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Concert Band
(Grade 3 to 3.5 — Green Cover)
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•  Instrumentation uses two flutes, three clarinets, three trumpets,
     two horns, and three trombone parts.
•  Difficulty ranges from Grades 3 to 3.5.
•  Generous cross-cueing of exposed or solo parts.
•  Use of expanded percussion writing.
•  Careful selection of keys and degree of difficulty for advancing groups.
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Catawba Crossing
William G. Harbinson

Catawba Crossing
Named for the beautiful Catawba River, this piece begins with a brilliant fanfare, revealing the principle motive upon which the entire composition is based. Shifting tonalities and colorful scoring are the hallmark of the opening section. This is followed by an expressive con moto section that provides the piece with dramatic contrast. Once the opening theme returns, Catawba Crossing develops into a rousing march in 6/8 time, followed by a return to the opening material, bringing the piece to an exciting conclusion. An impressive choice for contest or festival performance.
listen  CPS125.mp3 score image  1.15MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3 CPS125 Set $90.00
Duration 6:23 CPS125F Full Score $12.00
Key Various CPS125P Parts $4.00 contact us
Chisholm Trail
Carl Strommen

Chisholm Trail
Chisholm Trail has a truly American quality, containing hints of music from the mountains, which evoke the rugged terrain and the pioneering spirit that were so important to the growth of this great nation. Carl Strommen is most at home in this style and has great success with it… in fact, this may be his best one yet! It’s challenging, but energetic and fun to play. Students will enjoy it and audiences will love to hear it. This is a winner!
listen  CPS134.mp3 score image  1.05MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3.5 CPS134 Set $90.00
Duration 4:50 CPS134F Full Score $12.00
Key Eb, Bb Major CPS134P Parts $4.00 contact us
Crown and Scepter
Gregory B. Rudgers

Crown and Scepter
Crowns and scepters have been an essential part of the royal celebration since medieval times. This piece suggests the declaration of an opening ceremony with a bold militaristic fanfare, followed by a regal processional, reminding the listener of kings and queens receiving admiration from their people as they process on a stately occasion. Besides its potential as a piece for contest or festival performance, it will also work well for graduation ceremonies.
listen  CPS131.mp3 score image  1.05MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3 CPS131 Set $80.00
Duration 4:15 CPS131F Full Score $12.00
Key Bb Major CPS131P Parts $4.00 contact us
Brant Karrick

As the title implies, this piece is exciting from the get-go! Built around a hymn-like theme, the piece moves through many guises of theme in the exceptional new piece by established composer Brant Karrick. It is sophisticated and fresh -- a total crowd-pleaser.
listen  CPS128.mp3 score image  1.3MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3.5 CPS128 Set $90.00
Duration 7:20 CPS128F Full Score $12.00
Key Various CPS128P Parts $4.00 contact us
Invercargill (March)
Alex F. Lithgow, arranged by Andrew Balent

Invercargill (March)
This march has been a standard in the concert band repertoire for over 75 years. Arranger Andrew Balent works his usual magic and brings this challenging march within reach of more bands with his excellent scoring. Andy has a way of keeping the original intent intact but making the march feasible for less experienced players. Perfect for contest warm-up.
listen  CPS123.mp3 score image  913KB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3 CPS123 Set $90.00
Duration 2:31 CPS123F Full Score $12.00
Key F, Bb Major CPS123P Parts $4.00 contact us
An Irish Legend
Ed Kiefer

An Irish Legend
An Irish Legend contains original melodies in an Irish style, written to evoke the sounds of the emerald isle of Ireland. The piece is in traditional ABA form, beginning with a lilting Irish jig, then a more lyrical and slow second theme. After returning to the jig, it ends with a climactic section where both themes are played together. It sounds much more difficult than it plays. The piece is exciting and will be well within the capabilities of students at this grade level.
listen  CPS127.mp3 score image  1.12MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3 CPS127 Set $80.00
Duration 4:32 CPS127F Full Score $12.00
Key C minor, G minor CPS127P Parts $4.00 contact us
It Came upon a Coventry Carol
Bill Calhoun

It Came upon A Coventry Carol
Composer Bill Calhoun combines two popular Christmas carols into one sophisticated concert-style piece. It is bold and serious, containing shifting modalities and moves effortlessly from major to minor, and back again, many times throughout this effective setting. If you want to play something stunning and unexpected for your next holiday concert, then this is one that deserves serious consideration.
listen  CPS124.mp3 score image  1.09MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3 CPS124 Set $80.00
Duration 3:44 CPS124F Full Score $12.00
Key Bb Major, Bb minor CPS124P Parts $4.00 contact us
March (from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2)
Edvard Grieg, arranged by Joseph Compello

March from Peer Gynt Suite No. 2
Arranger Joseph Compello works his magic with this familiar Grieg piece from the famous Peer Gynt Suite No. 2. A faithful transcription for band that keep the flavor of the original intact, there is no better way to introduce students to the wonderful music of Grieg!
listen  CPS129.mp3 score image  1.12MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3 CPS129 Set $90.00
Duration 5:09 CPS129F Full Score $12.00
Key C Major CPS129P Parts $4.00 contact us
A More Perfect Union
Mike Forbes

A More Perfect Union
A More Perfect Union is inspired by the strife of the Boston Tea Party before the American Revolution, as well as other struggles throughout the history of the United States. It is cast in three distinct parts, with the first portraying the early struggle of the colonies to unify, the second part reflecting the unification of our country after a tumultuous civil war and finally, demonstrating the spirit and fight of the current divide in today's political atmosphere. It is a welcome addition to the concert band repertoire with a strong musical message.
listen  CPS133.mp3 score image  1.1MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3.5 CPS133 Set $90.00
Duration 5:55 CPS133F Full Score $12.00
Key Various CPS1333P Parts $4.00 contact us
Scott Boerma

Written in memory of a prominent band director who touched the lives of so many, Shadows is an extremely emotional and passionate piece by composer Scott Boerma. It demonstrates Scott's heartfelt thoughts of admiration and sincerity through this gorgeous piece of music. We are proud to offer such a contemplative work and to have him in the Carl Fischer Music catalog for the first time. We hope to offer more of Scott's beautiful music in the near future.
listen  CPS130.mp3 score image  916KB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3.5 CPS130 Set $80.00
Duration 5:51 CPS130F Full Score $12.00
Key C Major CPS130P Parts $4.00 contact us
Time Shift
Bill Calhoun

Time Shift
This piece begins with a long bell striking constant quarter notes, setting up the fast-paced introduction. As the title implies, Time Shift switches rhythmic feels, including a 3 against 2 with changing meters throughout. Its middle section uses segmental chorales, reminiscent of famous band works, before moving back into a quicker time signature. Time Shift is filled with a variety of styles, which create a great amount of interest throughout the work.
listen  CPS132.mp3 score image  1.08MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3.5 CPS132 Set $80.00
Duration 3:28 CPS132F Full Score $12.00
Key Bb Major CPS132P Parts $4.00 contact us
Triangle of the Tempest
Alan Lee Silva

Triangle of the Tempest
Triangle of the Tempest is a fast-moving composition with interesting rhythmic challenges and dynamic color shifts. Starting with syncopated figures over a repeated eight-measure progression, the piece builds in intensity as more sections and layers are added. The second part changes tone and is led by a heroic trumpet melody with a soaring woodwind obligato. The themes intertwine and the material develops into a dramatic conclusion with a final explosive ensemble hit. Action-packed and full of rhythmic drive, this piece is a good choice for contest or festival performance.
listen  CPS135.mp3 score image  1.27MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3.5 CPS135 Set $90.00
Duration 4:18 CPS135F Full Score $12.00
Key G minor CPS135P Parts $4.00 contact us
Sean O'Loughlin

Venture is an exciting overture-style composition for concert band. A venture is an undertaking involving uncertainty and the possibility of risk or danger. The music reflects this definition and has many of the qualities of great film music. Powerful when needed and sensitive at times to provide contrast, the cumulative result is a dramatic addition to concert band literature. One of Sean O'Loughlin's best to date!
listen  CPS136.mp3 score image  1.18MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3.5 CPS136 Set $80.00
Duration 5:27 CPS136F Full Score $12.00
Key C minor CPS136P Parts $4.00 contact us
Vires, Artes, Mores
Larry Clark

Vires, Artes, Mores
This work is a three-part composition based on the Latin words meaning Strength, Skill, and Character. The piece opens with a poignant fanfare depicting the strength of the modern concert band, which is followed by a fast-paced section, meant to demonstrate the performers’ skills. The third section of the work is an uplifting theme designed to depict character. After moving back to the skill theme in a new key, it builds to a dramatic climax, followed by a short coda that bursts to the finish. Ideal for concert or contest.
listen  CPS126.mp3 score image  1.08MB Where to Buy

Level Grade 3 CPS126 Set $90.00
Duration 3:58 CPS126F Full Score $12.00
Key Eb Major, F Dorian CPS126P Parts $4.00 contact us
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