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New Publications- August, 2005

My First Simandl: For the Developing Double-Bass Student
Compiled and Edited by Amy Rosen and William Eckfeld

My First Simandl: For the Developing Double-Bass Student My First Simandl preserves the original intent and musical/educational objectives that Franz Simandl set forth in his etude books New Method for the Double Bass, Vol. 1 and Thirty Etudes for the String Bass. Many of the exercises are exactly as they are in the original books. However, there are areas where the studies started at a level of difficulty, which made it unrealistic for use by young players. Consequently, some of the etudes in My First Simandl have been shortened in length or have had note values doubled. The studies have been arranged in progressive order, taking into account tonality, grade of difficulty and style. Rosen and Eckfeld have chosen studies that are considered to be the most important for student at the earlier stages of technical development. Included are duet exercises for the student and teacher – a proven approach to better learning!

BF26 — $6.95

Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet
With Piano Reduction Accompaniments
Complied and Edited by Vincent Cichowicz

Orchestral Excerpts for Trumpet This new collection from Balquhidder Music (exclusively distributed by Carl Fischer Music) provides the performer with a context for the study of orchestral excerpts and performance material perfect for juries and performances. Cichowicz has stayed true to the composer’s original intent, leaving in all original markings as written. Excerpts by Bartok, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Debussy and Mozart (among others) are included. This book should be part of any trumpeter’s classical collection.

BQ88 — $19.95

Thine is the Glory: 12 Hymn Settings for Organ
Arranged by Albin C. Whitworth

Thine is the Glory: 12 Hymn Settings for Organ A noted church workshop and conference leader, Whitworth has published numerous keyboard collections for the church musician. Thine Is The Glory, one of Whitworth’s most useful books, is back in print by popular demand. The newly updated folio brings the church organist 12 classic hymn settings that are appropriate for the various seasons in the church calendar.

The book includes: Thine Is the Glory, We Would See Jesus, What Wondrous Love Is This?, Once in Royal David’s City, I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say, O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go, ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus, Come, Thou Almighty King, My Shepherd Will Supply My Need, Break Thou the Bread of Life, Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing, and Abide With Me.

SGB502 — $11.95

CD Solos Series
For Violin and Pianok

CD Solos Series Carl Fischer Music introduces this exciting new addition to the CD Solo Series featuring performance pieces that are also designed to help all levels of violinists make their practice time more productive. The new material for this series includes:

• New engravings for violin and piano
• A musically accurate and expressive piano accompaniment CD
• A performance tempo recording for practice or simply for use when an accompanist is not available
• Additional slower rehearsal tempo accompaniments included on more intricate works to help the developing student learn the chosen piece
• Track with an A440 tuning note

Catalog Number Name of Piece Composer Level Price
B3405 Meditation Jules Massenet Intermediate $12.95
B3406 Praeludium and Allegro Fritz Kreisler Advanced $14.95
B3407 Csárdás Vittorio Monti Intermediate $14.95
B3408 Nigun, #2 from “Baal Shem” Ernest Bloch Advanced $14.95
B3409 Polish Dance Edmund Severn Intermediate $12.95
B3410 Liebesleid Fritz Kreisler Intermediate $12.95
B3411 Sicilienne and Rigaudon Fritz Kreisler Intermediate $12.95
B3412 Indian Concertino George Perlman Intermediate $14.95
B3413 Légende Henryk Wieniawski Intermediate $14.95
B3414 Flight of the Bumble Bee Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (Heifetz) Advanced $14.95
B3415 Air on the Ging J. S. Bach (Wilhelmj) Intermediate $9.95
B3416 The Boy Paganini Edward Mollenhauer Intermediate $12.95

Riff and Transfiguration: Suite for Piano
By Lee Hyla

Riff and Transfiguration: Suite for Piano Riff and Transfiguration is a suite for solo piano in seven relatively brief movements. A riff, for the purposes of this piece, can be described as a condensed, rhythmically incisive phrase that repeats. These phrases appear in various guises throughout the piece. Each of these pieces has a distinct character; however, much of the material is shared and transformed from movement to movement. Concert Artists Guild commissioned this piece for Mia Chung, winner of the first prize in the 1993 Concert Artists Guild New York competition. It has duration of eighteen minutes. This is a fine recital piece for the advanced player.

PL121 — $19.95

Romanza: For String Quartet
By Daniel S. Godfrey

Romanza: For String Quartet Romanza is a revised version of the second movement from Godfrey’s String Quartet No. 1 with adaptations allowing the movement to stand alone as a separate composition. As its title reflects, this work can be heard as an extended aria for string quartet, with an intimately personal undercurrent. Godfrey has significantly refined and clarified Romanza since its main theme and harmonization first came to mind almost forty years ago. The Cassatt String Quartet first performed this piece in October 2002 at the Mannes College of Music in New York City.

Parts BE3 — $24.95
Score BE3F — $8.95

Sonata For Cello and Piano
By David Carlson

Sonata For Cello and Piano Commissioned by Chamber Music America, this beautiful neo-romantic work was first performed on January 17, 1993 by Emil Miland and Robin Sutherland. A substantial work at 20 minutes, the sonata, alternates between lyrical writing and music with a scherzo-like feel that is both lively and animated. Sonata for Cello and Piano is written in one movement that flows extremely well with an intertwined cohesiveness between the two players. A memorable piece for a cello recital!

B3417 — $19.95