Primer Beginning First Plus Young Concert Symphonic Flexible Fillmore Ed.
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Beginning Band
(Grade 1 — Blue Cover)
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•  Instrumentation uses one part for every instrument
•  Limited ranges, rhythms, and independence of parts
•  Active percussion scoring
•  Bass line covered by any low brass or low woodwind instrument
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Larry Clark
Aftershock Bands that had the great experience of playing Larry Clark’s popular Shockwave can now move on to part two: Aftershock. While a bit more difficult than its predecessor, Aftershock maintains the bold, exciting, and aggressive qualities that made Shockwave such a sparkler.
listen  BPS67.mp3 score image  747KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS67 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:31 BPS67F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS67P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Antagonist In every great story there is always an antagonist, the character of opposing force who is central to the success of the story. Larry Clark has applied this concept to music in a new beginning band piece, fascinating in sound and an excellent cross-curricular tie with English classes, musically illustrating the structure of a good story. This piece is aggressive and at times, purposely antagonizing. Designed with the youngest of players in mind, it works on simple repeated eighth note patterns as the foundation for the melodic material. As is typical in a Larry Clark piece, interesting parts are provided for all instruments, and everyone gets to play the melody.
listen  bps64.mp3 score image  2.26MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS64 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:14 BPS64F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS64P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Antiquitas Antiquitas is ideal for your students’ first year concert program. With its modal qualities and dance-like character, Antiquitas takes your imagination back in time. All sections of the ensemble get the opportunity to become the melodic focus within this work. Making use of contrasting marcato and legato playing, your students will learn to incorporate these techniques to maximize musicality at a very early point in their musical careers.
listen  BPS65.mp3 score image  708KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS65 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:54 BPS65F - Full Score $6.00
Key: G minor BPS65P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Aunt Rhodie's Diet
Joseph Compello
Aunt Rhodie's Diet
Aunt Rhodie's Diet is a sequel to the incredibly popular Aunt Rhodie's Appetite (BPS38). Both arrangements are novel settings in which a beginning band can perform the standard folk songs found in the first few pages of most band methods. Because they are so easy to play, these arrangements by themselves would not make much of a concert, even for a beginning group. However, when used as incidental music to the story, the songs become sufficiently interesting to the audience, without taxing the capabilities of students who have only been playing for about 10 to 12 weeks.
listen  bps57.mp3 score image  2.9MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS57 - Set $45.00
Duration: 12:32 BPS57F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS57P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Conviction For several years, Larry Clark's music for beginning band has set the standard for musical excellence. He always finds a way to make his pieces fresh and sophisticated, incorporating contemporary harmonies with tuneful melodies that students love to play. He is also a master at knowing exactly what this level is capable of and writes technically easy music that still makes any band sound and feel great!
listen  BPS72.mp3 score image  787KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS72 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:23 BPS72F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS72P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Danza Latina
Gene Milford

Danza Latina
An introduction to the musical styles of the Caribbean and South America, Danza Latina is a level-appropriate work for young bands. While composed only of quarter note and half note rhythms for the winds, rhythmic challenges are provided by the use of rests. Percussionists have the opportunity to experience Latin percussion instruments in this fun-filled composition for beginning groups.
listen  BPS77.mp3 score image  870KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1 BPS77 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:08 BPS77F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS77P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun

Expressions is a heartfelt composition for beginning band that will inspire your young students’ sense of musicality. As the title implies, this work is a study in expression, which challenges the ensemble’s command of breath support, tone quality, and intonation. Its chorale-like nature makes use of non-chord tones to project its emotion, asking each performer to play with maximum ensemble awareness and sensitivity. If you are looking for that special piece in the middle of your program, Expressions is sure to fulfill that purpose.
listen  BPS75.mp3 score image  817KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1 BPS75 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:42 BPS75F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS75P - Parts $3.00 contact us
First Carols of Christmas
Traditional, arranged by Joseph Compello
First Carols for Christmas Let your beginning band shine with a delightful new arrangement for your next holiday concert , featuring popular tunes Up on the Housetop and O Come Little Children. All sections of the band share important melodic material, including the low brass and woodwinds,who begin the piece! Inspire all of your students with this arrangement.
listen  BPS70.mp3 score image  1.2MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS70 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:10 BPS70F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS70P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Follow the Leader
Joseph Compello
Follow the Leader
A very easy original march from popular composer Joseph Compello. A perfect opportunity to teach the march style to the youngest of band students.
listen  bps55.mp3 score image  1.4MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS55 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:47 BPS55F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS55P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Hard Drive
Kevin Mixon

Hard Drive
A hard-driving composition for beginning bands from popular composer Kevin Mixon. Kevin pulls from his vast experience teaching beginners to provide us with a piece that really grooves and will be infectious for the students and audiences alike.
listen  BPS74.mp3 score image  981KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1 BPS74 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:28 BPS74F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS74P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Haydn Seek Surprise
Franz Joseph Haydn, arranged by Joseph Compello
Haydn Seek Surprise The familiar theme from the Andante movement of Haydn’s Symphony No. 94 has been adapted for a first year band. The title, Haydn Seek Surprise, will not only make your students laugh, but will also make sure they never mispronounce “Haydn” again! This work is made up of an easy set of variations of the original theme, and careful attention must be given to dynamics and articulation. What a great way to get your young band acquainted with standard repertoire while still having fun!
listen  BPS66.mp3 score image  734KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS66 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:39 BPS66F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb, C minor BPS66P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Hidden World
Sean O'Loughlin

Hidden World
Hidden World is a dynamic composition for the beginning band, containing great performance and teaching opportunities. The opening motive is loosely based on the first gesture in Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1. In the concerto, that gesture is very heroic, but also explores a more mysterious side. An excellent choice for contest or festival.
listen  BPS76.mp3 score image  970KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1 BPS76 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:24 BPS76F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS76P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Joseph Compello
Homecoming Use this delightful original march as your students' first experience with the traditional march form. The piece is tuneful and energetic, just like more difficult marches, but the technical demands are kept at the level of a beginning student. You will enjoy the use of the popular folk song as the melody for the trio.
listen  bps62.mp3 score image  1.44MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS62 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:29 BPS62F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Eb Major BPS62P - Parts $3.00 contact us
The Lost Tomb
Sean O'Loughlin
The Lost Tomb Another fantastic new beginning band tour de force from the pen of Sean O'Loughlin. Inspired by historical novels read by the composer, The Lost Tomb begins mysteriously and then moves into an aggressive, bold up-tempo section. It has all of the cinematic characteristics that define O'Loughlin's popular compositions. Your beginning band will sound their absolute best with this strong new piece.
listen  bps61.mp3 score image  2.07MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS61 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:21 BPS61F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS61P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Ode to Christmas
Bill Calhoun (arranger)
Ode to Christmas
Ode to Christmas is a unique combination of holiday favorites with Beethoven's "Ode to Joy" from his Ninth Symphony. This clever arrangement by Bill Calhoun is perfect for the very first holiday concert. It can be performed by early players as there are limited note ranges and rhythms. A delightful choice for the beginning band.
listen  bps56.mp3 score image  1.1MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS56 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:45 BPS56F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS56P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Path to Victory
Sean O'Loughlin
Path to Victory Beginning bands will sound victorious with this strong new piece from popular composer Sean O'Loughlin. Majestic and sweeping, Path to Victory contains all of the aspects of Sean's compositional style that have made his pieces so extensively used by bands at all levels. This is a strong choice for contest or festival performance.
listen  BPS71.mp3 score image  838KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS71 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:16 BPS71F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS71P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Bill Calhoun
Promenade A regal new piece from up and coming composer Bill Calhoun. Promenade can be defined as a “ceremonious opening to a formal event” and in this case, Promenade should provide an excellent opening to your band’s first concert.Your beginning groups will sound marvelous with the strong scoring of this majestic offering; also an ideal piece for contest/festival performance.
listen  bps60.mp3 score image  1.5MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS60 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:15 BPS60F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS60P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Quadritium (A Fantasy on Four Notes)
Mike Forbes
Using only four notes, composer Mike Forbes has built an impressive composition for the beginning band. Quadritium is a perfect vehicle with which to showcase your group at a concert or festival. This piece also presents the possibility of a cross-curricular tie-in to science.
listen  bps53.mp3 score image  1.4MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS53 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:57 BPS53F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Eb Major BPS53P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Recognition (March)
Larry Clark

Recognition March is a tuneful original march in standard form, written with beginning bands in mind. It contains only notes in B-flat major scale (plus A-flat) and no rhythm more advanced than two scale-wise eighth notes. This one is designed as an introduction to the march form and style for the beginning band and is a great pick for festivals.
listen  BPS78.mp3 score image  784KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1 BPS78 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:04 BPS78F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major BPS78P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Redhawk depicts the power and grace of the majestic bird in this piece written by Sean O’Loughlin, a composer who band directors have come to trust. He continually provides beginning bands with musical, yet easy-to-play compositions, making them feel successful and sound fantastic. This piece makes very limited demands with respect to rhythm and notes.
listen  bps52.mp3 score image  783KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS52 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:29 BPS52F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS52P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Rockin' Jingle Bells
Traditional, arranged by Joseph Compello
Rockin' Jingle Bells Rock into Christmas with this fun new arrangement by popular writer Joseph Compello. Joe draws on his many years as a beginning band director to continue to provide beginning bands with fun arrangements that will keep students excited. With its simple, basic rock beat, this is perfect for a beginning band's first holiday concert.
listen  bps63.mp3 score image  1.08MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS63 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:56 BPS63F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS63P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Santa's Noisy Workshop
Traditional, arranged by Larry Clark
Santa's Noisy Workshop
Ever imagine what it would sound like inside Santa’s workshop at the North Pole? Well, speculate no longer, thanks to this clever arrangement by Larry Clark. You will hear clinking and clanking sounds interwoven with effervescent holiday carols. Best of all, this piece is playable after very limited study, so it is perfect for that very first holiday concert.
listen  bps54.mp3 score image  1.37MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS54 - Set $45.00
Duration: 3:17 BPS54F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS54P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Santa's Toy March
Traditional, arranged by Sean O'Loughlin
Santa's Toy March Santa's Toy March is a joyful and exciting addition to any holiday program for the beginning concert band. Several well known holiday favorites set the stage for the parade of toys to follow. You will hear the “Toy March” from The Nutcracker, “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and “Up on the Housetop.” This arrangement also features the percussion section quite a bit, so let them shine! Finishing up with a triumphant march, your group will play the group of toys right into Santa's bag for their journey to children on the “Nice” list.
listen  BPS68.mp3 score image  716KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS68 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:21 BPS68F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major BPS68P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Larry Clark delivers yet again with an energetic and assertive piece that your students will want to play over and over. Its sound is bold, brash, and confident, and that is exactly how your groups will feel when they perform this piece.
listen  bps51.mp3 score image  1.1MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS51 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:19 BPS51F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS51P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Storm Chaser
Kevin Mixon
Storm Chaser Off in the distance we hear the storm begin, the thunder roar, and see the the lightning strike as we take off with this dramatic piece, depicting the sounds of a violent thunderstorm. Educator and composer Kevin Mixon gives us a bold new piece that includes the sound of finger snapping (to mimic rain and thunder) to add to the overall effectiveness of this dynamic piece. Students will love the angular, strong melody and will sound great in contest or festival.
listen  BPS69.mp3 score image  807KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS69 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:31 BPS69F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS69P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin
Supremacy is an engaging work for the beginning concert band. The piece provides many important teaching opportunities to reinforce rhythm, counting, and dynamics in the students’ development. The rhythms in the wind parts are limited to quarter, half, and whole notes, and the music incorporates basic dissonance and resolution into the fabric of the piece. A perfect piece for the students' first experience performing at contest/festival.
listen  bps58.mp3 score image  1MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS58 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:06 BPS58F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS58P - Parts $3.00 contact us
T-Rex (A Tone Poem for Band)
Joseph Compello
T-Rex (A Tone Poem)
What could be more exciting for beginning band musicians than to play a piece that depicts the sounds of dinosaurs? Popular composer Joseph Compello has skillfully written a programmatic work for the youngest of band students, complete with all of the noises of the prehistoric era. Your students will ask to play this piece every day!
listen  bps50.mp3 score image  1.86MB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS50 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:16 BPS50F - Full Score $6.00
Key: C minor BPS50P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Peter Terry

Trolls are magical beings in Scandinavian folk tales that are known for being slow and not particularly bright. This piece shows both sides of the story: trolls as the destructive, brutal thugs of the magical world, and as the somewhat silly and dim-witted creatures found in books and movies. This is Peter Terry’s first piece in the Carl Fischer catalogue.
listen  BPS73.mp3 score image  994KB where to buy
Level: Grade 1 BPS73 - Set $45.00
Duration: 2:21 BPS73F - Full Score $6.00
Key: G minor BPS73P - Parts $3.00 contact us
Larry Clark
Easy, tuneful and standard in form, Valor has all of the makings of a new standard for very young bands to play as a warm-up march at contest/festival. The rhythmic values are limited, but the march contains the standard modulation at the Trio and is stylistically on par with some of the great American marches.
listen  bps59.mp3 score image  642KB where to buy

Level: Grade 1 BPS59 - Set $45.00
Duration: 1:57 BPS59F - Full Score $6.00
Key: Bb Major, Eb Major BPS59P - Parts $3.00 contact us
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