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Symphonic Band
(Grade 4 and Up, Purple Cover)
  • Standard concert band instrumentation
  • Difficulty within reason for high school groups
  • Unusual instruments cross-cued
  • Expanded Percussion section, increased instrument options
  • Mature pieces of high musical value
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Alexander's Ragtime Band
Irving Berlin, Arranged by Jerry Nowak
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows One of Irving Berlin's most popular songs is given the big band treatment by Jerry Nowak. It starts out with an up tempo swing, dense with harmony, and leads to a jazz ballad in the middle of the piece. This is then followed by a swing roll-off and a catchy Dixieland treatment of the tune by a brass quintet. It finishes up with the full band swingin’ at the end. Great for pops concerts and for community bands.
listen  SPS55.mp3 score image  1.36MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS55 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:22 SPS55F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Ab Major, Eb Major SPS55P - Parts 4.00 contact us
Anguish of Nosferatu
Ed Kiefer

Anguish of Nosferatu
Very programmatic and haunting, this composition should prove a good change of pace for your next festival or concert. Although this piece may seem a little rhythmically complex, it has a natural flow. The harmonies often move in tri-tones which lends a bit of a horror feel to the piece. Challenging, dark, and intense, your students and audiences will find themselves transformed by the Anguish of Nosferatu.
Level: Grade 4
Duration: 5:32
listenSee the score
Complete Set
SPS59 - $90.00
Full Score
SPS59F - $15.00
Extra Parts
SPS59P - $4.00
Sean O'Loughlin
A tour de force concert opener (or a striking closer) that rips right out of the gate with a four-note motive functioning as the genesis for the rest of the piece. It comes complete with bursts of brass fanfares, woodwind flourishes, percussion interjections, and biting harmonies that build tension only resolved at the final chord. This piece packs an incredible amount of music in a short period of time. Before you know it—wham! It’s over. One of O’Loughlin’s finest works to date!
listen or download  sps36.mp3 See or download the score  1.62MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS36 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:10 SPS36F - Full Score $15.00
Key: F Major - C minor SPS36P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Chicago (That Toddlin' Town)
Fred Fisher, Arranged by Jerry Nowak
This standard popular song from the early-twentieth century is given a full-blown jazz treatment by prominent arranger Jerry Nowak. Perfect for a pops concert or for community bands, this arrangement has a lush, big band sound, contrasted by the jazz waltz middle section. Chicago will definitely become one of your audience’s favorite pieces.
listen or download  sps34.mp3 See or download the score  1.37MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS34 - Set $85.00
Duration: 2:48 SPS34F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major, F Major SPS34P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Da Vincian Visions (Fanfare, Theme and Variants)
Larry Clark
This piece is a tribute to the Da Vincian model of creativity. Using a single theme, Larry Clark uses da Vinci's approach to view this theme from every angle. Clark starts with a fanfare, followed by an original theme, then presents a multitude of variations on the themes in different keys, styles and time signatures. You'll find everything from African style to jigs in this incredibly complex piece; well worth the effort for your band.
listen or download  sps45.mp3 See or download the score  1.29MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS45 - Set $95.00
Duration: 6:48 SPS45F - Full Score $15.00
Key: Bb Major / Ab Major SPS45P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Fanfare and Patrol
Carl Strommen
Beginning with a Copland-esque brass and percussion fanfare, this piece leads to an all-out lush harmonic flourish, subsiding into a military-style patrol march, with the sounds of echoes, evoking troops marching over the hill and then moving away. Fanfare and Patrol finishes off with the climactic return of the main fanfare.
listen or download  sps31.mp3 See or download the score  1.85MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS31 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:20 SPS31F - Full Score $15.00
Key: Bb Major SPS31P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Gregory B. Rudgers
A passionate new lyrical piece based on themes from Verdi's opera La Forza del Destino. Composer Gregory Rudgers morphs these themes and makes them his own in a welcome addition to the band repertoire for more advanced groups. It will stretch the musiciality of all groups that wisely choose to program this substantial work.
listen or download  sps38.mp3 See or download the score  1.22MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS38 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:47 SPS38F - Full Score $12.00
Key: A minor SPS38P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Holiday Portraits
Traditional, Arranged by Sean O'Loughlin
If you are looking for a challenging Christmas piece that is well worth the effort, look no further then this magnum opus from composer/arranger Sean O'Loughlin. You will hear a potpourri of Christmas favorites cleverly weaved together with snippets of symphonic music favorites. Try to spot the tributes to Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, Gershwin, Bartok and even Bernstein along the way. This piece is ideal as an opener or closer for your holiday concert.
listen or download  sps28.mp3 See or download the score  5.45MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS28 - Set $95.00
Duration: 5:34 SPS28F - Full Score $15.00
Key: Bb Major / Db Major / C Major SPS28P - Parts $4.00 contact us
I Wonder as I Wander
Traditional Appalachian Melody, Arranged by Ruth Elaine Schram and Larry Clark
This setting of the hauntingly beautiful Appalachian folk song/carol was originally written for choir by Ruth Elaine Schram and published by Carl Fischer in 2007 (CM9001). It has now been scored for concert band and can be perfomed by band alone or with the Schram choral setting, giving you some great performance options. I Wonder As I Wander is a musically satisfying representation of this lovely Christmas carol.
listen or download  sps33.mp3 See or download the score  1.27MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS33 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:41 SPS33F - Full Score $15.00
Key: G minor - C minor SPS33P - Parts $4.00 contact us
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows
Words by Joseph McCarthy, Music by Harry Carroll, Arranged by Jerry Nowak
I'm Always Chasing Rainbows The standard popular song by Harry Carroll is given a full-blown pops concert style treatment by arranger Jerry Nowak. In the hands of a master arranger, this classy ballad will delight audiences and give your musicians the opportunity to flex their jazz muscles. This is perfect for a pops concert or for community bands. Please note: This edition is not offered outside of the U.S.A.
listen or download  SPS53.mp3 See or download the score  1.1MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS53 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:26 SPS53F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Ab Major SPS53P - Parts 4.00 contact us
Indiana (Way Back Home Again in)
Ballard MacDonald & James F. Hanley, arranged by Jerry Nowak
Give your group a chance to sound like a classic big band in the style of Glenn Miller with Indiana, a fun, brash new piece in the swing style. If you’re looking for repertoire for a pops concert or for your community band’s performance, Jerry Nowak has just the ticket. You’ll be sure to get people on the dance floor with this one.
listen or download  sps48.mp3 See or download the score  1.14MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS48 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:21 SPS48F - Full Score $12.00
Key: B Flat Major / F Major SPS48P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Joy to the Season
Sean O'Loughlin
(Based upon Hark! The Herald Angel Sing!, Patapan, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear, Joy to the World)
Joy to the Season Joy to the Season is an exciting holiday overture for the advanced concert band. It is a perfect opener or closer to the annual holiday concert. Incorporating new and thrilling rhythms into favorite holiday carols, this overture includes “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing! “Pat-a-pan,” “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear,” and “Joy to the World!”
listen  SPS56.mp3 score image  1.77MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS56 - Set $90.00
Duration: 6:32 SPS56F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Various SPS56P - Parts 4.00 contact us
The King of Love My Shepherd Is
Irish Hymn Tune, Originally arranged for chorus by Dan Forrest,
    Transcribed for Band by Jess Langston Turner
This beautiful setting of a popular hymn has had success as a choral work as arranged by Dan Forrest. Arranger Jess Turner has transcribed Mr. Forrest's brilliant choral setting for the symphonic band, and the result is ultra-lush and incredibly beautiful; dripping with musicality.
listen or download  sps44.mp3 See or download the score  793KB  
Level: Grade 4.5 SPS44 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:44 SPS44F - Full Score $12.00
Key: D Major / Eb Major SPS44P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Night Fantasy
Gregory B. Rudgers
Using the contemporary styling of composer Warren Benson, Gregory Rudgers offers the band world a companion piece to Benson's popular Night Song. Similar in style but distinctive in many ways, Night Fantasy is a study in compositional economy and depth. A serious choice of literature for your next concert or contest/festival performance.
listen or download  sps40.mp3 See or download the score  1.79MB  
Level: Grade 4.5 SPS40 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:27 SPS40F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb minor SPS40P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Oscillation is a dramatic and exciting work for the advanced ensemble, reflecting composer Sean O’Loughlin’s love for engaging film scores. The title says it all, with this work blossoming out of simple opening triplet figures, oscillating between three notes in a collage of timbres and textures. The interplay between winds and brass make this piece especially flashy.
listen or download  sps50.mp3 See or download the score  1.15MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS50 - Set $95.00
Duration: 5:10 SPS50F - Full Score $15.00
Key: G minor SPS50P - Parts $4.00 contact us
La Paloma
Sebastian de Yadrier, arranged by Jerry Nowak

La Paloma
One of the most popular Latin songs of all time, La Paloma is now presented for modern concert band. With a lush and thick arrangement by Jerry Nowak, this piece is ready for your next symphonic pop concert.
Level: Grade 4
Duration: 3:10
listenSee the score
Complete Set
SPS58 - $90.00
Full Score
SPS58F - $15.00
Extra Parts
SPS58P - $4.00
Polaska Przeplatanka
Traditional Polish Songs, Arranged by Carl Strommen
An exceptional concert rhapsody that includes four Polish folk songs that everyone on the street corners in Poland would know. These are the real deal, the songs that are some of the most popular in the country. Carl Strommen has faithfully preserved them in this authentic sounding medley for concert band. This will be an audience favorite.
listen or download  sps47.mp3 See or download the score  1MB  
Level: Grade 4.5 SPS47 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:46 SPS47F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major / Bb Major / F minor / G minor SPS47P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Procession of the Academics
David Maslanka
Written for the sesquicentennial of Illinois State University, the piece is a marvelous example of the sheer talent of composer David Maslanka. The piece has all of his impressive, compositional signa-tures in processional style for the advanced ensemble. Procession of the Academics will work well as a concert selection or for any kind of ceremonial purpose.
listen or download  sps35.mp3 See or download the score  1.18MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS35 - Set $95.00
Duration: 5:52 SPS35F - Full Score $20.00
Key: Eb Major - C Major - Eb Major SPS35P - Parts $4.50 contact us
Recorded by the Illinois State University Wind Symphony, Stephen K. Steele, Conductor.
Brant Karrick
Quirks Quirks—a word defined as a sudden sharp turn or an unpredictable peculiarity of behavior or action—demonstrates the capricious nature of the title in its musical character. The music vacillates between fast and slow, happy and sad, extroverted and introverted, and just never goes where you expect. There is plenty of interplay between winds and percussion as the four and three notes of the main motive are tossed about the many instrumental colors. This is a tour-de-force, destined to become a band standard for more advanced bands. You must give this a careful listen.
listen or download  SPS51.mp3 See or download the score  1.35MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS51 - Set $125.00
Duration: 6:08 SPS51F - Full Score $15.00
Key: Various SPS51P - Parts 4.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Resurgence is an inspiring tour-de-force from Larry Clark, depicting the healing and rebirth experienced after a tough stretch. Overwhelmingly positive and powerful, this work is thrilling for both advancing bands and their audiences. No one can get you down after hearing Resurgence!
listen or download  sps49.mp3 See or download the score  1.3MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS49 - Set $95.00
Duration: 5:00 SPS49F - Full Score $12.00
Key: D minor SPS49P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Ricochet is an explosive new composition from composer Sean O'Loughlin that is full of polychords and creative accents and is a study of rhythm and color for advancing ensembles. The music contains nods to master composers, while keeping a strong foot in the present and the future.
listen or download  sps37.mp3 See or download the score  2.02MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS37 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:10 SPS37F - Full Score $15.00
Key: Various SPS37P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Setting Sail (Freedom of the Spirit)
Carl Strommen
Setting Sail With its title is taken from the text of Walt Whitman’s poem “Leaves of Grass,” Setting Sail is an epic new piece that is expansive and sophisticated. Its luxuriant, reticent opening moves into beautiful lyrical lines and all-encompassing harmonies before leading into the journey at sea, punctuated with a cool 6/8 groove. To finish, we have a climactic return of the original lyrical material. This is a large-scale work of dramatic proportions.
listen  SPS54.mp3 score image  1.61MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS54 - Set $90.00
Duration: 7:37 SPS54F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Various SPS54P - Parts 4.00 contact us
Shenandoah's Simple Gifts
Larry Clark
Two of the most popular American folk songs are ingeniously combined in this outstanding setting by composer Larry Clark. It begins with the gentle flow of the river, followed by full statements of folk songs “Shenandoah” and “Simple Gifts.” A brass cascade leads into a marvelous buildup to the climax of the piece, where both songs are heard simultaneously. Shenandoah’s Simple Gifts has all the makings to become part of the standard reportoire.
listen or download  sps32.mp3 See or download the score  1.29MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS32 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:08 SPS32F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major - Bb Major - Ab Major SPS32P - Parts $4.00 contact us
St. Louis Blues
W. C. Handy, Arranged by Jerry Nowak
This jazz standard is given a swinging treatment by master arranger Jerry Nowak, giving it an exceptionally cool sound and making it fun to play. Perfect for community bands, this is a welcome change of pace for any concert that your audience will love to hear.
listen or download  sps43.mp3 See or download the score  1.2MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS43 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:56 SPS43F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major / C Major SPS43P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Them Basses (March)
Getty H. Huffine, arranged by Van B. Ragsdale

Them Basses
One of the few marches where the lower voices handle the melody, Them Basses has been heard in countless movies and television shows. We’re happy to present it here for the first time in a full-size edition. Van Ragsdale has edited this march with great care to preserve it for generations to come.
Level: Grade 4
Duration: 3:23
listenSee the score
Complete Set
SPS57 - $90.00
Full Score
SPS57F - $15.00
Extra Parts
SPS57P - $4.00
Sean O'Loughlin
Unbound Unbound is an exciting composition for the advanced ensemble. With whirlwind flourishes, rhythmic punctuations and broad melodies, the music is sure to take your audience on a roller coaster ride. Composer Sean O'Loughlin shows off his compositional chops and brings us an intense concert opener or closer that will stir the emotions of your students and audience alike. This is a real showpiece for your band!
listen or download  SPS52.mp3 See or download the score  1.35MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS52 - Set $95.00
Duration: 4:13 SPS52F - Full Score $15.00
Key: Eb Major SPS52P - Parts 4.00 contact us
Uncle Henry
Howard Akers, Arranged by Gary Reeves
"Uncle Henry" was the nickname given to Henry Fillmore around the state of Florida by band directors and band students for all that he did to raise the standard of bands in the state. Howard Akers pays tribute to Henry with this stellar march that was originally published one year after Fillmore's death in 1957. Gary Reeves gives this delightful piece a much-needed face lift in this modern edition so that bands can enjoy this tuneful march for many more years to come.
listen or download  sps39.mp3 See or download the score  2.23MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS39 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:43 SPS39F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major, Bb Major SPS39P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Lauren Keiser
A magnum opus for concert band by composer Lauren Keiser. Mr. Keiser's music for orchestra has received worldwide acclaim and now he turns his talents to the modern concert band with Victory, which is large in scope and contains different harmonic and melodic perspectives. Something different, but musically on par with symphonies by some of the master composers.
listen or download  sps42.mp3 See or download the score  2.33MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS42 - Set $95.00
Duration: 5:57 SPS42F - Full Score $20.00
Key: Various SPS42P - Parts $4.50 contact us
Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
John Turner Layton and Henry Creamer, Arranged by Jerry Nowak
A fresh new arrangement of this timeless jazz standard by prominent arranger Jerry Nowak. It features big band stylings and harmonies, but in the realm of the modern concert band. There is a very nice brass quintet feature in the middle of the arrangement. Advancing groups or community bands will find this to be a crowd favorite for your next pops concert or any other concert.
listen or download  sps41.mp3 See or download the score  1.53MB  
Level: Grade 4 SPS41 - Set $85.00
Duration: 2:41 SPS41F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major SPS41P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Winds Along the Whippany
Sean O'Loughlin
Winds Along the Whippany is a dynamic, new and sophisticated work for advanced ensembles. It is bold, energetic and contains all of the rhythmic interest and melodic drive that have become the signatures of Sean O'Loughlin. Written in tribute to the Hanover Township in New Jersey, O'Loughlin honors its important days during the American Revolution and its current position adjacent to the budding hub of New York City.
listen or download  sps46.mp3 See or download the score  1.25MB  
Level: Grade 5 SPS46 - Set $95.00
Duration: 5:42 SPS46F - Full Score $15.00
Key: Bb Mixolydian / Eb Mixolydian SPS46P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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