Guidelines for use of Carl Fischer copyrights:


Photocopying out-of-print music

Judges' Scores


Print Rights


Film, Video, and New Media Use

Performing Rights

print rights

If you wish to include our copyrighted works (work as a whole or excerpts from a work) in a printed publication, you must submit a written request for permission via email to the Licensing & Copyright Department. Please see below for details on how to submit your request.

To include the works in your publication, your request should include:

• The name of the individual or organization and street address to appear on the license
• Title, composer, arranger (if any), and catalog number of the publication (if known)
     of the work you wish to include in your publication. If you wish to use only a part of
     a work, please specify which part (i.e. measure numbers, lyrics only, etc.)
• Title of your publication
• Number of royalty bearing works included in your publication (i.e. copyrights)
• If it’s a limited print run, total number of units to be manufactured
• If the publication will be reprinted during a term period:
     - the number of years you wish to license the rights for
     - initial number of units to be manufactured and/or distributed
• Suggested retail price of the publication
• Territory of distribution
• Catalog/Reference number for each configuration
• Release date

If you need permission to include excerpts in a dissertation, please click HERE.