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PAUL LANSKY Biography Works List


Solo Instrument(s) and Orchestra

Shapeshifters. A Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra (2007)
(In preparation)

Chamber Music

Ancient Echoes (2004) 10’
Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano, percussion, opt. electronics

As If (1982) 20’
String trio & tape

A Is For… (2004) 9’
Piano (also speaker), clarinet, electric guitar, vibraphone, violoncello, double bass

Follow Me (2002) 5’
Electric guitar quartet

It All Adds Up (2004) 19’
Two pianos

Minor Alterations (2003) 10’
Bassoon, electric guitar, drumset, violin

Odd Moments (1999) 14’
Flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano

Pieces of Advice (2006) 17’
Horn & piano

Ricercare Plus (2004) 18’
String quartet

Six Years Ago, Monday (1996) 15’
Marimba, violin, tape

Songs of Parting (2006) 13’
Baritone voice, guitar, percussion

Threads (2005) 30’
Percussion quartet
Published: DRM125

Travel Diary
Two Percussion
Published: DRM130F (score), DRM130M (set of two scores)

Solo Instrument

It All Adds Up to One (2004) 19’
Solo piano

Choral Music

Folk Tropes (2003) 8’
SATB Chorus, a cappella

Sharp Songs (2006) 10’
SATB chorus, a cappella

Three Campion Choruses (1991) 12’
SATB chorus, a cappella

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