • $95.00