Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed. Classic Bands
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First-Plus Band
(Grade 1.5 to 2, Gold Cover)
  • Instrumentation uses one Flute, two Clarinets, two Trumpets,
         one Horn, and Trombone/Baritone together
  • Difficulty ranges from Grades 1.5 to 2
  • Second Clarinet stays below break and break crossing
         considered for first Clarinet
  • Active Percussion scoring
  • Bass line covered by multiple instruments
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Larry Clark
Adversary Now, this is what composer Larry Clark does best! He gives developing bands daring compositions that they just absolutely love to play. In Adversary, an epic minor piece, he explores the villainous character that appears in most great stories. The added dimension of ¾ time give this piece an intriguing rhythmic feel. It is full-sounding, but never taxing to the abilities of the developing band. A surefire winner!
  FPS101.mp3 See the score  883KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS101 - Set $50.00
Duration: 3:26 FPS101F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Ab Major FPS101P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Aline (March)
Harold Bennett, arranged by Larry Clark
Another classic Harold Bennett (pseudonym for Henry Fillmore) march, first presented as part of the Bennett Band Book series. Every year, more and more band directors choose these little march gems, arranged by Larry Clark, for contest warm-up. They are tuneful, easy to play, and simply sound great!
  fps68.mp3 See the score  1.07MB  
Level: Grade 2 FPS68 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:11 FPS68F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major, Ab Major FPS68P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Anthracite Blaze
Joseph Compello

Anthracite Blaze
Inspired by George Inness’s 1855 painting The Lackawanna Valley, Anthracite Blaze depicts the tragic early 20th century mine fires that destroyed many boomtowns in that area of Pennsylvania. This piece is bold and sets the mood with a seriousness that will hold the attention of your students and audiences. This piece sounds far more sophisticated than it is technically to play.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:20
Key: C minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS118 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS118F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS118P - $3.00
Atlantic Crossing
Alan Lee Silva
This triumphant work by composer Alan Lee Silva will be a perfect selection for your next contest or festival performance. Atlantic Crossing contains all the signature flowing lines and warm harmonies that have made Silva’s music so popular and fresh. Silva takes a completely new approach to composing music for concert band, so we guarantee this is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before.
  fps66.mp3 See the score  1.85MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS66 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:27 FPS66F - Full Score $8.00
Key: F Major FPS66P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Ballet of the Gnomes
Joseph Compello
Picture a group of clumsy gnomes trying to dance a ballet, and you’ve got the vision of this piece — the ungraceful attempt to be the opposite, lumbering through a dainty dance quite unsuited to them. You will hear the influence of the famous Dance Macabre in the piece, and we know this great new work from veteran composer Joseph Compello will be a hit with your students.
  fps70.mp3 See the score  1.9MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS70 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:33 FPS70F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS70P - Parts $3.00 contact us
The Band Picnic
Joseph Compello
The Band Picnic This piece takes the audience on a musical journey and introduces the students to the term quodlibet, which refers to a piece of music that combines several different melodies in counterpoint. During this musical journey you will hear: A-Tisket A- Tasket, Rain Rain Go Away, The Muffin Man, Shortin' Bread, Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me and Mary Had a Little Lamb. These songs are familiar, but the arrangement by Joseph Compello is unique and enjoyable.
  FPS99.mp3 See the score  861KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS99 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:34 FPS99F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Bb Major FPS99P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Battle Quest
Mike Forbes
Battle Quest Battle Quest has a feeling of a video game or movie soundtrack, with vibrant, powerful themes. However, it is still very playable for developing bands. Mike Forbes has penned a piece that will make your group sound much more musically mature than their experience.
listen  FPS105.mp3 score image  1.03MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS105 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:17 FPS105F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS105P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Beat Street Strut
Kevin Mixon

Beat Street Strut
This piece will spice up your concert and get your students learning traditional march style as well as the groove and swagger made popular by show bands. Treat students and audiences to a march with two time-honored traditions.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:19
Key: Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS113 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS113F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS113P - $3.00
Blast from the Past
Joseph Compello
Get your students swinging with this delightful original swing tune from composer Joseph Compello. This piece is reminiscent of the big band era and the melodies and harmonies evoke the feeling of all the great big bands of the '30s and '40s. Students love to play swing music and this is a great opportunity for young musicians to get into the style.
  fps86.mp3 See the score  1.7MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS86 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:34 FPS86F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major / Bb Major FPS86P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Alan Lee Silva
Bridges From its commanding opening phrase, Bridges sets a regal tone in an Americana style as the full ensemble plays the introduction with power and energy. The work creates contrast with more staccato, dance-like articulations but the piece always returns to the strong opening material. It is signature Alan Lee Silva at his best!
listen  FPS108.mp3 score image  1.09MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS108 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:17 FPS108F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS108P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Chant and Ritual Dance
Joseph Compello
Chant and Ritual Dance Using only the notes of the C-minor scale, Chant and Ritual Dance is an undemanding yet useful showpiece for a young band. This composition draws its mood from the brave opening statement that is reiterated in the Chant portion of the piece and also becomes the basis of the Ritual Dance.
listen  FPS104.mp3 score image  1.03MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS104 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:50 FPS104F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS104P - Parts $3.00 contact us
The Cliffs of Mendocino
Alan Lee Silva
The music of Alan Lee Silva is truly American in scope and sound, and his melodic touch makes his pieces sound effortless. This work is no exception and is a welcome addition to the repertoire for developing bands.
  fps80.mp3 See the score  1.3MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS80 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:20 FPS80F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major, F Major FPS80P - Parts $3.00 contact us
The Coastline Express
Alan Lee Silva
The Coastline Express Majestic and flowing; with images of American grandeur, this new Alan Silva composition showcases his unique style of writing. Alan's pieces are cinematic and paint a sonic landscape for the imagination, and are always a welcome departure from the norm. Your students will love the magnitude of this wonderful work.
  FPS100.mp3 See the score  848KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS100 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:20 FPS100F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS100P - Parts $3.00 contact us
The Corsairs
George Sweet
Imagine following a band of swashbuckling pirates in the old days, and you will get the idea behind this energetic new piece from newcomer George Sweet. As a music educator, Sweet knows just how to make your band sound impressive, even if you've yet to travel the high seas!
  FPS92.mp3 See the score  886KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS92 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:36 FPS92F - Full Score $8.00
Key: G minor FPS92P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Dancing the Skies
Kevin Mixon
Inspired by a poem written by an American serviceman during World War II, Dancing the Skies builds on the idea of soaring over the skies and the wonderment that comes from seeing the earth from above. A very solid new composition for contest/festival performance.
  fps77.mp3 See the score  1.3MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS77 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:28 FPS77F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Bb Major FPS77P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Dawn Dance
Kevin Mixon
Dawn Dance This light and airy piece by Kevin Mixon is written in in ¾ time, giving it a fresh and beautiful feel. A welcome change of pace in a concert program, this selection will push the musicianship of your developing players. It is also worth programming as a second piece after a march at a contest or festival performance.
  FPS97.mp3 See the score  798KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS97 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:18 FPS97F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS97P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Dominion Dominion is a composition for the developing band that captures emotions during the time of war. The term “dominion” is often used in history to describe British rule, and in science fiction, it is used to describe certain ruling factions in space. Either way, a call to action is necessary to preserve the dominion's rule. Sean O’Loughlin taps into the student's love for forceful, cinematic-type music with this exceptional piece.
listen  FPS103.mp3 score image  980KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS103 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:24 FPS103F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS103P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Epic Epic is an intense composition for the developing band. It contains all of the thumbprints that have made Larry Clark’s music so popular for young bands: sweeping and catchy with a contagious melody that the students will want to play again and again.
listen  FPS107.mp3 score image  1.05MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS107 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:26 FPS107F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS107P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Epoch Fantasy
Richard H. Summers

Epoch Fantasy
New to Carl Fischer Music, composer Richard Summers gives us a stunning concert overture based on Renaissance and early music styles. Students will find that Epoch Fantasy is pleasantly reminiscent of music from current video games. The modal first theme is contrasted nicely with a sweet lyrical middle section that will highlight the budding musicianship of your developing band.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:41
Key: C minor, Bb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS112 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS112F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS112P - $3.00
Fanfare for a King
William Duncombe, arranged by Andrew Balent
Based on the popular piano piece Fanfare Minuet, this Baroque classic has all of the majesty of a work such as Handel's famous Firework Music. Arranger Andrew Balent has given developing bands a wonderful transcription that can be used to teach this important style and era in musical history. It is also gives you great tools to teach and reinforce basic eighth note rhythms for young players. An elegant addition to the program for an early concert.
  fps84.mp3 See the score  687KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS84 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:12 FPS84F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Bb Major / Eb Major FPS84P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Flash Drive
Bill Calhoun
Flash Drive is a contemporary-sounding piece with veritable splashes of brilliance from up-and-coming composer Bill Calhoun. Bill's composition style incorporates a dramatic flair, giving this work a variety of contrasting styles and articulations, encouraging your students to tap into their most creative styles of playing. Your band will sound its absolute best with this strong new piece.
  FPS90.mp3 See the score  804KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS90 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:10 FPS90F - Full Score $8.00
Key: G minor FPS90P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Flutes Forever
Andrew Balent

Flutes Forever
Get the fingers of your flutists moving in this delightful section feature. It is written in a march style with plenty of opportunities to showcase your flutes. The tempo is marked at a moderate 4/4, but can be taken in a cut-time march tempo by more advanced groups. A versatile piece that will bring a smile to the audience.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:02
Key: Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS111 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS111F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS111P - $3.00
Frogs Have Rhythm, Too!
Andrew Balent
This fun piece for the young band will be a favorite of students and parents alike. Full of frog sound effects and bluesy style harmonies and rhythms, it is the tune your students will ask to play every single day.
  fps78.mp3 See the score  999KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS78 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:46 FPS78F - Full Score $8.00
Key: F Major FPS78P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Huron Trail
Sean O'Loughlin
Huron Trail is an energetic piece for developing bands. The music reflects the rich tradition of tribal music from centuries ago. It depicts the challenges of the early settlers and the perils that lied along the frontier. Percussion is an integral part of this musical tradition and is featured extensively in this piece.
  fps76.mp3 See the score  1.18MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS76 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:10 FPS76F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS76P - Parts $3.00 contact us
In a Quiet Place
Bill Calhoun
A heartfelt new ballad from rising composer Bill Calhoun, In a Quiet Place is the perfect vehicle to teach expressive, emotional playing. This simply beautiful piece is one you don't want to miss.
  fps75.mp3 See the score  1.48MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS75 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:41 FPS75F - Full Score $8.00
Key: F Major, Bb Major FPS75P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Into the Darkness
Bill Calhoun
From its mysterious introduction to its dynamic finale, Into the Darkness transports you to the fantasy world of the supernatural. Composed in D minor, the serious nature of Into the Darkness will spark your students’ interest, creating an emotional performance and musical intensity for their audience.This piece gives you ample opportunity to teach musicianship and new rhythms to your group.
  fps82.mp3 See the score  1.73MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS82 - Set $50.00
Duration: 1:51 FPS82F - Full Score $8.00
Key: D minor FPS82P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Ironclad is a term often used to describe hearty sailing vessels, and this piece of the same name describes the never-ending battle between pirates and sailors. In ¾ time, Ironclad is serious, yet imaginative. Your students will really wow the audience and judges with this impressive display of musicality.
  FPS94.mp3 See the score  763KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS94 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:32 FPS94F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS94P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark
You will hear the power and aggressive nature of the medieval tournament in this strong new work for developing bands by Larry Clark. Larry's pieces are some of the most performed at this grade level and this piece proves why with its bold rhythms, powerful harmonies and singable melodies. Every section of the band gets to shine in this contest/festival style piece.
  fps88.mp3 See the score  2.21MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS88 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:47 FPS88F - Full Score $8.00
Key: F minor FPS88P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Junk Funk
Kevin Mixon
Let your budding percussionists have a ton of fun with this creative piece in a funk style that uses paint buckets and garbage cans as instruments. Junk Funk was written to advance playing skills, but it requires some brash showmanship, so make sure they know how to “raise the roof”!
  FPS91.mp3 See the score  803KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS91 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:29 FPS91F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C Dorian FPS91P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Jurassic Shark
Joseph Compello
Following up on the success of the piece T-Rex, composer Joseph Compello depicts through music the Megalodon. This dramatic piece depicts the prehistoric shark with enormous teeth as it swims ominously and persistently in the dark ocean depths. Students are intrigued by dinosaurs and this piece is a way to inspire them using something they are interested in. They will want to play this piece every day!
  fps85.mp3 See the score  1.55MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS85 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:31 FPS85F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS85P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Latin Smiles
Joseph Compello
Composer Joseph Compello gives us another exceptional novelty piece that students will enjoy playing. It will serve as a perfect introduction to Latin-style music, certain to leave your players and audiences smiling!
  fps65.mp3 See the score  1.8MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS65 - Set $50.00
Duration: 1:48 FPS65F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS65P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Legacy Composer Sean O'Loughlin has already produced a great deal of exceptional pieces for developing students that will leave a legacy to educators for years to come. This piece is a perfect example of his style of composing that students just love to play. Forceful and bold, Legacy is highly melodic with dramatic musical punches and lots of musical value. Sean has such a marvelous way of making these pieces for younger students sound like more mature music.
  FPS98.mp3 See the score  883KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS98 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:15 FPS98F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS98P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Loyalty (March)
Larry Clark

Loyalty March is a tuneful original in standard march form. This piece serves as a great introduction to the march form and style for developing bands. Larry Clark’s pieces are always well-scored, and the melodies are always singable. Perfect as a warm-up march for contest or festival.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:01
Key: Bb, Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS110 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS110F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS110P - $3.00
March of the Machines
Carl Strommen
Droids, robots, and transformers. We hear them coming in the distance—ominously and persistently. The piece depicts these mechanized creatures marching toward us as the piece unfolds and builds to a satisfying climax. A fun march for your next concert.
  fps74.mp3 See the score  1.73MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS74 - Set $50.00
Duration: 3:08 FPS74F - Full Score $8.00
Key: D minor FPS74P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Moon Song and Tribal Dance
Carol Brittin Chambers

Moon Song and Tribal Dance
Moon Song and Tribal Dance is a two part composition for the developing band that is written to depict sounds of Native American music. It starts out lush, mysterious, and chorale-like, then leads into a tribal dance. The percussion gets a chance to shine in this piece. Perfect for the end of the year concerts or at festivals.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:46
Key: F, D minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS114 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS114F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS114P - $3.00
Mountains of Mohon
Sean O'Loughlin
Mountains of Mohon is a stunning new work for developing band by popular composer Sean O’Loughlin. It depicts the struggle of new ideas and cultures colliding during the time of the great Westward expansion in America. A striking selection for your next contest/festival performance, this piece will highlight the strengths of your band. While easy to play, the result is truly impressive!
  fps67.mp3 See the score  970KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS67 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:40 FPS67F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS67P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Night Flight
Bill Calhoun
Night Flight Bill Calhoun is quickly becoming one of the best composers in this business. He has a way of writing pieces that are exciting, well-scored, interesting and different. Night Flight shows his aggressive side with a piece that starts strong, right out of the gate. The fearless-sounding melody lifts up players and audience, grabs hold of them and takes them on the musical journey of a flight into the night sky. A perfect selection to showcase your developing band at a contest or festival performance.
  FPS96.mp3 See the score  853KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS96 - Set $50.00
Duration: 1:57 FPS96F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS96P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Nordic Vision
Bill Calhoun
Nordic Vision As the title implies, the piece depicts the sounds of the Nordic people. The piece opens with a mysterious flute or recorder solo to set the tone, followed by a more dance-like second section. Nordic Vision is lush and rich; full of mystery and wonder. A suitable choice for contest or festival.
listen  FPS102.mp3 score image  868KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS102 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:41 FPS102F - Full Score $8.00
Key: D minor, G minor FPS102P - Parts $3.00 contact us
O Christmas in Three
Joseph Compello
O Christmas in Three O Christmas in Three is a medley of three traditional 3/4 time carols: “O Christmas Tree,” “Away in a Manger,” and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” In addition to the three main tunes, this adaptation also includes an interweaving of “Silent Night” and “The First Noel” with “Away in the Manger.” Young bands will gain experience in independent part playing and balance with the interplay of these familiar tunes.
listen  FPS106.mp3 score image  1.01MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS106 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:49 FPS106F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS106P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Oceania Dances
Kevin Mixon
Oceania Dances uses traditional music from Tahiti and Hawaii, islands located in the geographic region of the Pacific Ocean commonly referred to as Oceania. The recurring rhythms, prominently presented in the percussion solo sections, are derived from frenetic percussion music used to accompany Tahitian dancers.This piece gives you the chance to include the music of other cultures, but yet still has all of the traits of solid band literature. You can't go wrong with this selection for contest/festival.
  fps83.mp3 See the score  2.63MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS83 - Set $50.00
Duration: 3:04 FPS83F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS83P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Phantom Echo
Larry Clark
Phantom Echo is intriguing and unique, but retains the signature style that you and your students have come to love from composer Larry Clark. This piece plays on the echo-effect with a great deal of interplay between woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Interesting music for younger students with lots of teaching opportunities.
  fps79.mp3 See the score  1.45MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS79 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:18 FPS79F - Full Score $8.00
Key: F minor FPS79P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Pinnacle of Distinction (March)
Larry Clark
Larry Clark has arranged many of the popular Bennett band marches over the years and here, he provides us with a new original march in Bennett style; an excellent vehicle to teach the march style and form to students. Pinnacle of Distinction would be perfect as a warm-up piece for a festival performance.
  FPS95.mp3 See the score  812KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS95 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:13 FPS95F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major FPS95P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Promised Land
Sean O'Loughlin
Promised Land is a serious-sounding, new piece for the developing band that sounds much more difficult than it plays, allowing your students to show off while remaining at their ability level. The title has its roots in the ideals of John Humphrey Noyes, who founded the Oneida community in the late 1840s. He built a thriving agricultural and spiritual community that became his “promised land.” The music depicts the struggles and triumph of those first settlers in the area, who worked the land and fought for their ideals through much persecution. Promised Land contains all of the rhythmic interest and memorable motives that Sean's music is so known for. It is also an excellent choice for contest/festival.
  fps81.mp3 See the score  2MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS81 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:23 FPS81F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS81P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Pulse Pounding
Sean O'Loughlin

Pulse Pounding
As the title describes, this piece gets the pulse pounding! It contains driving rhythms, simple syncopated melodies, and angular harmonies. It has all of the ingredients that have made Sean O'Loughlin's pieces so popular in the Carl Fischer Concert Band catalog. It will certainly raise the heart rate of your students and audiences alike!
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:29
Key: Eb
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS117 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS117F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS117P - $3.00
The Pursuit of Knowledge
Larry Clark
As the title implies, this piece is an inspirational tribute to the quest for learning that occurs in a school environment. Strong themes and angular rhythms help to emulate these qualities through the music. The Pursuit of Knowledge will make a bold statement at your next contest/festival performance.
  fps71.mp3 See the score  1.6MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS71 - Set $50.00
Duration: 3:07 FPS71F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS71P - Parts $3.00 contact us
The Red Planet
Joseph Compello
The Red Planet is an original concert piece in 5/4 time for a band with at least one year’s training. Joseph Compello's intriguing new work depicts the planet Mars in 5/4 time, giving the work an uneven, exciting feel. The opening section is bold and aggressive, and this piece explores a variety of moods throughout its duration. This along with the lyrical pseudo sci-fi sound will make The Red Planet a big hit with students. As a bonus, Compello included a fugato section to help introduce students to contrapuntal music.
  FPS89.mp3 See the score  782KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS89 - Set $50.00
Duration: 3:01 FPS89F - Full Score $8.00
Key: C minor FPS89P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Rise of the Falcon
Robert L. Lee

Rise of the Falcon
This piece is written to depict the Peregrine Falcon, one of nature’s boldest predators. For thousands of years, humans have admired its speed, beauty, power, and fiery spirit. This piece captures the falcon in the glory of flight. An excellent choice for festival performance.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:16
Key: C minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS116 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS116F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS116P - $3.00
Robot Madness
Gregory B. Rudgers
The sounds of gears, gadgets, and all things mechanical form the basis for this unique, beginning band piece by Carl Fischer Music newcomer Gregory Rudgers. There is a hint of the futuristic in the sounds and textures that students will encounter. A fun change of pace for the developing band.
  fps64.mp3 See the score  1.1MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS64 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:23 FPS64F - Full Score $8.00
Key: D phrygian FPS64P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Slavic Celebration
Bill Calhoun

Slavic Celebration
This piece depicts the lively sounds and rhythms of the Slavic people. With a contrasting lush middle section this is a perfect choice for contest or festival concerts.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:29
Key: C minor
listenSee the score
Complete Set
FPS109 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS109F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS109P - $3.00
Stargate 6
Carl Strommen
Written to depict the music of action and science fiction movies, this Carl Strommen original is absolutely perfect for young band players. At once bold and majestic, Stargate 6 is much fuller than you would expect for a composition at this level. This piece will help to build a well-balanced band sound within your group.
  fps69.mp3 See the score  1.29MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS69 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:53 FPS69F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Bb Major FPS69P - Parts $3.00 contact us
The Triumphant Trumpeteers
Joseph Compello
Triumphant Trumpeteers is, as the title indicates, a trumpet section feature. It may be performed by the entire trumpet section or with three trumpet soloists. The character of the music is that of a regal, march-like processional.
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Level: Grade 1.5 FPS72 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:07 FPS72F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS72P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Victory and Celebration
Alan Lee Silva
Sparkling fanfare gestures and celebratory music are the theme of this dynamic new piece from composer Alan Lee Silva. Open harmonies are used with memorable melodies in this exciting new work for developing bands. You can hear Silva's influences with his truly American style in this winning new piece.
  fps87.mp3 See the score  1.87MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS87 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:17 FPS87F - Full Score $8.00
Key: Eb Major FPS87P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Ed Kiefer
From the bold opening reminiscent of a famous fanfare, this mysterious piece takes off and catches fire! This is the type of contest style piece that developing players will love, and the resulting awesome sound will be a big self-esteem boost. Festival judges won't know what hit them.
  FPS93.mp3 See the score  763KB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS93 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:23 FPS93F - Full Score $8.00
Key: F minor, G minor FPS93P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Peter Terry

Windborn is forceful right from the start, taking the listener through a percussing and driving gale. Students will love to play this piece, and they’ll sound great playing it! Peter Terry is fast becoming a composer to watch for great compositions for young bands.
Level: Grade 1 ½
Duration: 2:25
Key: C minor
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Complete Set
FPS115 - $50.00
Full Score
FPS115F - $8.00
Extra Parts
FPS115P - $3.00
Zenobia the Warrior Queen
Joseph Compello
Zenobia the Warrior Queen is an excellent concert piece for young bands. The title refers to an actual historical figure who battled against the Romans in the third century. The music should convey an atmosphere of antiquity but should also be bold and aggressive. A serious work for developing bands.
  fps73.mp3 See the score  5.7MB  
Level: Grade 1.5 FPS73 - Set $50.00
Duration: 2:20 FPS73F - Full Score $8.00
Key: G modal FPS73P - Parts $3.00 contact us
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