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Concert Band
(Grade 3 to 3.5 — Green Cover)
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•  Instrumentation uses two flutes, three clarinets, three trumpets,
     two horns, and three trombone parts.
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 3 to 3.5.
•  Generous cross-cueing of exposed or solo parts.
•  Use of expanded percussion writing.
•  Careful selection of keys and degree of difficulty for advancing groups.
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Aisling Gaelach
William G. Harbinson
Composer William Harbinson takes two Irish folk songs and weaves them together in a tapestry of sounds in a symphonic setting. This piece has contest/festival potential written all over it, as we are sure your music list committee will agree.
listen  cps108.mp3 See the score  3.89MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS108 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:59 CPS108F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major CPS108P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Angels Sing
Bill Calhoun

Angels Sing
Angels Sing is a symphonic mix of the two familiar Christmas carols: “Angels We Have Heard on High” and “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” Both themes are seamlessly woven together to create a composition that will develop your group’s musicality. Listen for thematic fragments throughout all the voices and pay close attention to the work’s tempo and meter changes. Angels Sing is a piece worthy of serious study, filled with emotional moments to satisfy both the performer and listener alike.
listen  CPS141.mp3 score image  1.33MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS141 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:48 CPS141F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major CPS141P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Armed Forces — The Pride of America!
Band Arrangement by Larry Clark — Choral Arrangement by Greg Gilpin
This is the definitive patriotic armed forces tribute. It features the official songs of all five branches of the Armed Forces, plus The Pledge of Allegiance and The Star-Spangled Banner, with optional audience participation. It even includes parts of Sousa marches as interludes! At under seven minutes' duration, this is ideal for chorus and piano or with concert band! (The U. S. Army song is the original The Caissons Go Rolling Along version.) Reproducible string parts are also included in the set for string orchestra.
listen  cps61.mp3 See the score  699KB where to buy
The Caisson Song Edmund L. Gruber
The Marine's Hymn Words: Henry C. Davis; Music: Traditional
Anchors Aweigh Capt. Alfred H. Miles and Charles Zimmerman
Semper Paratus Capt. Francis Saltus Van Boskerck
The U. S. Airforce Robert Crawford
The Star Spangled Banner Words: Francis Scott Key; Music: John Stafford Smith
Level: Grade 3 CPS61 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:09 CPS61F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor / Bb Major CPS61P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Available Choral Versions:
SATB CM8973 $2.35  
SAB CM8974 $2.35  
2-Part Treble CM8975 $2.25  
TTBB CM8976 $1.95  
Larry Clark

It is all too common for pieces to be written for the loss of members of high school bands. This is such a piece, but it is uplifting and inspiring, serving as a touching tribute to the lives lost. The piece takes the listener on a journey through the stages of grief and uses a popular hymn as the basis for this serious new work by popular composer Larry Clark.
listen  CPS138.mp3 score image  1.66MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS138 - Set $90.00
Duration: 5:55 CPS138F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS138P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Bells of Joy
Larry Clark and Rae Moses
Bells of Joy is a new collage of Christmas carols that can be performed with choir and band or just band alone. You will hear the popular tunes "Carol of the Bells," "Joy to the World," "What Child is This?" in a stunning, contemporary arrangement that can be put together in a few rehearsals. Well worth the effort!
listen  cps109.mp3 See the score  3.85MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS109 - Set $75.00
Duration: 4:09 CPS109F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor / Bb Major CPS109P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Bom Dia (March)
Andrew Balent
Bom Dia (pronounced “Bom Gee-ahh”) means “good morning” in Brazilian Portuguese. This cheerful piece uses the form of the Brazilian choro, with three melodies played in A-B-A-C-A order. An original march, Bom Dia was inspired by Andrew Balent’s frequent trips to Brazil. This piece will serve as a welcome change this year for directors seeking a new warm-up march for a contest or festival.
listen  cps73.mp3 See the score  1.69MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS73 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:26 CPS73F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major - Ab Major - Eb Major CPS73P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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Canonic Fantasy
Bill Calhoun
As the title implies, Canonic Fantasy is based on a harmonic canon that forms the basis for this excellent new concert band work. It begins slowly and dramatically and then weaves into a bold and dynamic allegro. Alert your contest list committee about this piece—it has all the makings of standard fare for contest/festival performance!
listen  cps89.mp3 See the score  1.68MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS89 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:36 CPS89F - Full Score $12.00
Key: D minor CPS89P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Capriccio Italien
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, arranged by Joseph Compello
The famous Tchaikovsky orchestral classic is faithfully arranged for the modern concert band by arranger Joseph Compello. All the excitement and flair of the original work are preserved, while remaining within the technical grasp of this level. Your band will sound majestic and mature with this tried-and-true favorite.
listen  CPS117.mp3 See the score  1.14MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS117 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:42 CPS117F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Ab Major, G minor CPS117P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Carol of the Bells
Music by Mikola Leontovich, Words by Peter Wilhousky, Arranged by Bill Calhoun
The classic Christmas carol is given a symphonic treatment that brings out the rich Ukrainian flavor of this popular song. Year after year, this carol is one of the most performed of all Christmas classics and this arrangement does not disappoint.
listen  cps107.mp3 See the score  3.5MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS107 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:24 CPS107F - Full Score $10.00
Key: F minor / C minor CPS107P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Catawba Crossing
William G. Harbinson
Catawba Crossing Named for the beautiful Catawba River, this piece begins with a brilliant fanfare, revealing the principle motive upon which the entire composition is based. Shifting tonalities and colorful scoring are the hallmark of the opening section. This is followed by an expressive con moto section that provides the piece with dramatic contrast. Once the opening theme returns, Catawba Crossing develops into a rousing march in 6/8 time, followed by a return to the opening material, bringing the piece to an exciting conclusion. An impressive choice for contest or festival performance.
listen  CPS125.mp3 See the score  1.15MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS125 - Set $90.00
Duration: 6:23 CPS125F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Various CPS125P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Chanson for Christmas
Gregory B. Rudgers
A serious new composition based on the holiday classic Bring A Torch Jeannette Isabella. Composer Gregory Rudgers gives us a contest-style work that will serve the dual purpose of providing holiday concert material and presenting a solid piece of band literature on which to build your students' musicianship.
listen  cps87.mp3 See the score  2.15MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS87 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:40 CPS87F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS87P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Chisholm Trail
Carl Strommen
Chisholm Trail Chisholm Trail has a truly American quality, containing hints of music from the mountains, which evoke the rugged terrain and the pioneering spirit that were so important to the growth of this great nation. Carl Strommen is most at home in this style and has great success with it… in fact, this may be his best one yet! It’s challenging, but energetic and fun to play. Students will enjoy it and audiences will love to hear it. This is a winner!
listen  CPS134.mp3 See the score  1.05MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS134 - Set $90.00
Duration: 4:50 CPS134F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb, Bb Major CPS134P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Circle in a Square
Ed Kiefer

Circle in a Square
This piece was commissioned in memory of an extraordinary English teacher. He spent every day reminding his students that their effort was more important than talent, IQ, or ability. This piece depicts the way this teacher engaged his students. It begins with the welcoming of students at the door and builds into the excitement and intensity of the class itself, finishing with the teacher saying goodbye until tomorrow. A different and bright piece with a positive message from composer Ed Kiefer.
listen  CPS143.mp3 score image  1.6MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS143 - Set $90.00
Duration: 4:49 CPS143F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Modal CPS143P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Carl Strommen
A concert fanfare to commemorate a special occasion is the genesis of this excellent work by Carl Strommen. Beginning with a brass fanfare and employing tight harmonies, the processional-type theme makes it an excellent candidate for a graduation ceremony. Send those college-bound kids off in style!
listen  CPS119.mp3 See the score  965KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS119 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:23 CPS119F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major CPS119P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Conquering Spirit
Ed Kiefer
An uplifiting new composition to open a concert program by composer Ed Kiefer. Brass fanfares and flourishes leading into multi-meter woodwind melodies make this a distinctive piece for your next performance.
listen  cps92.mp3 See the score  1.09MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS92 - Set $85.00
Duration: 2:28 CPS92F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major, Eb Major CPS92P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun
After an atmospheric opening, Bill Calhoun presents us with a contemporary concert overture in 3/4 time, easing into a lush middle section before the return of the introduction in a new key. Not only will your percussion section love their lively parts in this work, but your whole band gets a chance to play moving melody lines. This musical adventure is an asset to concert and festival programs.
listen  CPS116.mp3 See the score  980KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS116 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:33 CPS116F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor, C minor CPS116P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Converse Fantasy
William G. Harbinson
An exceptional new composition based upon the hymn "Converse” (commonly known as “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”), William Harbinson has crafted a concert overture using the hymn’s theme as a starting point. Beginning with brilliant brass fanfares and woodwind flourishes, the middle section is made up of an inversion of the hymn tune, and ends with a dramatic climax. This work is simply beautiful and heartfelt; showcasing your group’s musical expression like no other.
listen  CPS113.mp3 See the score  1.32MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS113 - Set $85.00
Duration: 6:31 CPS113F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major, Bb Major, F Major CPS113P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Crown and Scepter
Gregory B. Rudgers
Crown and Scepter Crowns and scepters have been an essential part of the royal celebration since medieval times. This piece suggests the declaration of an opening ceremony with a bold militaristic fanfare, followed by a regal processional, reminding the listener of kings and queens receiving admiration from their people as they process on a stately occasion. Besides its potential as a piece for contest or festival performance, it will also work well for graduation ceremonies.
listen  CPS131.mp3 See the score  1.05MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS131 - Set $80.00
Duration: 4:15 CPS131F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS131P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Vittorio Monti, Arranged by Andrew Balent
Long a favorite composition for solo instruments and piano, this new setting of Vittorio Monti's Csardas by arranger Andrew Balent brings out the gypsy character of the piece, using all of the colorful resources of the modern concert band. Proven musical worth now in an edition for all school bands.
listen  cps96.mp3 See the score  828KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS96 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:07 CPS96F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F minor, F Major CPS96P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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Sean O'Loughlin
Like so many of his works, Sean O’Loughlin’s Emblazon runs the gamut of musical emotion to stretch the musicianship of your students. Written in memory of a student at Falmouth High School in Massachusetts, this piece celebrates her infectious energy and zest for life with its vibrant and exciting tone. Truly touching and joyful, Emblazon is an ideal contest and festival work.
listen  CPS118.mp3 See the score  1.1MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS118 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:55 CPS118F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor, Eb Major CPS118P - Parts $4.00 contact us
George Sweet
Encomium, meaning “a formal expression of praise,” contains a fresh harmonic palette from new composer George Sweet. A contemporary fanfare for band, this two-minute piece is an ideal concert opener. Expect more great things from this gifted composer in the future.
listen  cps94.mp3 See the score  842KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS94 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:09 CPS94F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G Major CPS94P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Escape the Lost City
Alan Lee Silva
It’s time to run! Erupting from the outset, Escape the Lost City drives forward with wild intensity. With all the thrilling qualities of an action movie score, this work’s quick ensemble figures, played with precision and passion, conclude this whirlwind journey. Hang on tight and wow the judges with this one!
listen  CPS122.mp3 See the score  1.1MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS122 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:30 CPS122F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor, F Major CPS122P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Sparkling woodwind flourishes, bold brass fanfares, and exciting melodies highlight this incredible new concert overture from popular composer Larry Clark. The lyrical middle section contains a beautiful heart-tugging theme that is book-ended by bold and aggressive music from the energetic first section. Destined to become a staple on contest/festival lists.
listen  cps101.mp3 See the score  2.89MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS101 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:52 CPS101F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS101P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Brant Karrick
Exuberance As the title implies, this piece is exciting from the get-go! Built around a hymn-like theme, the piece moves through many guises of theme in the exceptional new piece by established composer Brant Karrick. It is sophisticated and fresh -- a total crowd-pleaser.
listen  CPS128.mp3 See the score  1.3MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS128 - Set $90.00
Duration: 7:20 CPS128F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Various CPS128P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Fantasy on Early American Tunes
Kevin Mixon
A concert rhapsody based on three early American tunes. You will hear the influence of the church hymn in this setting, but it also contains brass fanfares, woodwind flourishes, and exciting climaxes that make this piece an excellent selection for contest/festival performance.
listen  cps93.mp3 See the score  1.03MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS93 - Set $75.00
Duration: 4:15 CPS93F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major, C minor, G minor,
Bb Major
CPS93P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Fortitude is a rhythmic and energetic piece, representing the trials and tribulations that we all have to overcome at some point in life. Keeping a positive attitude is the message heard in the music of this inspiring work. A strong choice for contest/festival performance.
listen  cps86.mp3 See the score  1.98MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS86 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:10 CPS86F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor CPS86P - Parts $4.00 contact us
From This Valley (Fantasy on Red River Valley)
Gregory B. Rudgers
A fantasy on the folk song “Red River Valley,” composer Gregory Rudgers’s stunning new composition ranges from dramatic to lush and lyrical, accented by occasional, whimsical drifts. He employs all of the forces of the modern concert band to their fullest in this symphonic presentation. Ideal for a contest or festival.
listen  cps79.mp3 See the score  1.62MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS79 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:21 CPS79F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS79P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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Hands across the Sea (March)
John Philip Sousa, arranged by Andrew Balent
Andrew Balent arranging John Philip Sousa is a winning combination in itself, and this popular march has been scaled down sensitively and carefully for the younger band. Inspired by the friendship between the United States and their allies overseas, Sousa composed this march after hearing the phrase, "A sudden thought strikes me; let us swear eternal friendship." The touching patriotism and bold happiness of this work will make your group shine.
listen  CPS114.mp3 See the score  1MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS114 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:15 CPS114F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major, Bb Major CPS114P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Highland Celebration
Alan Lee Silva
Written with the lilt and flavor of the Scottish Highlands, this original Alan Lee Silva piece is a joyous new addition to the concert band repertoire. The pulsing 6/8 rhythms are contrasted by momentary feelings of 3/4, as the melody floats over punctuated harmonies. This piece contains contrast, with a slower middle section featuring a divine flute melody, accompanied by the sound of “bagpipe” drones in the other voices. This grand Scottish-style melody develops to a climax before the wistful return of the main theme, and an up-tempo coda completes the piece.
listen  cps82.mp3 See the score  1.8MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS82 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:36 CPS82F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major, F Major CPS82P - Parts $4.00 contact us
The Ides of March
Sean O'Loughlin

The Ides of March
Sean O’Loughlin’s The Ides of March is pulse-pounding and haunting; a dramatic composition for band. This work celebrates the composer's love of modern film music and is an exercise in economy of musical material while remaining wonderfully melodic and elegant.
listen  CPS142.mp3 score image  1.28MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS142 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:19 CPS142F - Full Score $12.00
Key:   CPS142P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
As the title implies, this piece truly packs a punch with its bold, rhythmic and harmonic punctuations. These features are framed by a distinctive melody, with well placed “blue” notes, giving it a sense of intrigue. This is signature Sean O’Loughlin at his best. The main material is contrasted by a beautiful slow section, which then returns to the intense central theme. A contest piece that will certainly make any band sound its best.
listen  cps83.mp3 See the score  1.9MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS83 - Set $85.00
Duration: 5:28 CPS83F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor CPS83P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Infernal Dance and Finale (from the Ballet "The Firebird")
Igor Stravinsky, Arranged by Andrew Balent
This arrangement is shockingly similar to the original Stravinsky work, maintaining the piece’s full sound, but remaining within the reach of most high school groups. In this setting, Andrew Balent gives us a reduced version of the Infernal Dance, followed by the beautiful and memorable finale. A challenging work, but well worth the effort.
listen  cps81.mp3 See the score  1.92MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS81 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:49 CPS81F - Full Score $12.00
Key: A minor - Bb Major CPS81P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Carl Strommen

An Irish-style original tour de force from composer Carl Strommen. It has everything from infectious folk-like tunes to jig rhythms, all powered with rhythmic energy that propels this exceptional piece to great heights.
listen  CPS146.mp3 score image  1.45MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS146 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:17 CPS146F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Modal CPS146P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Larry Clark’s natural instinct is to provide great concert band music, and once again, trusting his gut feeling has resulted in another winner. Instinct blazes out of the starting gate with an aggressive 6/8 theme, which is then manipulated and developed over the course of this great concert opener or closer. We’re willing to bet that your audience will be out of their seats by the end.
listen  CPS120.mp3 See the score  1.1MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS120 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:32 CPS120F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor CPS120P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Invercargill (March)
Alex F. Lithgow, arranged by Andrew Balent
Invercargill (March) This march has been a standard in the concert band repertoire for over 75 years. Arranger Andrew Balent works his usual magic and brings this challenging march within reach of more bands with his excellent scoring. Andy has a way of keeping the original intent intact but making the march feasible for less experienced players. Perfect for contest warm-up.
listen  CPS123.mp3 See the score  913KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS123 - Set $90.00
Duration: 2:31 CPS123F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F, Bb Major CPS123P - Parts $4.00 contact us
An Irish Legend
Ed Kiefer
An Irish Legend An Irish Legend contains original melodies in an Irish style, written to evoke the sounds of the emerald isle of Ireland. The piece is in traditional ABA form, beginning with a lilting Irish jig, then a more lyrical and slow second theme. After returning to the jig, it ends with a climactic section where both themes are played together. It sounds much more difficult than it plays. The piece is exciting and will be well within the capabilities of students at this grade level.
listen  CPS127.mp3 See the score  1.12MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS127 - Set $80.00
Duration: 4:32 CPS127F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor, G minor CPS127P - Parts $4.00 contact us
It Came upon a Coventry Carol
Bill Calhoun
It Came upon A Coventry Carol Composer Bill Calhoun combines two popular Christmas carols into one sophisticated concert-style piece. It is bold and serious, containing shifting modalities and moves effortlessly from major to minor, and back again, many times throughout this effective setting. If you want to play something stunning and unexpected for your next holiday concert, then this is one that deserves serious consideration.
listen  CPS124.mp3 See the score  1.09MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS124 - Set $80.00
Duration: 3:44 CPS124F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major, Bb minor CPS124P - Parts $4.00 contact us
The Journey
Brant Karrick
The Journey attempts to musically portray the experience of traveling on an early ship, crossing the vast and tumultuous ocean to an uncertain destination. Cast in a rollicking 6/8 meter, the first theme in D minor signifies determination and perseverance, while the second theme signifies hope and faith. The music tosses and turns as the theme is passed to each section and continues to press on to a triumphant landing! We are excited to welcome the music of Brant Karrick to the Carl Fischer Music catalog.
listen  cps95.mp3 See the score  2.62MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS95 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:23 CPS95F - Full Score $12.00
Key: D minor CPS95P - Parts $4.00 contact us
King Cotton (March)
John Philip Sousa, Arranged by Andrew Balent
First introduced by Sousa in 1895, this march has become one of his most popular. Andrew Balent has worked his magic to tame the difficulties down for the abilities of the advancing band. Best of all, the result does not sound diluted in the least. This is what Balent does best!
listen  cps80.mp3 See the score  1.19MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS80 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:40 CPS80F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major - Ab Major CPS80P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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A Land Remembered
Larry Clark
A Land Remembered is based on the novel of the same name by Patrick D. Smith, which tells the story of pioneering families in the early days of Florida. The piece is set in three continuous movements, each depicting elements of the story, from the open fanfare, "A New Life in a New Land" to the beautiful "On the Prairie" and the strident final movement, "Hardships on the Rugged Frontier." This piece will demonstrate the skill and musicality of your concert-level band.
listen  cps105.mp3 See the score  5.3MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS105 - Set $85.00
Duration: 7:14 CPS105F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor / Bb Major / F Major CPS105P - Parts $4.00 contact us
March (from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2)
Edvard Grieg, arranged by Joseph Compello
March from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2 Arranger Joseph Compello works his magic with this familiar Grieg piece from the famous Peer Gynt Suite No. 2. A faithful transcription for band that keep the flavor of the original intact, there is no better way to introduce students to the wonderful music of Grieg!
listen  CPS129.mp3 See the score  1.12MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS129 - Set $90.00
Duration: 5:09 CPS129F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C Major CPS129P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun

Harkening back to the soundtracks of old Saturday matinee movies, Bill Calhoun gives us an appealing new piece for contest or festival performance. It contains sweeping melodic phrases and lush harmonies with plenty of musical content for every section of the ensemble. This will be a great piece to build the musicianship of your group and emphasize them in a festival setting.
listen  CPS139.mp3 score image  1.22MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS139 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:24 CPS139F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS139P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Mexican Folk Song Fantasy (Percussion Gone Buggy)
Joseph Compello
Joseph Compello uses the famous Mexican folk song "La Cucaracha" as the basis for a concert fantasy. Lots of rhythmic interest and percussion, plus every section of the band gets some of the melodic material. Students interested in Mexican history will find that a little research on the song “La Cucaracha” will reveal some interesting facts about the lyrics. A strong choice for your next concert to include the music of our southern neighbors.
listen  cps103.mp3 See the score  2.32MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS103 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:10 CPS103F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major / F Major CPS103P - Parts $4.00 contact us
A More Perfect Union
Mike Forbes
A More Perfect Union A More Perfect Union is inspired by the strife of the Boston Tea Party before the American Revolution, as well as other struggles throughout the history of the United States. It is cast in three distinct parts, with the first portraying the early struggle of the colonies to unify, the second part reflecting the unification of our country after a tumultuous civil war and finally, demonstrating the spirit and fight of the current divide in today's political atmosphere. It is a welcome addition to the concert band repertoire with a strong musical message.
listen  CPS133.mp3 See the score  1.1MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS133 - Set $90.00
Duration: 5:55 CPS133F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Various CPS1333P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Morning in Madrid
Bill Calhoun
Spanish-style rhythms, melodies and harmonies abound in this lovely new concert work from composer Bill Calhoun. From the opening “bird-like” calls from the woodwinds accompanied by the ascending chords in the clarinets and the brass, one can picture the sun rising above the horizon at the start of a Morning in Madrid. This piece will help you teach your students about lyrical expression while playing.
listen  cps104.mp3 See the score  3.81MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS104 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:54 CPS104F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS104P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Mountain Dance
Ed Kiefer
Mountain Dance contains three Appalachian folk songs: “Cluck Old Hen,” “Sourwood Mountain,” and “Poor Polly.” It was written to depict the Appalachian region of the country and its heritage of bluegrass music and fine musicianship. Hints of Irish music can be heard, as many of the folk songs from this area were developed by the Irish immigrants who settled in this part of the country. These inluences are beautifully embedded in a truly symphonic setting by composer Ed Kiefer.
listen  cps78.mp3 See the score  1.71MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS78 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:43 CPS78F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F minor CPS78P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Mystic Portal
Sean O'Loughlin
From the mysterious opening to the energetic and heroic fast section, Mystic Portal is a dramatic journey for the developing concert band. The music is highly influenced by O'Loughlin's love for historically-based novels, with the intention of portraying all the tension and action of the written word in a musical context.
listen  cps110.mp3 See the score  4.30MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS110 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:57 CPS110F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor CPS110P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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Ngoma za Kenya - "Jambo"
Paul Basler
“I. Jambo” is the first movement of a larger composition entitled Ngoma za Kenya. Written while composer Paul Basler studied in Kenya, the piece reflects the joyous optimism of the country’s people. It is riddled with energetic rhythms, harmonies, and melodies from the indigenous music of Kenya. Bands will have a great time playing this piece!
listen  cps76.mp3 See the score  1.9MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS76 - Set $85.00
Duration: 2:58 CPS76F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C Major CPS76P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Ngoma za Kenya - "Kwaheri"
Paul Basler
"Kwaheri," the third movement of Ngoma za Kenya, contains similar gestures to the previously released first movement, "Jambo," but is harmonically more progressive. Stylistic influences in the work come from the composer's experiences with Kenyan choral traditions (call and response) and the joyful, optimistic, and celebratory nature of Kenyan culture.
listen  cps98.mp3 See the score  2.03MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS98 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:41 CPS98F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Various CPS98P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Ngoma za Kenya - "Sundowner"
Paul Basler
"Sundowner," the second movement to Ngoma za Kenya, is a quiet interlude, depicting that time of the day when one relaxes under a favorite tree, sipping a drink, having a bite to eat and talking with friends while the sun goes down over the African savannah. Composer Paul Basler uses a wide array of harmonic shifts and colors in this musically satisfying piece.
listen  cps97.mp3 See the score  1.1MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS97 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:44 CPS97F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Various CPS97P - Parts $3.50 contact us
The Old Red Mill
Brant Karrick
As one of the most stunning new pieces in the catalog this year, The Old Red Mill may be Brant Karrick's best work to date. It opens with a lush and beautiful lyrical section before moving into a very creative, lilting up-tempo section. The piece has a down-home feel, but is a wonderful new addition to the literature. It is surely destined to become a standard.
listen  cps111.mp3 See the score  1.3MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS111 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:26 CPS111F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major CPS111P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Pacheco Pass
Alan Lee Silva
Explosive ensemble phrases and aggressive percussion accompaniment accentuate the opening of Pacheco Pass, a dynamic new composition from established composer Alan Lee Silva. Divided into three sections—fast, slow, fast—the piece begins with a noble brass melody, transitions to a tender slow movement featuring woodwind solos, and reprises the opening brass melody.
listen  cps100.mp3 See the score  1.95MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS100 - Set $75.00
Duration: 4:08 CPS100F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major CPS100P - Parts $3.50 contact us
El Palomino Noble
Joseph Compello
El Palomino Noble is written in the Spanish march style known as the paso doble. Its standard characterics include a brisk tempo, interplay between melodies and soaring countermelodies, as well as the use of varying modes (particularly the Phrygian mode), all giving the music an unmistakable Spanish signature.
listen  cps88.mp3 See the score  5.11MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS88 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:02 CPS88F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor CPS88P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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The Picadore (March)
John Philip Sousa, arranged by Andrew Balent

The Picadore
John Philip Sousa wrote this great march when he was the leader of the Marine band in 1889, and it depicts the experience of a horseman during a bullfight. In a distinctive minor key to start, this is a unique Sousa march. Arranger Andrew Balent has tamed this march down in difficulty without loosing the intent of the original. A nice choice for a warm-up march at contest or festival.
listen  CPS140.mp3 score image  1.19MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS140 - Set $90.00
Duration: 2:56 CPS140F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor, Bb Major, Eb Major CPS140P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Queen City (March)
W. H. Boorn, Arranged by Laurie Lafferty
Written as a tribute to Cincinnati (the Queen City), this is a well-known march by a relatively obscure composer. Arranger and music educator Laurie Lafferty brings us a new edition of this tuneful little gem for use as a contest/festival warm-up march.
listen  cps77.mp3 See the score  1.32MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS77 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:32 CPS77F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major - Ab Major CPS77P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Reflections on an English Hymn
Carl Strommen
Based on the English hymn Jerusalem, this poignant song is given a lush new treatment by composer Carl Strommen. It would be the perfect selection to break up a concert or contest performance and to show the more expressive side of your ensemble.
listen  cps99.mp3 See the score  1.49MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS99 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:24 CPS99F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Eb Major, F Major CPS99P - Parts $3.50 contact us
George Sweet

This piece takes you right out of the box! It is exciting and aggressive, with piercing contemporary harmonies. Lots of pyramid effects contrasted by soaring horn lines in the middle section, accented by a constant drive and energy that will get any concert off to a great start.
listen  CPS144.mp3 score image  1.29MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS144 - Set $90.00
Duration: 4:09 CPS144F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor CPS144P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Rifle Regiment (March)
John Philip Sousa, Arranged by Andrew Balent
When you hear the names John Phillip Sousa and Andrew Balent, you know they have to do with something great! Balent takes one of Sousa's most popular marches and works it down to keep some of the technical demands in check for most younger bands. Sousa wrote this march in 1886 to commemorate The Third Infantry, known as “The Old Guard.”
listen  cps102.mp3 See the score  3.71MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS102 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:27 CPS102F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major / Eb Major CPS102P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Rondo Festivo
Joseph Compello
An effortless dance-like composition written in 5/4 time that remains graceful despite its uneven meter. It sounds carefree and joyous, but demands careful attention to rhythmic detail, improving the skills of your advancing band. It will work wonderfully as a selection for a contest or festival.
listen  cps71.mp3 See the score  5.64MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS71 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:20 CPS71F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major CPS71P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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Semper Fidelis
John Philip Sousa, Arranged by Andrew Balent
When you see the names John Philip Sousa and Andrew Balent, you know it will be good. Balent takes one of Sousa's most popular marches and works it down to put some of the technical demands in check for most bands. This is what Andy does best!
listen  cps85.mp3 See the score  996KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS85 - Set $75.00
Duration: 2:50 CPS85F - Full Score $10.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major CPS85P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Scott Boerma
Shadows Written in memory of a prominent band director who touched the lives of so many, Shadows is an extremely emotional and passionate piece by composer Scott Boerma. It demonstrates Scott's heartfelt thoughts of admiration and sincerity through this gorgeous piece of music. We are proud to offer such a contemplative work and to have him in the Carl Fischer Music catalog for the first time. We hope to offer more of Scott's beautiful music in the near future.
listen  CPS130.mp3 See the score  916KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS130 - Set $80.00
Duration: 5:51 CPS130F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C Major CPS130P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Gabriel Fauré, Arranged by Larry Clark
One of the most beautiful and popular pieces by Gabriel Fauré is meticulously arranged for the modern concert band by Larry Clark. It contains all of the lush harmonies and subtle features of Fauré's music in a wonderful concert band setting.
listen  cps90.mp3 See the score  990KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS90 - Set $75.00
Duration: 4:21 CPS90F - Full Score $10.00
Key: G minor, Eb Major CPS90P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Slavonic Dance No. 8
Antonin Dvorak, Arranged by Andrew Balent
Arranger Andrew Balent takes the famous Dvorak piece and sets it for the modern concert band. What a great opportunity for bands to perform a fantastic classical piece that adapts so well in the hands of a master arranger! These are the types of arrangements that Balent is so famous for, given their seamless translation to concert band.
listen  cps106.mp3 See the score  4.55MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS106 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:25 CPS106F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor CPS106P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Solo Trumpet with Band Accompaniment

Soaring is an exciting composition for solo trumpet and concert band. The music is celebratory in nature and features the dynamic and rhythmic range of the trumpet. The piece opens with an American rhythmic gesture reminiscent of Aaron Copland and John Williams. The trumpet answers this gesture with a bold cadenza that will transform into the main melody a little later on in the piece. If you have a good trumpet player, this would be a great choice to feature them or it can be used with a feature soloist from elsewhere. Just gorgeous.
listen  CPS137.mp3 score image  1.43MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS137 - Set $90.00
Duration: 5:14 CPS137F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major CPS137P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Spirits Bright
Gregory B. Rudgers
Spirits Bright was inspired by the idea that the holiday season, while a time of joy and peace, may also be a time of reflection on and acknowledgement of the year’s passing. The work is an expression of the nostalgia and wistfulness we experience during the holidays; a time when we remember friends and family, both present and past. Spirits Bright evokes the bittersweet warmth of a fire in the fireplace, chestnuts roasting, snow falling gently, and jingle bells.
listen  cps75.mp3 See the score  1.73MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS75 - Set $75.00
Duration: 4:23 CPS75F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS75P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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Time Shift
Bill Calhoun
Time Shift This piece begins with a long bell striking constant quarter notes, setting up the fast-paced introduction. As the title implies, Time Shift switches rhythmic feels, including a 3 against 2 with changing meters throughout. Its middle section uses segmental chorales, reminiscent of famous band works, before moving back into a quicker time signature. Time Shift is filled with a variety of styles, which create a great amount of interest throughout the work.
listen  CPS132.mp3 See the score  1.08MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS132 - Set $80.00
Duration: 3:28 CPS132F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major CPS132P - Parts $4.00 contact us
To Those We Remember
Lauren Keiser
A moving tribute to all of the men and women that we have lost in service to our country. Composer Lauren Keiser has weaved a tapestry of heart-wrenching music based on the familiar "Taps." It is both emotional and full of musical pathos.
listen  cps91.mp3 See the score  845KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS91 - Set $75.00
Duration: 3:07 CPS91F - Full Score $10.00
Key: C Major CPS91P - Parts $3.50 contact us
Triangle of the Tempest
Alan Lee Silva
Triangle of the Tempest Triangle of the Tempest is a fast-moving composition with interesting rhythmic challenges and dynamic color shifts. Starting with syncopated figures over a repeated eight-measure progression, the piece builds in intensity as more sections and layers are added. The second part changes tone and is led by a heroic trumpet melody with a soaring woodwind obligato. The themes intertwine and the material develops into a dramatic conclusion with a final explosive ensemble hit. Action-packed and full of rhythmic drive, this piece is a good choice for contest or festival performance.
listen  CPS135.mp3 See the score  1.27MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS135 - Set $90.00
Duration: 4:18 CPS135F - Full Score $12.00
Key: G minor CPS135P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Three distinct movements make up this dynamic new suite by composer Bill Calhoun. The first movement, “In Changing Times,” is written in a fanfare style, contrasted by the ponderous second movement, “Lament,” which leads to the joyous concluding movement, “The Final Journey.” A multitude of styles, timbres, and textures show off the composer’s eloquence with the modern concert band.
listen  CPS72
Mvmnt. I. In Changing Times
Mvmnt. II. Lament
Mvmnt. III. The Final Journey
See the score  2.08MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS72 - Set $85.00
Duration: I. 1:34 - II. 3:57 - III. 2:45 CPS72F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb Major - C minor - Eb Major CPS72P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Twist of Fate
Larry Clark
Musical twists and turns abound in this compositional departure for composer Larry Clark. It contains all of his impeccable scoring and attention to detail, but is a refreshing change in sound and technique for this adept composer. The piece is at times energetic, and at other times, lyrical. Elusive and ever-changing in harmonic structure and rhythmic content, it all adds up to an exceptional new piece by one of the most popular composers of band music today.
listen  cps84.mp3 See the score  1.92MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS84 - Set $85.00
Duration: 4:15 CPS84F - Full Score $12.00
Key: D minor CPS84P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Ugandan Festival
Kevin Mixon
Turn your next performance into a spirited East African celebration! Centered on traditional Acholi music from Uganda, this piece introduces students to East African music with all its rhythmic drive and infectious energy. Proceeds from the sales of this work will be donated to The Patongo Fund (, which provides music education and music therapy for northern Ugandan Acholi refugee children. Your students will have a blast playing this piece, especially while knowing they are helping to make the world a better place.
listen  CPS115.mp3 See the score  991KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS115 - Set $75.00
Duration: 4:25 CPS115F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb (Mixolydian), Eb CPS115P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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Sean O'Loughlin
Venture Venture is an exciting overture-style composition for concert band. A venture is an undertaking involving uncertainty and the possibility of risk or danger. The music reflects this definition and has many of the qualities of great film music. Powerful when needed and sensitive at times to provide contrast, the cumulative result is a dramatic addition to concert band literature. One of Sean O'Loughlin's best to date!
listen  CPS136.mp3 See the score  1.18MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS136 - Set $80.00
Duration: 5:27 CPS136F - Full Score $12.00
Key: C minor CPS136P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Vires, Artes, Mores
Larry Clark
Vires, Artes, Mores This work is a three-part composition based on the Latin words meaning Strength, Skill, and Character. The piece opens with a poignant fanfare depicting the strength of the modern concert band, which is followed by a fast-paced section, meant to demonstrate the performers’ skills. The third section of the work is an uplifting theme designed to depict character. After moving back to the skill theme in a new key, it builds to a dramatic climax, followed by a short coda that bursts to the finish. Ideal for concert or contest.
listen  CPS126.mp3 See the score  1.08MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS126 - Set $90.00
Duration: 3:58 CPS126F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Eb Major, F Dorian CPS126P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Voices of the World
Bill Calhoun
A refreshing composition in a modern yet accessible style. The melodies are tuneful, memorable, and upbeat. The contrasting slower section will highlight the expressive playing of your ensemble. Voices of the World flows effortlessly; an exceptional new piece in the reportoire from new Carl Fischer Music composer Bill Calhoun. Bill is a composer to watch for more exciting music in the years to come.
listen  cps74.mp3 See the score  1.73MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS74 - Set $75.00
Duration: 4:02 CPS74F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major CPS74P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Welcome Yule!
Traditional, arranged by Gene Milford
Yule or Yuletide is an ancient midwinter festival in areas of Northern Europe, and today “Yuletide” is often used in reference to the Christmas and New Year’s season. Gene Milford has arranged the classic “Wassailing Song” along with the “Sussex Carol” to reflect the festive Yuletide season and the cheer we feel while caroling among others in the winter snow. Your group will love playing this at their winter concert.
listen  CPS121.mp3 See the score  880KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS121 - Set $85.00
Duration: 2:14 CPS121F - Full Score $12.00
Key: F Major, Ab Major CPS121P - Parts $4.00 contact us
Winter on Emerald Bay
Alan Lee Silva
Bold music in the Celtic style from composer Alan Lee Silva, Winter on Emerald Bay has a rollicking 12/8 feel with lots of shifting textures and timbres. Emotions go from aggressive fanfare -like figures to flowing woodwind lines, punctuated by unique percussion scoring. This definitely has contest/festival potential.
listen  cps112.mp3 See the score  980KB where to buy
Level: Grade 3.5 CPS112 - Set $85.00
Duration: 3:59 CPS112F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Ab Major / Bb Major CPS112P - Parts $4.00 contact us
With Visions of Tomorrow
Brant Karrick

With Visions of Tomorrow
With Visions of Tomorrow is homage to the human spirit and its desire to learn, achieve more, and work towards improving our societies. It also symbolizes hope for a prosperous and peaceful future. Each day mankind realizes amazing technological breakthroughs and new wonders of science, arts and industry. With this in mind, the piece contains something for everyone; an eclectic barrage of musical ideas and style woven together with the hope for the future, and finishing, as it began, with a lively fanfare.
listen  CPS145.mp3 score image  1.86MB where to buy
Level: Grade 3 CPS145 - Set $90.00
Duration: 7:02 CPS145F - Full Score $12.00
Key: Bb, Eb, Db, F Major CPS145P - Parts $4.00 contact us
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