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Akers, Howard Uncle Henry (arr. Gary Reeves) Symphonic SPS39
Bach, Johann Sebastian Fantasia in G
   (arr. Richard Franko Goldman and Robert Leist)
Classic Bands 155-00022
Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Fughetta (arr. Andrew Balent) Young YPS107
Balent, Andrew Bom Dia (March) Concert CPS73
Balent, Andrew Frogs Have Rhythm, Too! First-Plus FPS78
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Csardas (Vittorio Monti) Concert CPS96
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Fanfare for a King (William Duncombe) First-Plus FPS84
Balent, Andrew Flutes Forever FirstPlus FPS111
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Fughetta (W.F. Bach) Young YPS107
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Hands across the Sea (March) (John Philip Sousa) Concert CPS114
Balent, Andrew (arr.) High School Cadets (March) (John Philip Sousa) Concert CPS149
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Infernal Dance and Finale
   (from the Ballet "The Firebird" by Igor Stravinsky)
Concert CPS81
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Invercargill (March) (Alex F. Lithgow) Concert CPS123
Balent, Andrew (arr.) King Cotton (March) (John Philip Sousa) Concert CPS80
Balent, Andrew (arr.) The Picadore (John Philip Sousa) Concert CPS140
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Rifle Regiment (John Philip Sousa) Concert CPS102
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Semper Fidelis (John Philip Sousa) Concert CPS85
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Shepherd's Hey Young YPS121
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Slavonic Dance No. 8 (Antonin Dvorak) Concert CPS106
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Song of India (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov) Young YPS98
Balent, Andrew (arr.) Three Christmas Spirituals Young YPS77
Basler, Paul Ngoma za Kenya - "Jambo" Concert CPS76
Basler, Paul Ngoma za Kenya - "Kwaheri" Concert CPS98
Basler, Paul Ngoma za Kenya - "Sundowner" Concert CPS97
Bennett, Harold Advance (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS86
Bennett, Harold Aline (March) (arr. Larry Clark) First-Plus FPS68
Bennett, Harold Courage (March) (arr. Larry Clark) Flexible XPS2
Bennett, Harold Hiland (March) (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS110
Bennett, Harold Military Escort (March) (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS136
Bennett, Harold Pivot Man (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS78
Bennett, Harold Precision (March) (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS102
Bennett, Harold Welcome (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS127
Berlin, Irving Alexander's Ragtime Band (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS55
Billings, William Chester (arr. Bill Calhoun) Beginning BPS80
Boerma, Scott Shadows Concert CPS130
Boorn, W. H. Queen City (March) (arr. Laurie Lafferty) Concert CPS77
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Calhoun, Bill Angels Sing Concert CPS141
Calhoun, Bill Antiquitas Beginning BPS65
Calhoun, Bill Arts du Cirque Concert CPS147
Calhoun, Bill Canonic Fantasy Concert CPS89
Calhoun, Bill (arr.) Carol of the Bells (Mikola Leontovich) Concert CPS107
Calhoun, Bill Chant, Chorale and Dance Young YPS120
Calhoun, Bill (arr.) Chester (William Billings) Beginning BPS80
Calhoun, Bill Continuum Concert CPS116
Calhoun, Bill Expressions Beginning BPS75
Calhoun, Bill Flash Drive First Plus FPS90
Calhoun, Bill (arr.) Greensleeves Concert CPS150
Calhoun, Bill Housetop Variations Young YPS71
Calhoun, Bill In a Quiet Place First-Plus FPS75
Calhoun, Bill In Time for the Holidays Primer PPS12
Calhoun, Bill Into the Darkness First-Plus FPS82
Calhoun, Bill It Came upon a Coventry Carol Concert CPS124
Calhoun, Bill Jubilant Festival Young YPS108
Calhoun, Bill Matinee Concert CPS139
Calhoun, Bill Morning in Madrid Concert CPS104
Calhoun, Bill Mysterium Young YPS87
Calhoun, Bill Night Flight First-Plus FPS96
Calhoun, Bill Nordic Vision FirstPlus FPS102
Calhoun, Bill (arr.) Ode to Christmas Beginning BPS56
Calhoun, Bill Of Kings and Kingdoms Young YPS70
Calhoun, Bill Promenade Beginning BPS60
Calhoun, Bill Reminiscence Young YPS106
Calhoun, Bill Rock Your World Primer PPS2
Calhoun, Bill The Royal Sword Young YPS96
Calhoun, Bill Slavic Celebration FirstPlus FPS109
Calhoun, Bill Soundscape Primer PPS6
Calhoun, Bill Spirits Awake Young YPS134
Calhoun, Bill Time Shift Concert CPS132
Calhoun, Bill Trilogy - I. In Changing Times Concert CPS72
Calhoun, Bill Trilogy - II. Lament Concert CPS72
Calhoun, Bill Trilogy - III. The Final Journey Concert CPS72
Calhoun, Bill Voices of the World Concert CPS74
Calhoun, Bill Wind Cycles Young YPS76
Carroll, Harry I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS53
Carter, Charles Symphonic Overture Classic J591
Chambers, Carol Brittin Cedar Canyon Sketches Concert CPS157
Chambers, Carol Brittin Jumpstart Concert CPS151
Chambers, Carol Brittin Moon Song and Tribal Dance FirstPlus FPS114
Chambers, Carol Brittin Noble Procession Beginning BPS82
Clark, Larry Admiration (March) Primer PPS11
Clark, Larry Adversary First-Plus FPS101
Clark, Larry Aftershock Beginning BPS67
Clark, Larry Antagonist Beginning BPS64
Clark, Larry Ascending Concert CPS138
Clark, Larry Bells of Joy (with Rae Moses) Concert CPS109
Clark, Larry Chronicles Primer PPS5
Clark, Larry Christmas Mash-Up Primer PPS18
Clark, Larry Colossus Primer PPS17
Clark, Larry Conviction Beginning BPS72
Clark, Larry Da Vincian Visions Symphonic SPS45
Clark, Larry Dance of the Harlequins Young YPS103
Clark, Larry Digital Prisms Flexible XPS4
Clark, Larry Envisage Young YPS130
Clark, Larry Epic FirstPlus FPS107
Clark, Larry Ethos Beginning BPS86
Clark, Larry Exhilaration Concert CPS101
Clark, Larry Fanfare Supernova Primer PPS23
Clark, Larry Goin' Home for the Holidays Young YPS133
Clark, Larry Instinct Concert CPS120
Clark, Larry Joust First-Plus FPS88
Clark, Larry A Land Remembered Concert CPS105
Clark, Larry Legacy of Honor Concert CPS148
Clark, Larry Loyalty (March) FirstPlus FPS110
Clark, Larry Mustangs - The Spirit of the West Young YPS109
Clark, Larry Pacem Noel Young YPS85
Clark, Larry Phantom Echo First-Plus FPS79
Clark, Larry Pinnacle of Distinction (March) First Plus FPS95
Clark, Larry Pieces of Eight Young YPS94
Clark, Larry The Pursuit of Knowledge First-Plus FPS71
Clark, Larry Recognition Beginning BPS78
Clark, Larry Refining the March Style
   (Warm-ups and Fundamentals)
Young YPS105
Clark, Larry Resurgence Symphonic SPS49
Clark, Larry Shenandoah's Simple Gifts Symphonic SPS32
Clark, Larry Shockwave Beginning BPS51
Clark, Larry The Spirit of an Eagle Young YPS73
Clark, Larry The Spirit of an Eagle Flexible XPS3
Clark, Larry Twist of Fate Concert CPS84
Clark, Larry Valor Beginning BPS59
Clark, Larry Vires, Artes, Mores Concert CPS126
Clark, Larry Zodiac Young YPS84
Clark, Larry (arr.) Advance (Harold Bennett) Young YPS86
Clark, Larry (arr.) Aline (March) (Harold Bennett) First-Plus FPS68
Clark, Larry (arr.) Angels in the Bleak Midwinter (Gustav Holst) Young YPS104
Clark, Larry (arr.) Armed Forces - The Pride of America! (Medley) Concert CPS61
Clark, Larry (arr.) Christmas Classique Young YPS92
Clark, Larry (arr.) Courage (March) (Harold Bennett) Flexible XPS2
Clark, Larry (arr.) Hiland (March) (Harold Bennett) Young YPS110
Clark, Larry (arr.) His Honor (March) (Henry Fillmore) Flexible XPS7
Clark, Larry (arr.) Military Escort (March) (Harold Bennett) Young YPS136
Clark, Larry (arr.) Pivot Man (Harold Bennett) Young YPS78
Clark, Larry (arr.) Precision (March) (Harold Bennett) Young YPS102
Clark, Larry (arr.) Santa's Noisy Workshop Beginning BPS54
Clark, Larry (arr.) Sicilienne (Gabriel Fauré) Concert CPS90
Clark, Larry (arr.) Suo Gan Young YPS146
Clark, Larry (arr.) Sweet Little Manger Child (Robert MacGimsey) Young YPS118
Clark, Larry (arr.) Welcome (Harold Bennett) Young YPS127
Colgrass, Michael Mysterious Village Classic Bands COL9
Compello, Joseph Anasazi Legend Primer PPS15
Compello, Joseph Anthracite Blaze FirstPlus FPS118
Compello, Joseph Aunt Rhodie's Diet Beginning BPS57
Compello, Joseph Ballet of the Gnomes First-Plus FPS70
Compello, Joseph The Band Picnic First-Plus FPS99
Compello, Joseph Bavarian Trails March (Bayrische Wanderwege Marsch) Young YPS67
Compello, Joseph Blast from the Past First-Plus FPS86
Compello, Joseph Buglers Rule Primer PPS14
Compello, Joseph Chant and Ritual Dance FirstPlus FPS104
Compello, Joseph Follow the Leader Beginning BPS55
Compello, Joseph Great Plains Saga Primer PPS20
Compello, Joseph Homecoming Beginning BPS62
Compello, Joseph Inception Primer PPS3
Compello, Joseph Jurassic Shark First-Plus FPS85
Compello, Joseph Latin Smiles First-Plus FPS65
Compello, Joseph Mexican Folk Song Fantasy Concert CPS103
Compello, Joseph Morning Glory Young YPS123
Compello, Joseph O Christmas in Three FirstPlus FPS106
Compello, Joseph El Palomino Noble Concert CPS88
Compello, Joseph Playground Parade Primer PPS19
Compello, Joseph Premiere March Primer PPS4
Compello, Joseph Primo Percussion Primer PPS7
Compello, Joseph Quintessence Primer PPS8
Compello, Joseph The Red Planet First Plus FPS89
Compello, Joseph Rondo Festivo Concert CPS71
Compello, Joseph Scholastics (March) Concert CPS152
Compello, Joseph The Seventh Summit (March) Beginning BPS84
Compello, Joseph T-Rex (A Tone Poem for Band) Beginning BPS50
Compello, Joseph The Triumphant Trumpeteers First-Plus FPS72
Compello, Joseph Zenobia the Warrior Queen First-Plus FPS73
Compello, Joseph (arr.) Capriccio Italien (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky) Concert CPS117
Compello, Joseph (arr.) First Carols of Christmas (Traditional) Beginning BPS70
Compello, Joseph (arr.) Haydn Seek Surprise (Franz Joseph Haydn) Beginning BPS66
Compello, Joseph (arr.) March (from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2) (Edvard Grieg) Concert CPS129
Compello, Joseph (arr.) Rockin' Jingle Bells Beginning BPS63
Creamer, Henry
   & Layton, John Turner
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS41
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Duncombe, William Fanfare for a King (arr. Andrew Balent) First-Plus FPS84
Dvorak, Antonin Slavonic Dance No. 8 (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS106
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Elliott, Zo British Eighth (March) (arr. Quincy Hillard) Classic J740
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Fauré, Gabriel Sicilienne (arr. Larry Clark) Concert CPS90
Fillmore, Henry Americans We (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB141
Fillmore, Henry 136th U.S.A. Field Artillery (March)
     (ed. Robert E. Foster)
Fillmore CB142
Fillmore, Henry Gifted Leadership (March) (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB134
Fillmore, Henry His Honor (March) (arr. Larry Clark) Flexible XPS7
Fillmore, Henry The Klaxon (March) (ed. Robert E. Foster) Fillmore CB146
Fillmore, Henry Lassus Trombone (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB140
Fillmore, Henry Lightning Fingers (Solo for Clarinet and Band)
     (ed. Robert E. Foster)
Fillmore CB143
Fillmore, Henry Men of Ohio (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB136
Fillmore, Henry The President's March (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB135
Fillmore, Henry Rolling Thunder (March) (ed. Robert E. Foster) Fillmore CB147
Fillmore, Henry Teddy Trombone (ed. Robert E. Foster) Fillmore CB144
Fillmore, Henry Troopers' Tribunal (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB137
Fillmore, Henry The U.S. of A. Armed Forces (ed. Robert E. Foster) Fillmore CB145
Fillmore, Henry The Victorious First (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB138
Fisher, Fred Chicago (That Toddlin' Town) (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS34
Forbes, Mike Battle Quest FirstPlus FPS105
Forbes, Mike Celtic Dreams Young YPS126
Forbes, Mike A More Perfect Union Concert CPS133
Forbes, Mike Quadritium (A Fantasy on Four Notes) Beginning BPS53
Forbes, Mike Whispering Pines Young YPS79
Foster, Robert E. (ed.) 136th U.S.A. Field Artillery (March)
     (Henry Fillmore)
Fillmore CB142
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) Americans We (Henry Fillmore) Authentic Fillmore CB141
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) Gifted Leadership (March) (Henry Fillmore) Authentic Fillmore CB134
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) Golden Plume (Will Huff) Authentic Fillmore CB139
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) Lassus Trombone (Henry Fillmore) Authentic Fillmore CB140
Foster, Robert E. (ed.) Lightning Fingers (Solo for Clarinet and Band)
     (Henry Fillmore)
Fillmore CB143
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) Men of Ohio (Henry Fillmore) Authentic Fillmore CB136
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) The President's March (Henry Fillmore) Authentic Fillmore CB135
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) The Roosters Lay Eggs in Kansas
   (Sousa's Favorite Encore)
(Mayhew Lake)
Classic Bands J759
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) Teddy Trombone (Henry Fillmore) Fillmore CB144
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) Troopers' Tribunal (Henry Fillmore) Authentic Fillmore CB137
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) The U.S. of A. Armed Forces (Henry Fillmore) Fillmore CB145
Foster, Robert E. (Ed.) The Victorious First (Henry Fillmore) Authentic Fillmore CB138
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Goldman, Edwin Franko On Parade (ed. Edward Lisk) Goldman Edition J761
Goldman, Richard Franko
   & Leist, Robert
Fantasia in G (J. S. Bach) Classic Bands 155-00022
Grieg, Edvard March (from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2)
     (arr. Joseph Compello)
Concert CPS129
H Back to TOP
Handy, W. C. St. Louis Blues (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS43
Hanson, Howard Chorale and Alleluia Classic J517
Hanson, Howard Triumphal Ode (arr. James Ripley) Classic Bands J760
Harbinson, William G. Aisling Gaelach Concert CPS108
Harbinson, William G. At Twilight Concert CPS154
Harbinson, William G. Catawba Crossing Concert CPS125
Harbinson, William G. Converse Fantasy Concert CPS113
Haydn, Franz Joseph Haydn Seek Surprise (arr. Joseph Compello) Beginning BPS66
Hillard, Quincy (arr.) British Eighth (March) (Zo Elliott) Classic J740
Holst, Gustav Angels in the Bleak Midwinter (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS104
Huff, Will Golden Plume (ed. Robert E. Foster) Authentic Fillmore CB139
Huffine, Getty H. Them Basses (arr. Van Ragsdale) Symphonic SPS57
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Irish Hymn Tune The King of Love My Shepherd Is
   (arr. Jess Langston Turner)
Symphonic SPS44
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Karrick, Brant Exuberance Concert CPS128
Karrick, Brant Ghost Dancing Young YPS113
Karrick, Brant The Journey Concert CPS95
Karrick, Brant The Old Red Mill Concert CPS111
Karrick, Brant Quirks Symphonic SPS51
Karrick, Brant With Visions of Tomorrow Concert CPS145
Keiser, Lauren To Those We Remember Concert CPS91
Keiser, Lauren Victory Symphonic SPS42
Kiefer, Ed Anguish of Nosferatu Symphonic SPS59
Kiefer, Ed Circle in a Square Concert CPS143
Kiefer, Ed Conquering Spirit Concert CPS92
Kiefer, Ed The Huguenots Young YPS81
Kiefer, Ed An Irish Legend Concert CPS127
Kiefer, Ed March in the Shadows Young YPS89
Kiefer, Ed Mountain Dance Concert CPS78
Kiefer, Ed Whitewater Run Young YPS144
Kiefer, Ed Wildfire! First Plus FPS93
Klohr, John L. Side by Side (arr. Laurie Lafferty) Young YPS131
L Back to TOP
Lafferty, Laurie (arr.) Queen City (March) (W. H. Boorn) Concert CPS77
Lafferty, Laurie Rocky River Celebration Young YPS139
Lafferty, Laurie (arr.) Side by Side (John L. Klohr) Young YPS131
Lake, Mayhew The Roosters Lay Eggs in Kansas
   (Sousa's Favorite Encore)
(ed. Robert E. Foster)
Classic Bands J759
Layton, John Turner
   & Creamer, Henry
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS41
Lee, Robert L. Memories of Spring Hill Young YPS142
Lee, Robert L. Rise of the Falcon FirstPlus FPS116
Lee, Robert L. The Fall of Empires Primer PPS25
Leidzen, Erik W. G. (arr.) William Tell Overture (Gioacchino Rossini) Classic Bands J376
Leontovich, Mikola Carol of the Bells (arr. Bill Calhoun) Concert CPS107
Lisk, Edward (Ed.) On Parade (Edwin Franko Goldman) Goldman Edition J761
Lithgow, Alex F. Invercargill (March) (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS123
Lo Presti, Ronald Elegy for a Young American Classic Bands 115-40083
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MacDonald, Ballard and
   Hanley, James F.
Indiana (Way Back Home Again in)
   (arr. Jerry Nowak)
Symphonic SPS48
MacGimsey, Robert Sweet Little Manger Child (arr. Larry Clark) Young YPS118
Maslanka, David Procession of the Academics Symphonic SPS35
Meredith, James Shillelagh! Concert CPS158
Meredith, James Zombie Tango Young YPS137
Mesang, Ted Mighty Mite (arr. Sean O'Loughlin) Flexible XPS6
Milford, Gene Call to Duty (March) Beginning BPS81
Milford, Gene Castlebay Young YPS114
Milford, Gene Christmas Rondo Young YPS125
Milford, Gene Danza Latina Beginning BPS77
Milford, Gene Flying Cloud - 1854 (Two Sea Songs) Young YPS141
Milford, Gene El Palo Alto Young YPS88
Milford, Gene Tubasaurus Rex Young YPS95
Milford, Gene (arr.) Welcome Yule! (Traditional) Concert CPS121
Mixon, Kevin Beat Street Strut FirstPlus FPS113
Mixon, Kevin Dancing the Skies First-Plus FPS77
Mixon, Kevin Dawn Dance First-Plus FPS97
Mixon, Kevin Fantasy on Early American Tunes Concert CPS93
Mixon, Kevin Hard Drive Beginning BPS74
Mixon, Kevin ISON Primer PPS21
Mixon, Kevin Japanese Pictures Young YPS112
Mixon, Kevin Juba Young YPS129
Mixon, Kevin Junk Funk First Plus FPS91
Mixon, Kevin Natya (Dance-Drama from India) Young YPS97
Mixon, Kevin Oceania Dances First-Plus FPS83
Mixon, Kevin Rolling Tough Primer PPS16
Mixon, Kevin Storm Chaser Beginning BPS69
Mixon, Kevin Ugandan Festival Concert CPS115
Mixon, Kevin Zululand Beginning BPS79
Monti, Vittorio Csardas (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS96
Moses, Rae Bells of Joy (with Larry Clark) Concert CPS109
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Nowak, Jerry (arr.) Alexander's Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin) Symphonic SPS55
Nowak, Jerry (arr.) Chicago (That Toddlin' Town) (Fred Fisher) Symphonic SPS34
Nowak, Jerry (arr.) I'm Always Chasing Rainbows (Harry Carroll) Symphonic SPS53
Nowak, Jerry (arr.) Indiana (Way Back Home Again in)
   (Ballard MacDonald & James F. Hanley)
Symphonic SPS48
Nowak, Jerry (arr.) La Paloma (Sebastian de Yadrier) Symphonic SPS58
Nowak, Jerry (arr.) St. Louis Blues (W. C. Handy) Symphonic SPS43
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O'Loughlin, Sean Achilles' Wrath Flexible XPS5
O'Loughlin, Sean Burst Symphonic SPS36
O'Loughlin, Sean Daedalus' Labyrinth Concert CPS160
O'Loughlin, Sean Dominion FirstPlus FPS103
O'Loughlin, Sean Doppler Effect Young YPS143
O'Loughlin, Sean Elation Young YPS119
O'Loughlin, Sean Emblazon Concert CPS118
O'Loughlin, Sean Fortitude Concert CPS86
O'Loughlin, Sean Hidden World Beginning BPS76
O'Loughlin, Sean Huron Trail First-Plus FPS76
O'Loughlin, Sean The Ides of March Concert CPS142
O'Loughlin, Sean Impact Concert CPS83
O'Loughlin, Sean Ironclad First Plus FPS94
O'Loughlin, Sean Jam! Young YPS93
O'Loughlin, Sean Joy to the Season Symphonic SPS56
O'Loughlin, Sean Legacy First-Plus FPS98
O'Loughlin, Sean The Lost Tomb Beginning BPS61
O'Loughlin, Sean Mammoth Primer PPS24
O'Loughlin, Sean Mountains of Mohon First-Plus FPS67
O'Loughlin, Sean Mystic Portal Concert CPS110
O'Loughlin, Sean Mythos Primer PPS10
O'Loughlin, Sean Omicron Primer PPS13
O'Loughlin, Sean Oscillation Symphonic SPS50
O'Loughlin, Sean Path of Destiny Young YPS83
O'Loughlin, Sean Path to Victory Beginning BPS71
O'Loughlin, Sean Promised Land First-Plus FPS81
O'Loughlin, Sean Pulse Pounding FirstPlus FPS117
O'Loughlin, Sean Redhawk Beginning BPS52
O'Loughlin, Sean Relics of the Past Primer PPS1
O'Loughlin, Sean Ricochet Symphonic SPS37
O'Loughlin, Sean Ruminations Young YPS75
O'Loughlin, Sean Skyburst Beginning BPS85
O'Loughlin, Sean Soaring Concert CPS137
O'Loughlin, Sean Supremacy Beginning BPS58
O'Loughlin, Sean Turning Point Young YPS116
O'Loughlin, Sean Unbound Symphonic SPS52
O'Loughlin, Sean Venture Concert CPS136
O'Loughlin, Sean Visigoths Flexible XPS1
O'Loughlin, Sean Winds Along the Whippany Symphonic SPS46
O'Loughlin, Sean (arr.) Amazing Grace (Traditional) Young YPS99
O'Loughlin, Sean (arr.) Amazing Grace Flexible XPS8
O'Loughlin, Sean (arr.) Holiday Portraits Symphonic SPS28
O'Loughlin, Sean (arr.) Mighty Mite (Ted Mesang) Flexible XPS6
O'Loughlin, Sean (arr.) Santa's Toy March (Traditional) Beginning BPS68
O'Loughlin, Sean (arr.) Silent Night Concert CPS159
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Persichetti, Vincent Pageant, Op. 59 Classic Bands J512
R Back to TOP
Reeves, Gary (arr.) Uncle Henry (Henry Akers) Symphonic SPS39
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai Song of India (arr. Andrew Balent) Young YPS98
Ripley, James (arr.) Triumphal Ode (Howard Hanson) Classic Bands J760
Rossini, Gioacchino William Tell Overture (arr. Erik Leidzen, ed. Tommy Fry) Classic Bands J376
Rudgers, Gregory B. Chanson for Christmas Concert CPS87
Rudgers, Gregory B. Crown and Scepter Concert CPS131
Rudgers, Gregory B. From This Valley (Fantasy on Red River Valley) Concert CPS79
Rudgers, Gregory B. Gilgamesh Symphonic SPS38
Rudgers, Gregory B. Niagara Young YPS68
Rudgers, Gregory B. Night Fantasy Symphonic SPS40
Rudgers, Gregory B. Robot Madness First-Plus FPS64
Rudgers, Gregory B. Spirits Bright Concert CPS75
S Back to TOP
Schram, Ruth Elaine
   & Clark, Larry (arr.)
I Wonder as I Wander (Traditional Appalachian Melody) Symphonic SPS33
Showalter, Anthony J. Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (arr. Carl Strommen) Young YPS124
Silva, Alan Lee Atlantic Crossing First-Plus FPS66
Silva, Alan Lee Bridges FirstPlus FPS108
Silva, Alan Lee The Cliffs of Mendocino First-Plus FPS80
Silva, Alan Lee The Coastline Express First-Plus FPS100
Silva, Alan Lee The Code Young YPS132
Silva, Alan Lee Echoes of the Cape Young YPS117
Silva, Alan Lee Escape the Lost City Concert CPS122
Silva, Alan Lee Highland Celebration Concert CPS82
Silva, Alan Lee Legend of the Lake Young YPS82
Silva, Alan Lee A New Day Young YPS74
Silva, Alan Lee Pacheco Pass Concert CPS100
Silva, Alan Lee Through London Streets Young YPS90
Silva, Alan Lee Triangle of the Tempest Concert CPS135
Silva, Alan Lee Victory and Celebration First-Plus FPS87
Silva, Alan Lee Winter on Emerald Bay Concert CPS112
Sousa, John Philip Hands across the Sea (March) (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS114
Sousa, John Philip High School Cadets (March) (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS149
Sousa, John Philip King Cotton (March) (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS80
Sousa, John Philip The Picadore (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS140
Sousa, John Philip Rifle Regiment (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS102
Sousa, John Philip Semper Fidelis (arr. Andrew Balent) Concert CPS85
Stravinsky, Igor Infernal Dance and Finale
   (from the Ballet "The Firebird") (arr. Andrew Balent)
Concert CPS81
Strommen, Carl Angels on Parade Primer PPS9
Strommen, Carl Barn Dance Young YPS80
Strommen, Carl Chisholm Trail Concert CPS134
Strommen, Carl Christmas Bells Young YPS72
Strommen, Carl Commemoration Concert CPS119
Strommen, Carl Fanfare and Patrol Symphonic SPS31
Strommen, Carl Innisfree Concert CPS146
Strommen, Carl March of the Machines First-Plus FPS74
Strommen, Carl Pageantry Young YPS147
Strommen, Carl Reflections on an English Hymn Concert CPS99
Strommen, Carl Riverwind Concert CPS155
Strommen, Carl Setting Sail Symphonic SPS54
Strommen, Carl Stargate 6 First-Plus FPS69
Strommen, Carl Sundance Young YPS91
Strommen, Carl Sundance Flexible XPS9
Strommen, Carl Tap Out Young YPS100
Strommen, Carl Will Drum for Food Young YPS69
Strommen, Carl (arr.) Carol of the Bells Young YPS135
Strommen, Carl (arr.) Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Anthony J. Showalter) Young YPS124
Strommen, Carl (arr.) Polaska Przeplatanka (Traditional Polish Songs) Symphonic SPS47
Strommen, Carl (arr.) Swingin' Santa (Traditional) Young YPS111
Summers, Richard H. Epoch Fantasy FirstPlus FPS112
Summers, Richard H. Laredo Variations Young YPS140
Sweet, George The Airships Young YPS101
Sweet, George The Corsairs First Plus FPS92
Sweet, George Encomium Concert CPS94
Sweet, George Ghost in the Machine Young YPS145
Sweet, George Panoramic Concert CPS156
Sweet, George Residuum Concert CPS144
Sweet, George Ripcord Young YPS128
Sweet, George The Voyage Young YPS115
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Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich Capriccio Italien (arr. Joseph Compello) Concert CPS117
Terry, Peter Black Mast Young YPS122
Terry, Peter Grove of Titans Primer PPS22
Terry, Peter The Emissary Concert CPS153
Terry, Peter Trolls! Beginning BPS73
Terry, Peter Unleashed Young YPS138
Terry, Peter Windborn FirstPlus FPS115
Terry, Peter Winter's Knight Beginning BPS83
Traditional Amazing Grace (arr. Sean O'Loughlin) Young YPS99
Traditional First Carols of Christmas (arr. Joseph Compello) Beginning BPS70
Traditional Holiday Portraits (arr. Sean O'Loughlin) Symphonic SPS28
Traditional Rockin' Jingle Bells (arr. Joseph Compello) Beginning BPS63
Traditional Santa's Noisy Workshop (arr. Larry Clark) Beginning BPS54
Traditional Santa's Toy March (arr. Sean O'Loughlin) Beginning BPS68
Traditional Swingin' Santa (arr. Carl Strommen) Young YPS111
Traditional Welcome Yule! (arr. Gene Milford) Concert CPS121
   Appalachian Melody
I Wonder as I Wander
   (arr. Ruth Elaine Schram & Larry Clark)
Symphonic SPS33
Traditional Polish Songs Polaska Przeplatanka (arr. Carl Strommen) Symphonic SPS47
Turner, Jess Langston
The King of Love My Shepherd Is Symphonic SPS44
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Yradier, Sebastian de La Paloma (arr. Jerry Nowak) Symphonic SPS58
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Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed. Classic Bands
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