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List of Works


Reul na Coille. For Percussion Solo and Orchestra (2002) 17’
Solo percussionist; 2 (picc.)/1 (E. hn.)/3 (b, cl.)/1 (cbn.); 2/2/2/2; str.


After Serra (2002) 15’
Flute (b. fl.), clarinet (b. cl.), piano, violin, violoncello

Aperture (2007) 20’
Part III of Undersong
Flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, violoncello

Flux (1994/95) 6’
Alto flute, violoncello

A Fractured Silence (2004) 1’
Saxophone quartet

A Glimpse Retraced (1999) 14’
Solo piano; flute (picc.), Bb clarinet, violin, violoncello

A Harvest of Thorns (1995) 9’
Two guitars

Polarities (1998) 26’
Flute (picc., sleigh bells) Bb clarinet (Eb cl., b. cl., sandpaper blocks),
   piano, violin, viola, violoncello

Rendition (2006) 7’
Bass clarinet and piano

16 (2003) 10’30”
Part II of Undersong
Amplified flute and string trio

Tangled Loops (1996) 7’
Soprano saxophone and piano

Trespass (2005) 15’
Solo piano; 1/1/1/1; 1/0/0/0; perc., hp.; str. (1/1/1/1/1)


A way [tracing] (2006) 6’
Part I of Undersong
Solo violoncello

Cuts (1996) 4’
Solo piano

Echoes’ White Veil (1996) 11’
Solo piano

Multiplicities (1993) 5’
Solo flute

Paths of Resistance (1997) 7’30”
Solo guitar

Still (2007) 12’
Solo baritone saxophone

Sweet Creature (2006) 3’30”
Solo bodhran

Transience (1999) 7’
Solo marimba


The Distance (This) (2008) 30’
Part IV of Undersong
Solo soprano voice; flute (picc.), oboe, clarinet, bassoon, piano, percussion,
   violin, viola, violoncello, doublebass
Text: Poem by Laura Mullen

Dithyramb (2001) 5’
Part V of Tongues
Soprano solo (C4-C6)

Equilibrium (2001) 3’
Part III of Tongues
Solo voice (any range), guitar

Excelsior ab Intra (1994) 7’30”
Solo voices: soprano, 2 countertenors, baritone

Mirror-glass skyscrapers (2004) 3’30”
May be performed with Performance
Solo mezzo-soprano (G3-A5), piano

Performance (2001) 4’
May be performed with Mirror-glass skyscrapers
Solo mezzo-soprano (G3-A5), piano

Tongues (2001) 28’
Solo soprano; flute (picc.), Bb clarinet (finger cymbals), guitar, percussion, viola

Undersong (2008) circa 65’
See constituent parts:
   A way [tracing]
   The Distance (This)


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