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List of Works Available from Carl Fischer Music


Microsymph (1997) 11’
3 (all dbl. picc.)/3 (e. hn.)/3 (b. cl.)/3; 4/3/3/0;
perc. (4), pno. 4-hands (2nd pno. dbl cel.), hp., str.


Night Time (1998) 14’
Violin, harp
Available for sale: MXE3

Static (2003) 27’
Flute (piccolo), clarinet in Bb, violin, violoncello, piano
Available for sale: MXE15F (score/piano); MXE15P (set of remaining parts)

Variations on “Time and Time Again” (2000) 9’
Flute, piano
Available for sale: W2562

Verge (1997) 14’
Clarinet, violin, piano
Available for sale: MXE2

Whispers (1996) 13’
Flute, violoncello, percussion, piano
Available for sale: MXE4


Brainstorm (1994) 4’
Solo piano
Available for sale (with Scarlatti Cadences): PL123

Scarlatti Cadences (1997) 6’
Solo piano
Available for sale (with Brainstorm): PL123

Touch the Keys (1997) 2’
Solo piano
Available for sale in Masters of Our Day, Vol. 2: O5409

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